Get The Good With EOS

What Element Of Smooth Wanted

Element Of Smooth is the lip balm company that had a vision to create a lip balm that was tailor suited to a woman’s needs. They wanted to take down Chapstick as the world leader when it came to lip balm, and they wanted their lip balm to be amazing. Chapstick had made a lip balm that was unisex, and there was no other lip balm that had been able to hold a candle to them. Element Of Smooth knew that they were going to have to pull out all of the stops when it came to their product because they wanted to rise to the top. They also wanted to get the input of women in order to know how to create the perfect product.


What Element Of Smooth Did

Element of smooth realized that the best people to ask about their lip balm product was women. Since that was the case, they took polls and sent out surveys to women all across the country. They asked them what things that they wanted in lip balm ingredients, and they also asked them what they would want in the look and feel of their lip balm. They heard from the women, and they took into account their feedback, see They came out with a product that came in a smooth round container, because it is easy to grasp, and it is also a product that is easy to identify in a purse. Since a large number of women expressed concerned for the ingredients in their lip balm, EOS decided that their product would be made with organic and cruelty free ingredients. The makers of EOS also wanted a product that would be affordable for all women, so they made their product highly affordable. Check this site for more,


The Popular Flavors Of EOS

EOS is made with enriching vitamin E and soothing Jojoba oil. EOS has a wide variety of lip balms and even lotions. Some of the most popular EOS flavors are the following: Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, and Strawberry sorbet. These flavors are available on the EOS website and at a local pharmacy, view now!


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