José AuriemoNeto, the man behind JSHF’s expansion

JSHF Company is a real estate pioneer in Brazil, serving both residential and commercial consumers in big cities such as Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. It has interests in high-income markets such as shopping malls, five-star hotels, and international executive airports. These as well comprise of its four main operating units.

The company was founded in 1972 by the two brothers Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo and other partners. At the start, JSHF was primarily performing construction and registration of companies services and but later diversified to shopping malls and other high-end markets.

The company is recognized nationally as the pioneer, most innovative and daring. It offers quality services and boasts on their ability to deliver long-term results to its clients.

Having been here first, JSHF has a secret behind all their success; investing in those markets that never faces any highs or lows in an economy. These markets include but not limited to mega-shopping center projects, hotel, and restaurant and incorporation projects. Click here to know more.

These markets register high and recurring income. JSHF invested all they had in it, look at them now. They are the most coveted holding in Brazil, with its stock being traded on the BM &FBovespa’s Novo Mercado with a market value worth billion dollars.

Besides making money, JSHF has helped more 4000 Brazilians get their daily bread and even internationally. JHSF International has operations in the United States and Uruguay.

Among other businesses, JHSF manages the following ventures;

  • Shopping CidadeJardim based in São Paulo
  • Catarina Fashion Outlet located at São Roque
  • Shopping Bela Vista found in Salvador
  • Shopping Ponta Negra in Manaus
  • Group Hotels Fasano
  • Fasano group restaurants

Their business prowess has earned the various coveted awards such as PINI award; their magnificent Vitra Building was voted among the ten best residential buildings in the world by Worth Magazine in 2012 among other awards.

Who is behind this business empire?

Jose AuriemoNeto, the CEO and chairman of JHSF Participacoes SA since 2006. He is an alumnus of the Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University based in Sao Paulo where he partially studied engineering.

Neto first began working at JSHF in 1993 and founded Parkbem, a parking lot management wing of JSHF in 1997. He also helped the company initiate its shopping center department in 1998.

He has also served as Executive Officer of YPO from 2003 to 2004 and another term from 2004 to 2005.

Haidar Barbouti Gives Up Restaurant A European Vibe

When Haidar Barbouti started Up Restaurant, he knew that he wanted to do something special. He knew he wanted to make a restaurant that would stand out, that would have something of its own vibe. The restaurant was to be located in the shopping center that Barbouti owns, Highland Village. While a lot of American restaurants in shopping centers are indoors and rather dark, Barbouti had just spent some time traveling in Europe. He decided that it was a good idea to model his restaurant after the European style, which tends to focus more on open-air designs. His vision was to make Up like a lot of the little restaurants that he’d just visited, which he had really enjoyed.

It was perhaps the perfect place to make his dream come true. The restaurant was put on the third floor, so it already had the potential for a great view. He installed huge windows to capitalize on that view, and he put in the open-air patio so that people could sit and gaze out with an unobstructed view. From so high in the air, the overall feeling was terrific, and it created a wonderful atmosphere that was almost as good as the food itself.

The result is a restaurant that does not feel like it is located in a shopping center at all. A lot of times, these types of places have no choice but to feel dark and enclosed because they are at the hearts of massive buildings. There can’t be any real light with walls and stores all around. By staying on the edges of the building and going up to the third floor, this restaurant stays away from all of that, and it feels like the type of high-caliber establishment that could be found anywhere in the world. It is completely unexpected and it’s been very well received because of it.

By making this restaurant, Barbouti proved that people don’t always have to do the same thing over and over again to be successful. Sometimes, it’s better to go out and do something new and different, pushing the envelop. Is there a risk there? Of course there is.