Securus Technologies – Staying Ahead Of The Game By Winning Gold Stevie Awards 2017

Securus Technologies is the name to reckon with in the field of public safety, civil, criminal and prison communication technology. The company aims to help the prisoners to stay connected with the outside world, especially their friends and family, which helps in reducing the psychological trauma of the prisoners. As one of the leading firms in the crime prevention space, the company offers a broad range of products and services, which helps the firm to lead from the front. I have personally felt the difference Securus Technologies is making in bringing the families closer to the members who are imprisoned. It assists in alleviating the stress from the lives of the inmates, who are constantly under the psychological stress in the correctional agencies they are serving their term.



In a recent announcement, Securus Technologies secured the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training team. It is one of the most competitive categories, and over 2,300 participants from across the globe in diverse sectors filed their applications for the same. It is a highly prestigious matter for the firm to win the award as it goes on to show the commitment of the company towards providing unmatched and attentive customer service to its clientele. The company has served over a million customers till date and continues to remain one of the top enterprises in the crime prevention sector.



The Stevie Awards is held annually to recognize and award the enterprises that have performed excellently in their areas in different categories. The awards are judged through various layers, first by the preliminary jury consisting of 77 judges from across the globe and then by a select committee, who makes the final decision as to who takes the award back home. Securus Technologies Inc. is humbled by the award and feels it has helped the team morally to stay determined and dedicated to leading the crime prevention and criminal technology space from the front.

Securus Technologies Dismisses Misleading Claims by GTL

In June of 2016 Securus Technologies had to publish an article that refuted the damaging information that was released by GTL earlier that year. Global Tel Link is an inmate communications organization that provides secure computerized systems for inmates and their families. GTL claimed that Securus stole their patented technology.


When Securus released its statement to refute those accusations, the company clearly outlined each misleading point made by GTL. Securus wants people to know that they did not steal anyone’s patents to create the communications systems that they are now using within many prison systems.


In the article, Securus states that GTL should have a competition with them to see who can create the best systems. GTL has declined this challenge. Securus leaders claim that GTL is avoiding this situation because they make an inferior product.


Securus knows how long it takes to obtain a patent. This is no short term process. The company has to protect its interests against misleading and damaging claims such as those made by GTL. Securus is not worried about the bad press because their technology is used within a great deal of the prison system.PR Newswire has more information about this incident involving GTL.

I Happily Make Free Phone Calls To Louisiana With Securus Now

The flooding that has happened in Louisiana has been really bad, but at least Securus has done something about it. They have offered free calls to all the people in the state who are in jail, and that will help people find their loved ones. That has been a pretty big deal for me because I still need to check on the people who are a part of our ministry, and I need to know if they have been able to get in touch with family. I have even told family to start calling so that they could check in.


There are a lot of people who are not calling at all that is because they do not know they can do to help. They probably think that everything is fine, but this is the best time for them to call to make sure that everyone is alright. There is no other way to make sure that people will be safe than to make the calls with the people at Securus. I have the app on my phone, and it allows me to make video calls. They are free right now because of the generosity of the people at Securus, but I think that it will be very easy for them to continue this because the flooding could last a while.


I know that I am trying to let everyone know what is going on, and I want to be sure that I have given them all the information that I have about the situation. It has been pretty bad out here, but at least I can call for free and explain what is going ok to all our people. We have been using Securus for a while because we know it works, and now we are calling free into Louisiana jails.