Traveling Vineyard WIne Guides Love Their Jobs

There are many reasons why people love to go on vacation to the Napa Valley, but one of the main reasons is because they want to taste a lot of wines while they are there. Since the Napa Valley has great land to grow grapes, they are known all over the world for their wonderful ability to make all kinds of wine. When you are there you want to take some tips from the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides on other great things to see and do.

When You Are In Napa Valley, You Can Take A Cooking Class

The cooking classes are offered at the Silverado Cooking School, and they will teach you how to make some great dishes. You can also use your wine tasting skills to pair up the wines with the dinners for some fantastic meals.

Take Some Time At The Park In The Area

The park is made for relaxation and fun. You will really enjoy the time that you get to spend there. Be sure that you have all the picnic gear that you will need to spend the day enjoying it.

Go On The Napa Art Walk

The Napa Art Walk is a place that you can go to see a lot of great, 3-D artwork. Make sure that you have the proper type of shoes on because you will have to do some walking.

Try Out TheAuberge Spa

You will love the Auberge Spa. At the spa, you will be spoiled with baths and massages that will pamper you. Take the time to enjoy it all.

The Traveling Vineyard Wants Tour Guides

Since the Traveling Vineyard is a company that is always searching for new Wine Guides, they want to know if you are interested. This is a job will you will basically be your own boss, and you will make up your own hours as you see fit. Since you can do this from wherever you are based, you will love to have the freedom that this job will create for you.

If You Have What It Takes To Be A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, Go To Their Website To Apply Today

You will want to apply with the Traveling Vineyard as soon as you can if you are interested. You will be able to do a job that you love. For more info about us: click here.

There are many Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides that can answer any questions that you might have. Since you will be having wine tasting parties, you will meet all kinds of nice and interesting people, and they all will love to taste your wines.