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Madison Street Capital is a great company to work with if you are struggling with your finances. There are a lot of people who are ready to take things to a new level in the next year. Madison Street Capital is the type of company that has provided a lot of great customer service over the years. Not only do they have the staff you need to work with, but they have a lot of great technology for others as well. There are many people who are excited about all of the options that are readily available when working with this company. Not only that, but the staff at Madison Street Capital will do everything that they can to help you develop a plan for the future. That is why so many people are coming over to join the company.

Madison Street Capital

There are a lot of personal finance companies in the industry today. If you want to learn how to manage your money, they are a great company to learn from. However, Madison Street Capital is one of the few companies that treats all of its employees the same. With all of the investments at that they have made into technology over the past few years, this is a company that is ready to help as many people as possible. Not only have they expanded their staff over the past year, but they have also helped as many customers as they could during that process. Even if you have a small amount of assets to work with, they are still ready and willing to help you in a variety of ways. That is something that a lot of financial companies on are simply not willing to do.


Investing is the best way to build wealth over the long term. That is why so many people are ready to try and figure out how to invest for their future on Over the past couple of years, a lot of people have started to invest online with all of the new services that are available. The problem is that many people are only thinking about the short term while they are investing. This is not the best way to build wealth over time, and a lot of people end up losing money this way. Working with Madison Street Capital is the absolute best way to develop an investing plan that makes sense with all of your financial needs. You will be happy you did so after seeing how they can develop a plan for you.

George Soros on the Ukrainian Crisis and the Way Forward

In the 80s and 70s, the American business mogul and philanthropist, George Soros was involved in the peaceful transition of a number former Soviet republics from authoritarian communism to capitalist democracy. It is therefore not surprising to find that Soros found himself in the midst of yet another but more recent crisis involving yet another former Soviet country.

Most people who watch international news probably have a hint of the crisis that has faced Ukraine since early 2014. In January, that year Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, was the venue to civil protests that culminated in the ousting of the Russian-backed Yanukovych government. George Soros has stated time and again that this event marked the turning point in the political life of the Ukraine. Soros has remarked that the yearning for democracy shown by ordinary citizens in actively opposing a corrupt government, is the surest sign that Ukraine is worthy of inclusion in the European Union.

However, Ukraine is not yet a member of the union since negotiations for its entry were initiated. In 2009 Russian played major a role in the negotiations because Ukraine still had considerable economic ties with its former Soviet master. Russian had managed to outmaneuver the European Commission in the formulation of the Association Agreement. The articles in the agreement defined how Ukraine was to interact countries already full members of the EU. Thus, Ukraine was still under the political and financial whim of its former master.

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Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

The continued perpetration of corrupt and underhand dealings within government is what lead to the protests in the Maidan. The fear that their government would compromise the inclusion of Ukraine in the EU was unbearable to its citizens. Unfortunately, the collapse of the Russian-backed government led to the emergence of Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Since then the country has been under constant civil strife instigated and perpetuated by the Putin-led Russian government. Soros, in his articles, has repeatedly expressed his distaste at the schemes that Russia has used to precipitate violence in Ukraine.

To compel Russia to desist from interfering with the political stability in Ukraine, the US and EU imposed economic sanctions on the former Soviet giant. These sanctions have also had the effect of dragging Ukraine into a payment crisis which then led to public debt and an eventual banking crisis. This was not a surprise to someone like Soros, who was aware that Russia had been and still was the largest trading partner to Ukraine.

George Soros has been advocating for the European Union to change its policy towards Ukraine. Soros argues that an initial financial assistance of $15 billion will allow Ukraine to achieve enough stability to allow for the success of current political reforms. The financial mogul insists that the EU is even capable of bankrolling a prolonged economic assistance program totaling to $50 billion.

The billionaire philanthropist believes that assisting Ukraine to become financially and politically stable can only lead to a stronger Europe. To him, the financial assistance to Ukraine is an important retaliation measure against Russia, an ally who has turned into a rival.

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