End Citizens United And Recap Of The Reporter Expert Feature

The sounds and sights of the dynamics of politics are loud, convoluted, complex and diminishing. People who fight for the political causes they believe in are indeed heroes. Moreover, these people who push for what they think is right are the game changers in a state, country or community. In the latest report from Reporter Expert, we all can see that one of these heroic groups who fight for what is just is End Citizens United.

The report explained a lot of things. One of them was the recap of the landmark case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that brought a large chunk of change to the complainants about the illegal ways that big corporations spend money in politics. These complainants are the many people given a ruling that prevents people from proclaiming the First Amendment rights.

The report on politifact.com also explained again for the clarification of the many the court ruling last January 21, 2010, that prevented any non-government organization from spending a lot of money to support political candidates. The decision was an advantage on the part of Citizens United that made use of the freedom of speech card to defend their donations. This ruling is what brought End Citizens United to their edge, and this claim is the reason they are now fighting to end it.

End Citizens United wants now to stop the dark money fuelling the non-government organizations to fund causes and political campaigns that can influence major laws and the turn-out of the elections. The people behind End Citizens United want the ruling in favor of Citizens United to get torn down to protect the entire life’s worth of success in making sure that no dark money goes to funding policial elections. There is a lot of corruption in the current Citizens United ruling, and End Citizens United wants to rally all the support they can to abolish the ruling.

Support From Grassroots

Fortunately, End Citizens United doesn’t ride the wind of wafting failure. Right now in the report from USA Today, the End Citizens United has already gathered around $4M worth of donations from grassroots individuals, groups, Non-Government organizations and concerned communities wanting to end the influence of dark money in politics. The $4M is not the end. End Citizens United is expecting a lot more donations, amounting to a projection of around $35Million at the end of the last quarter.

Truly, the fight of what constitutes right and wrong regarding donations for campaigns is still on going. End Citizens United is still braving the surging waves of political battles to fight what they think is right. They will continue to speak out against the influence of big money and to keep that money away from the way political elections gets run.