Choosing An Experienced Business Litigation Lawyer

Are you dealing with business dispute in Brazil? Need a competent litigation lawyer to advise or guide you? If you are in need of powerful representation regarding business maters, you need to choose carefully.


Experience is a big factor that matters in hiring a lawyer for your case. Whenever you are going to hire a lawyer, ask different questions so that you could have an idea about their field of expertise. No one can handle all kinds of cases so don’t go for such false claims by any kind of lawyer. Be a master of yourself and make your own decision.


When you call the lawyer to set up an appointment, ask if he or she charges for the initial consultation. Most lawyers do not charge for the initial consultation. If the lawyer takes your case, he or she will usually do so on a contingent fee basis. This is an agreed upon percentage of any monies obtained through negotiation, settlement, or trial.


If one of your colleagues who is in a similar business has a contact, that’s a great way to go too. If you receive a reference from a non-lawyer, try to get a corroborating one from a lawyer and vice versa.


Before you hire any lawyer, perform a background check to be sure the lawyer has a good reputation in the industry.


When it comes to choosing a reliable lawyer in Brazil, look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – a top Brazilian litigation lawyer.


Mr Ricardo Tosto is recognized as one of the most powerful lawyers in Brazil and has a well established law firm. His track record is proven and impressive.


Ricardo Tosto handles disputes as varied and complex as today’s business world. For example, he represents major financial institutions and multinational companies in matters involving complex issues.


If negotiation does not prove fruitful, Ricardo Tosto will be prepared to take the case to court. Whether it’s litigation or alternative dispute resolution, Mr Ricardo Tosto will pursue any means to attain his client’s desired outcome.

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