Review of Newest EOS Lip Balms for the Modern Woman

By now, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about Evolution of Smooth (EOS) since it’s been quite the subject of conversation between women in-the-know about the latest in fabulously flavored lip balms, see here. Well-known for their super-yummy lip balms housed in those adorable pastel-colored spherical containers, EOS has steadily continued along the progressive lines of creating innovative new lip balms for truly modern ladies who want soft kissable lips.

Based on, EOS has been competing with the original frontrunner in the business of lip balms, namely Chapstick, since they started changing the flavored lip balm market forever. Many consumers are saying that they’ll never go back and can’t live without their EOS lip balms and all of the fantastic flavors like pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, coconut milk, vanilla mint, and blueberry acai, just to name a few.

Now, EOS is really creating some major media buzz in the world of lip balms with their brand new flavored offering that is also vegan. Women just love it for its totally clear crystal vegan formula and retailers can’t keep it on their shelves because it’s selling so fast! Why is it so popular? Well, because it’s not only crystal clear but also organic and totally free of any animal byproducts in a 100% wax-free formula. What more could you possibly want?

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Well, how about the same spherical container that women seem to be loving in all of the other EOS lip balms? And, pair all that with some amazing new flavors and frankly, EOS obviously has another hit on their hands. So, what flavors is EOS Crystal Lip Balm available in? So far, the two flavors available are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach and they both contain Shea butter and coconut oil plus jojoba oil and vitamin E for a healthy dose of anti-oxidants.