Our London Vacation Rental Was Amazing Thanks To World Escape London

My girlfriend and I met in London, so we have a real reason to go back there. We met about five years ago, and have visited the city twice since we first met. I know my way around London well, and so does she, but we really weren’t sure where to book our stay in the city. Thankfully we found this wonderful website that made finding and booking an apartment in London as simple as you could possibly imagine. The site was World Escape London, and I am grateful that I came across it. It was a friend of mine who recommended that we check out their website because of the deals they have listed on there, and he had a good experience using their service, also.

I am pleased to report that our stay in London went as planned. We will go back again next year, and we will surely use this same website to book our stay. It made it so easy to filter through all the options. It’s a big city, but this site made finding the right place to stay an extremely simple and rewarding experience. It was simple because of the way they listed the search results. I like that they list the amenities, and they show accurate pictures of the places we stayed. I took my own photos when I got the place that we stayed. When people would ask where we stayed I would just refer them to the website because their pictures looked the exact same.

That is a huge selling point with me. If you are honest, like this site is, then I will return for more business. I am glad that we had a great vacation. It was surely one that will go down in our scrap book. My girlfriend took plenty of photos along the way. Maybe World Escape London could hook us up with a professional photographer to document our trip next summer. I’m working on putting together a video of the places we went now and the hotel is in it, of course. Thanks World Escape London.