Groupon’s Eric Lefkofsky is Reaching for Higher Ground

When people find out that Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire, this stirs up curiosity, which is only natural. The man is worth $1.7 billion, and it is likely that this number will only grow as he ventures into new businesses. The business that made him the success he is now is Groupon. Many might imagine that attaining that feat would satisfy his hunger, but Lefkofsky was not done.


What is Lefkofsky Planning Now?


Eric Lefkofsky ( has impressed many people with his rapid success. There are not many people who have not heard of Groupon. The application and website gives people the opportunity to get a deal on some of the services or products they love. Groupon also gives small businesses an opportunity to gain exposure when the entities need it the most. Yes, there is a lot to admire about what Lefkofsky was able to achieve with Groupon, but he was already moving on to the next project as people fell in love with his company.


One company that he is working on is Uptake. This company uses big data to help small or big companies with business structure. The idea is that this software will analyze different aspects of a business like its production line. The program will point out areas that could be improved. The program is also going to help fix issues that might be hazardous to employees. In essence, the Uptake software is a tool that will effectively help reduce the costs of running a business and reduce the chances of employees being hurt on the job.


Another company that Lefkofsky is focusing on is called Tempus, which uses big data technology in a whole new way. This young business man wants to revolutionize the relationship that doctors have with their cancer patients. It is going to utilize the strong analytical powers of big data technology to evaluate cancer patients individually. This will be done whenever the patient or doctor enters new information into the software. The program will then give the doctor an opportunity to give his or her patients detailed and specific suggestions. This will eliminate the need for multiple appointments, which is greatly needed since most cancer patients would rather stay home. Tempus is proving to be a great tool for doctors.


Lefkofsky’s Drive Forward


Many people might wonder why Eric Lefkofsky moved away from Groupon and started to focus on these other businesses. The truth is that if one pays attention to his philanthropic work, it becomes clear why he took this step. It seems that Lefkofsky has always been interested in helping his fellow human beings. He and his wife like to concentrate on helping children. The two donate to education and charity groups that send medical specialists around the world to help children.


Lefkofsky and his wife think that giving is so important that they started a charity group on their own, too. The charity group is called The Lefkofsky Foundation, which has been able to help more than 50 organizations around the world.


It seems obvious that Lefkofsky could not help finding a way to combine his love for helping and his business endeavors. Thankfully, Lefkofsky shares a little more with both Tempus and Uptake than some of his previous concepts.

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