Bearish George Soros Never Went Away

The head of Soros funds management, George Soros, was born in Budapest, 1930. He graduated from London school of economics where he was living after he had fled communist dominated Hungary in 1947. After earning fame with a bet against the British pound in 1992, he has established himself to become one of the history’s most successful financiers today. The bet won him $1 billion profits owing to his steady rise in fame that year. He is widely followed for his views on investing and economic issues. He has recorded success in financial markets that enable him to have a stand on controversial issues. Owing to his financial capability, he has been able to take part in philanthropic activities. In 1979 he started open society foundations in place of authoritarian forms of government. The organization was started by providing scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and also dissidents to study abroad.

George Soros is also an author of books, articles and essays. He writes about politics, society and economics. His works have appeared in the leading newspapers around the world. One of his books is The Tragedy of the European Union which was published in 2014. In the past years, Soros has done less on investing for himself but concentrated more philanthropy and public policy. Though out of spending realm, he closely monitors his firm’s investments. He occasionally inserts himself in the businesses operation if it has suffered loss.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

Early this year Soros began spending more time in the office and directing trades. He has since returned to the office to seize opportunities to make a profit cause of the impending economic troubles. Scott Bessent, his top investor has also recently left the firm, and Mr. Soros is partly filling the void he has created. Bessent left the company to start his hedge fund. The philanthropist is worried about the outlook of economic and concerned that market shifts are at hand. According to people closer to the matter, He has recently directed a series of significant bearish investments. Soros fund management manages $ 30 billion for the Soros family and himself. The management fund has sold stocks and bought gold; it has also bought shares of gold miners in anticipation of weakness in the markets. Gold has been viewed as a haven during a difficult time of trading.

Mr. Soros, being an excellent trading influence is skeptical about the Chinese economy. China has been facing internal conflict with its political leadership. Mr. Soros says this will complicate china’s ability to deal financial issues. Mr. Soros also says while other Asian countries are accumulating foreign currency, China has been depleting its foreign exchange reserves, and they continue to suffer from capital flight. Soros moves are reflecting a disconsolate viewpoint in trading.

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Soros supports suits to fight voter restrictions

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros on wsj has pledged $5 million to help democrats in their legal fight against voting restrictions passed by Republicans at the state level around the country, according to a story in the New York Times. Voter identification requirements on are at the the top of the list of rules Democrats don’t like, and other issues include throwing out votes cast in the wrong precinct and time limits on early voting.

Soros is a native of Hungary, and has made his fortune living in the United States where he has been heavily involved in international investment funds and banking. George Soros has taken on many liberal causes over the years, and is a noted philanthropist. He is the major financial backer for the lawsuits being filed in state capitals around the nation, the story said.

George Soros was involved heavily in the 2004 presidential race, and is a major benefactor for Democrats. He has yet to pledge a large amount to the Hillary Clinton campaign, but he is expected to support the Democratic candidate for president. The group of lawyers leading the suits against the Republican voter rules includes lawyers related to the Clinton campaign.

While he has not yet put a lot of money behind the Clinton campaign, he has pledged to give to the fight against voter rules. Democrats, and Soros, feel the restrictions passed by Republicans could limit access to voting by people who traditionally vote for Democrats, which could be huge in a close election. The rules generally affect poor, young and minority group voters – who traditionally vote for Democrats. Suits have already been filed in Ohio and Wisconsin, and many more in Republican controlled states, are expected to follow.

“We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed,” Soros is quoted as saying in the New York Times article.

Republicans say the rules are needed to prevent voter fraud. Democrats counter that there is virtually no proof that a problem even exists with voter fraud, and charge that the restrictions are political in nature, designed to give
Republicans an advantage at the polls. A government study showed the restrictions do result in lower voter turnout after they are passed.

Soros has been active in issues affecting the poor and disadvantaged for years. He has started the Open Society Foundation, which operates in 100 countries, to support open society, human rights and transparency. In 2011 the foundation gave away $835 million.