Man Of The Hour Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital


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When we are young we think that money only goes into the bank.Well to a point this is correct but at the same time it is not.Some money will be saved where the rest will be put in the stock market.From their it will grow into a massive payday for the holder.Because if you do not already know when you put your money in the bank parts of it are already being put in the system on the banks behalf to keep the income steady.But today we will talk about a man that has proved his worth in the market with all the various task that he has not failed period. From Chicago Tribune.

The Guys Behind The Scene
The national Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has seen to make fit that Madison Street Capital be put in the most high regards of respect. This being due to its staff and leaders being in the top 40 chart of firms. How Madison Street Capital did this was simple they made the steps to move the growth of the firm forward with new methods that fit federal regulation but give new light on how the internal components of how a firm really work.

One of the key factors of this decision was the fact that the most respected names in the regulation side banking gave the fine details the look to see if there was really any progress and the answer came back yes.One of the vets that put the work into making this happen of bank are Anthony Marsala. Along with CEO Charles Botchway, this man has work around the clock going through the process with a fine comb making sure that nothing was left to be buried under the fail to complete pile.

More Info
But keeping the filing cabinet is not the only work that this proud member put into the office. Anthony has also worked in the mid section of the process helping the middle market companies and early stage ventures keep themselves in line to grow without delay or crippling set backs.From high to low this man has made the time to make his bones the right way in the firm over his tenure.Sure there were 125 more guys that could have been picked but this one made the cut because he had earned it with work that can not be beat.

Financial Services Provided by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a financial boutique company that specializes in corporate investment banking. Madison Street Capital provides financial consultancy services in areas touching on mergers and acquisitions, private placement, buyouts, bankruptcy, and corporate restructuring services. The company headquarters are in 105 West Madison, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60602.

However, they have offices in different regions including Western Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company’s main market focus is in emerging market because they believe this is an area that presents the best growth opportunity. As a result, Madison Street Capital has investment a huge chunk of their assets in emerging market.

Madison Street Capital Services at a glance
Asset Management
The company specializes in buy-side and sell-side advisory services to asset managers from corporate institutions who are seeking to enhance the overall financial outlook of their companies. Through asset management, Madison Street Capital aligns an organizations leadership, investment strategies with both long terms and short term goals of the company.

Business Valuation
One of Madison Street core competency is the ability to analyze, identify, and define value of any corporate entity. Through the company’s financial experts, Madison Street Capital is able to utilize complex analytical tools and modeling techniques, then use the pre-determined results to come up with an objective business value.

Corporate Advisory
The company’s financial experts have requisite skills to guide clients through every phase of any financial transaction, while at the same time maximizing business value in a smooth and seamless ownership transition. As a result, Madison Street has proven its business value in different industry types, including organizations that are operating from emerging markets.

Financial Opinions
There are certain business transactions that require extra diligence due to complexity of the underlying deal coupled with other factors such as cross border foreign exchange fluctuations. For instance, Madison Street is able to identify if a certain transaction is likely to alter an organizations capital structure. This ensures that individuals charged with fiduciary in an organization will seek additional protective measures to ensure that prevailing terms in any deal in the financial point of view are fair for the company they represent.

Valuation for Financial Reporting
Madison Street Capital possesses industry wide experience to seamlessly combine industry knowledge and verticals with valuation expertise. This enables Madison group to effectively address share allocation issues throughout the entire financial transaction process.

Other services that Madison Street Capital conducts include capital restructuring, tax compliance, solvency & capital Adequacy, portfolio valuation services, and financial sponsor coverage among other services.