Wikipedia page can be huge for your business brand

Whether you are a business, non-profit organizations, or any other type of notable entity having a Wikipedia page is a valuable digital asset. Wikipedia page serves as a comprehensive historical repository for your business, personal branding, or organization. Wikipedia has been ranked seventh regarding to the most visited website in the world. Besides, Google use information from Wikipedia to populate Google Knowledge Graphs thus making Wikipedia page rank at the top of search results. That explain why whenever you search something on Google, the top relevant results links are often from Wikipedia. Thus Wikipedia page gives your company, personal brand, and organization one more website that has Search Engine Optimization free of cost.

Wikipedia page can be huge for your business, brand, or name. The page produces significant improvement to business reputation. It adds a level of credibility, authenticity, and prestige to your business or brand. Besides, offer additional credible website presence depicts integrity regarding your brand or business. According to reputable marketing survey, 96% of people trust business with Wikipedia page compared to those that do not have. Apart from enhancing visibility in Google search Engine Results, Wikipedia page can produce a significant increase in sales.

According to an article featured in Science Alert, we cannot speculate about the future of companies, without thinking about ventures into digital-age resources such as Wikipedia and Reddit. They play a critical role of decentralizing power and give freedom to create and disseminate knowledge.

However, it worth mention that while your business can reap many benefits from having Wikipedia page, creating a Wikipedia page can be a frustrating task. Wikipedia articles call for strict adherence to Wikipedia manual of style, and support by reliable sources in additional to proper formatting.

One of the best ways to create Wiki page without a lot of hassle is to hire Get Your Wiki. In addition, wiki writers offer monitoring services to your Wikipedia page. They vet every edit that is made on your page in real time and ensures every edit is beneficial. This is crucial service since Wikipedia is an open source community. This infers that anyone can edit any Wikipedia page, though most edits are done by dedicated volunteers with good faith, some edit can be malicious and can end up hurting your business.