Avaaz: The watchdogs, The Game Changers

Avaaz.org is a Progressive NGO that was formed in 2007 with the goal to fight injustice through crowd funding, and internet based activism. Avaaz is a Persian word and it means “voice”, truly an apt name for a group who fights for the voiceless. Avaaz’ founding president is Ricken Patel. Rick has an extensive background in public policy and even worked for the International Crisis Group in places such as Sierra Leone. With his aptitude for negotiation and his activist background, these tools were easily transferred to online activism. The group is made up of some high caliber people and their work across the globe is as impressive and it has been extensive.

The group has tackled many injustices of the years and this has born controversy. At present, the group is being attacked by Governments who see it as their duty to shut the group up. Across the world, members and supports of Avaaz are being stopped and detained or even imprisoned for being associated with the group and the tensions are rising. In Turkey, an Avaaz staff member Özlem was arrested for attending a human rights meeting. That is all she did and now she is being held without charge. If you wish to sign her petition you can do so here.

Avaaz is a wonderful and truly important group and without them, we would not have the transparency that we do today when it comes to wrongdoing such as in the case of Özlem. Without the bravery of Avaaz, we could all end up like Özlem. If you wish to donate to the cause of maybe even become an activist, then please visit Avaaz’ website for more information.

Avaaz is the future and the game changers and will continue the good fight in our names.

Flickr Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/avaaz/