Recommended Reading: Jon Urbana’s Official Blog

Today we recommend one of our favorite blogs, Jon Urbana’s Official Blog.

The writer of this blog happens to be a former lacrosse player who went on to help found an annual summer camp for youth aspiring to play lacrosse, in the junior leagues. Jon Urbana is also the co-founder and head of business at a medical device firm that specializes on laser solutions and aesthetic IPL. His posts are also highlighted on Twitter, most of which are accompanied by images showcase different life aspects; from meal preparation, to what is happening in the society.

In one of his posts, “the nature’s basket” ( he provides a picture depicting all the different kinds of food items that nature has to provide. The image portrays different foods also shared with his Instagram followers, such as fruits which are grown in gardens, to processed food items such as wine and oils. Another picture, Earth Temple, also basically shows that nature has a lot to offer.
The post on “green sweet pepper” ( provides an interesting concept. On one side, there is the lush green color of the freshly picked pepper, and on the other side, there is the perfectly prepared black and white background in his picture of maki rolls. The background is a direct contrast to what is being manifested by the image showing the pepper. And perhaps my favorite picture of his came from my favorite brand, Nike. Enjoy the swoosh!
The Mousse de Hongos, con manzana caramelizada blog post ( shows a perfectly prepared meal that is well setup. On one side, you can see the freshly baked bread, accompanied by some greens, and on the other side, there is the dipping source. It not only portrays the delicious meal (more pics of this meal here), but it also helps show ways in which food can be served to help heighten the dining experience.
When preparing food, there are different ingredients that go into this particular process. This picture on “making dinner” ( provides a brief glimpse on the different items that must be combined for one to prepare any ideal meal.

This particular post ( is enlightening as it shows how a police officer, shot an unarmed person to death while in the line of duty, without realizing that his squad car was capturing all the action. The video is then used to set a hefty bond for the same officer.