The Greyhound Diaries: A Mission to Plot the Life of Average American Citizen

The travelogue of Doug Levitt, The Greyhound Diaries, are widely discussed in the mainstream media due to the harsh reality it plotted regarding the life. His travelogue details the life of average American citizens that is not visible through the affluent Americans. To complete his project, Levitt traveled more than 120,000 miles in the last 13 years that covered almost every nook and corner of the country. Importantly, he chose his mode of transport as Greyhound buses, the common man’s mean of transportation in the country. During those journeys, he met with people from different backgrounds and understood their various issues including poverty, racial abuse, mental illness, homelessness, exploitation and more.

Levitt says that many times he felt his own mental health did not go well during the journeys. He pointed out that everyone who travels in the bus has a story to tell and which comprises all the social and financial issues that the society see today but with a larger extent. The travels also helped him to get better insights about the key issues and learned some political lessons. This experience helped Doug Levitt to predict the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. Levitt explains that when he returned to the country in 2004, he felt that the poverty in numbers and the poverty, in reality, are contrasting. To prove this, he started crisscrossing the United States and recording what he saw in “The Greyhound Diaries” in the form of stories, pictures, songs, and memories. The work is featured in many national and international media including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Billboard, Fox News, and Reuters.

Levitt is also a singer and songwriter with many performances in various stages featuring his journeys. In the initial years, he was working as a foreign correspondent for CNN, ABC, and MSNBC. During those years, he was dispatched to Bosnia, Iran, and Rwanda to report wars and internal fights. After returning to the U.S., Levitt collaborated with David Henry, the Americana producer known for producing Guster, Yo La Tengo, and more. This partnership paved the ways to The Greyhound Diaries. Levitt completed his graduation from Cornell University and later secured his Master’s in International Relations from London School of Economics.