Darius Fisher Is Named On The Innovation 50 List

PRWeek is a publication that repeatedly sets the standard for reporting about the public relations and digital media. Reading the publication or skimming its website is a great way to become familiar with the big names in the media world. PRWeek is also a fantastic venue to learn about the up-and-coming stars in the media world.

Darius Fisher has recently been named to PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list. It is hard to be innovative in the world of PR and media, but Fisher has found a way to do so. As president and co-founder of Status Labs, he brings something both new and vital to the industry. He is leading the way with developing means of revamping a reputation that has been marred by bad press, publicity, reviews, or other forms of crises.

The Innovation 50 list is a compilation of names to watch for in the future of digital marketing. Getting on the list is not easy. Those honored with placement on the list really have to do something special to get a mention. Darius Fisher’s work at Status Labs definitely allowed him to gain prominence in the industry. In addition to handling more than a few high-profile clients, Fisher came up with the brilliant idea to offer free crisis counseling to those who suffered in the aftermath of the Ashley Madison hacking.

Fisher’s tireless work has allowed Status Labs to grow very quickly in a short period of time. The company not only has offices in its headquarter location of Austin, TX, but also in New York City and San Paulo, Brazil. Status Labs is picking up a lot of clients all around the world. What would be a better indication of success? Perhaps the fact that the Austin office has moved to the prestigious business district and joined the local Chamber of Commerce. These would all be signs of growth and achievement.

Darius Fisher has personally been singled out for his knowledge and expertise. He has spoken publicly at industry conventions and is doing a lot to make the public aware of the importance of effectively and quickly dealing with a reputation crisis. In today’s internet and social media driven world, these steps are a must.

Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives

I’m addicted to social media. I’m one of those people that has my phone glued to me at every moment of every day. I love checking Facebook, Twitter, and all of these other great sites. It was a way for me to keep up with my family and friends without interfering with my hectic schedule.

My sister lives about an hour away from me, and although we are not that far apart, it still can be hard getting together at times. However, I still get to see the children, attend their sporting events, and be involved in their lives all without ever getting in the car and driving. I get to do it through the power of social media. I love all of the pictures and the many things that connect us at the touch of a button. I often use social media and my cell phone to put me to sleep at night. It’s the last thing I check before I go to sleep, and it’s the first thing I check the next morning.

Social media is a great way for me to keep up with my old boyfriend, some friends I went to college with and even that friend I had in elementary school. One of my most favorite apps in the new Flipora. I just discovered this surfing app, and I am already addicted. The fact that you can search the web and it stores all of your places that you have been for instant recall is amazing. You customize the app based on your settings and what you like, and the app does the rest for you. If I want to look up gourmet hamburgers, it’s going to give you all the sites that have all of the hamburger recipes you could ever want. No matter what your taste is, this app can help you. It is a social surfing site that is geared towards artificial intelligence and leading you exactly where you want to be.

Some call it personalized content recommendation services that just works the web in your favor. You can also follow topics of other like-minded folks and find a whole world that you never knew even existed. You can upload content with recommendations and share it with the other users. The site currently the site has over 8 million users in the United States and 25 million users worldwide. Right now it can only be used by Apple’s iPhone, but hopefully soon it will be available for Android users as well. Some say this app knows who you are and what you want and does everything it can to deliver. It’s pretty scary that social media knows so much about us, but I totally love it. Flipora is a must have for the avid content surfer.