Editing Wikipedia Business Pages

Wikipedia is one of the most popular encyclopedia sites on the Internet, and allows individuals to add articles, financial and business information, biographies, and other information across various categories and subject matters. According to getyourwiki.com a  visit Wikipedia not only for general information, but also for to obtain financial data, researching business information, and need current, up to date information. As such, visitors to the site may edit unprotected articles at their discretion, adding financial data, business tables and other information. This keeps Wikipedia information current, and objective.

Not all pages can be modified. Some pages, with sensitive financial information, or whose creator wants to indicate who may edit pages, may have identified only certain individuals, or accounts who may edit pages. Those that are unprotected may be edited by anyone. There is no need for individuals to register in order to edit unprotected pages.

One is the Visual Editor, and the other is wiki markup. The most common form is wiki markup editing. To edit click the click the edit tab. It’s also possible simply to do a section level edit. Section level edits allow for only editing a portion of the text, or correcting discrepancies, while leaving the rest alone.

Wiki markup formats the texts, and also allows individuals to add pictures and tables. To add a picture simply click on the insert button on the tool bar, or for a table, the table button and format the type of table. References should be added to all information added so that Wikipedia and users to the site can easily obtain verification of the information.

To add business resources being added click the cite tab on the toolbar and it will bring tabs to choose from on the toolbar. Click on templates, and select the type of business resource being cited from the template list. Fill in the information, preview, and click insert.

There are two different types of edits on Wikipedia, minor edits, and major edits. Minor edits can only be accomplished by registers users, and major edits can be done by anyone, though when meaning changes meaning edits are subject to a Wikipedia review. Editing pages is fairly easy, and straightforward, and allows those visiting the site to obtain current, useful information.