George Soros Concerned For the Future of American Politics

George Soros, a billionaire financier from Hungary, has created quite the reputation for his involvement in the american political system. He has always been a large contributor to campaigns of politicians who directly aligned with his liberal world view. George Soros has, for years, been a champion for liberal business mandates and government regulations regarding business practices. George Soros not only donates to campaigns which align with these views, but he is unmatched in his financial support of most of these endeavors. His support of the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign, for example, made him one of the largest campaign contributors in United States presidential election history.

Soros names as one of the chief reasons for his generosity concerning political prospects, his great concern for the direction and future of american politics. Soros is famous for his opinions regarding the state of the political system, and has recently voiced his disapproval with the election system in general. In the current presidential election, for example, there has been a large outcry from the general public regarding the selection of candidates. In this election process, more than any previous one, it seems that the public consensus is that the front runners in each major political party are not extremely popular with voters. In fact, if the choice of presidential candidates in the major election in November of 2016 is between Hilary Clinton, the democratic nominee front runner, and Donald Trump, the republican party nominee front runner, voters are likely to avoid voting in numbers larger than they have in any other general election. George Soros has been noted as having a major problem with the system that has caused this development.
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George Soros is reportedly fighting for the democratic party nominee to be decided by popular vote rather than super delegate votes in the democratic primaries. Bernie Sanders, the second runner up in the democratic pool of candidates, would obviously be much more of a threat to Hilary Clinton if the decision was actually made based on what the voters decide. George Soros believes that the present election system allows candidates with more celebrity power and funding to exercise an enormous amount of power, and does not create a political atmosphere where the voters and the issues really count. Many voters agree with him. A large percentage of the american population who are planning to vote in the democratic primaries believe that Bernie Sanders is more representative of the values they hold dear. These voters also believe that the current election system, which allows super delegate votes to have more of an impact on elections that the votes of the American people, is outdated and gives an extremely unfair advantage to wealthy individuals and politicians.

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Marco Rubio Recieves Endorsement from Dick DeVos

After supporting various GOP candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, the Detroit News is reporting that the DeVos family has decided to concentrate it’s wealth and power behind Florida Senator Marco Rubio, vowing to not only support the Presidential candidate individually, but to also campaign on his behalf. No doubt an infusion of much needed campaign funding will go to the super political action committee that supports the Rubio campaign. 

Dick and Betsy DeVos are long time friends of Rubio, having worked with him to pass an expansion of the school choice laws in Florida. While Rubio has yet to win a state, he did place second to businessman Donald Trump in Nevada and South Carolina. Mr. DeVos believes the party needs a candidate that has proven leadership and is politically experienced, and hopes his family’s endorsement will help consolidate support for Senator Rubio.

The DeVos family has been a long time participant in supporting Republican party politics as well as their devotion to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation’s inception in 1989 serves as an instrument to partner with organizations to impact local and global community growth and viability. The family bases their giving on the model taught to them by their parents, to “seek to serve as faithful stewards.” Whether its igniting the creative energy and spark of the arts in the West Michigan community, or improving the health of the citizens by providing support for essential health needs, the DeVos family believes strongly in using their blessings to bless others.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dick DeVos is the eldest son of the co-founder of the privately held Amway Corporation which you can learn more about by reading this Mlive featured article. In 1991 his father appointed him to manage the NBA Orlando Magic basketball team. He later succeeded his father as President of Amway, before turning to politics in 2006 to run for governor in the state of Michigan, running a self-financed campaign. An accomplished author, his book Believe!, which is available on Amazon, demonstrates how against all odds, with a strong belief in God and yourself, everyone has the power to succeed in life.

Dick DeVos and his family are always striving to uphold the values of a good education. Over 30 years the family has donated $36 million to Grand Rapids State University, making DeVos the largest donor, taking the institution from a small little college in its beginnings to the powerhouse it is today. The college now has a downtown Grand Rapids presence, thanks to Dick DeVos and his family.

Read Dick’s New Netherland Institute page or connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about him.