Thor Halvorssen Contributed To Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

In a recent interview with Fox News, Thor Halvorssen admitted that he had given the largest possible legal campaign contribution to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Thor said this right after noting that socialism is directly correlated to some of the worst human rights violations in history. While he did say there were instances where socialistic theory could be applied within a government, it is his contention that on the whole, socialism that becomesthe government is bad news. His mother was killed by Hugo Chavez’ socialist regime, and his father was a political prisoner. Thor Halvorssen’s cousin is still a political prisoner, and so the man has every motive to reject socialism. Yet despite this, he has funded Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Why?

According to Thor Halvorssen, the current democratic front-runner has been regularly funded by existing dictatorships who continuously commit terrible acts of violence against their people. Halvorssen believes these non-humanitarian groups will certainly wield some influence over whichever candidate ends up making it into the White House. Since he believes Ted Cruz is also regularly funded by such dictatorial regimes, he has decided to support Bernie Sandors.

This makes sense from several different perspectives. Thor Halvorssen is well-known to be from the left side of the political fence; there’s no way he could ever justify voting for Trump. The man is involved with a project to adapt a science fiction novel about polygamy and space politics (The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress) into a movie with Bryan Singer. That’s a man who can’t vote very far right of center. Bernie is, in many ways, Thor Halvorssen’s only choice.

It’s interesting how political and moral affiliations define an individual’s choices. Here is Thor, whose mother was murdered in a socialist regime, and who has gone on to found several human rights organizations with an aim specifically to stop such abuses in future, and yet he’s voting for a man with an ideology that, should it see full implementation, will end up facilitating the exact same human right’s violations. Party politics are making this year’s election one for the history books.

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