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People go shopping for clothes for different reasons. Some of the people who shop for clothes have a sense of what might work for them. Then there are those that have their preference. However, there are those people that may need help with their fashion choices. These types of people tend to look for it from experts. These experts have a much greater grasp in fashion. Therefore, they are able to let people know the best types of outfits that they can wear. They know what color works best on them as well as the types of clothes have the best type of effect on them.


People can find anything they need with Fabletics, especially when they use the parent company, TechStyle. TechStyle has a ton of different brands including a service that handles the personal styling for the customer. When people get the personal styling services, they get the best type of clothing for their looks. In this case, people will be able to get the types of outfits that fit well on them. With Fabletics, experts will be able to help their clients figure out what type of outfit works best with their body type and size.


Even knowing for certain what types of clothes work best with them, there is still room for preference. This is the whole point with the Fabletics family. When people are allowed to look in the way they want, they are going to be willing to dwell around the companies that give them that luxury. The advice that the personal stylist services give people are mere suggestions. They don’t have to be followed like law. However, people could build off of the advice they receive from the personal stylists. They can find other styles that maximize their looks.


Fabletics is the type of company that gives customers the chance to look and feel like a customer. When people manage to get the look that they want, they will feel very accomplished. This brand is very customer focused. This makes it one of the more attractive offers in the fashion industry. Kate Hudson and the other creators of Fabletics has put a lot of thought into how they plan on moving forward.

Lime Crime Makes a New and Bold Fashion Statement

Fashion has always been a way of self-expression, but people always try to stop others when they cannot do something. It is somewhat disheartening especially when it comes to the beauty industry. Fortunately, some brave people have refused to stand by the fashion rules. Lime Crime’s Doe Deere has been the voice of individuals that do not give in to rules set by the society. Through her famous cosmetic line, she has made an original makeup brand, a bold appearance and considers herself a Unicorn Queen. Doe Deere is also a female entrepreneur who advocates for breaking fashion rules through educating her fans.

Doe Deere has broken the fashion rule which states that many colors should not be put on at the same time. Those who understand Doe’s beauty know that she laughs when she hears this. Her beauty is a form of rainbow color that changes every week with a new lipstick color. She refuses to wear a simple t-shirt and jeans. Instead, she goes for outfits that contain almost all colors of the rainbow. She has inspired many others to break these fashion rules through her products.

One of the main products sold by Lime Crime is the Velvetine, a formula available in lavender gray, Moonstone, and deep dark red. The makeup is a rose-inspired lipstick perfect for October looks or a whole year appeal. Just like other products sold by the company, the Velvetines and Bloodmoon may be worn alone. However, they create a rather famous fashion look when mixed with other brands and variety of 40 Velvetines. Possibilities of mixing the colors are endless. Fans that one to choose between colors will be spoilt for choice.

Doe Deere’s message to her unicorn fan base is to express themselves with their definition of beauty. She advices everyone to create their own style of fashion. One can easily create their personal fashion statement through simple experiments. Her Instagram followers have always shown themselves to be selfless and very creative with their hair looks and makeup. Posts of people adopting the makeup style are always followed with the hashtag #limecrime.

JustFab the Fashion Revolution

JustFab has made its entrance into the world of fashion at exactly the right time. Fashion magazines have been defining what is fashionable since before the 1930’s in the American culture. These fashion magazines supported the retail world of fashion at a time before television when readers relied on images inside the pages of monthly fashion mags like Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan, for inspiration and advice.

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JustFab – Facebook

Today there is no one single way for fashion trends to follow. There are myriad fashion directions and ideas about fashion and style come and go at the speed of internet connections.

JustFab, founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, has taken the internet and combined it with instant merchandising that lets fashion savvy women make decisions at the click of a button. We have moved away from a brick and mortar consumer society and now can rely on JustFab for clothes and Amazon and Wal-Mart for everything else. We will take advantage of cost and energy savings when our vehicles spend more time in the garage and our struggling U.S. Postal service, made useless by Email, can redirect its efforts to safely ship our Internet generated purchases to our doors in days not weeks.

JustFab offers a combination of quality with an excellent sense of style. That style was once the responsibility of the buyers at major retail chains. Now JustFab can show in live action their presentations of style for everyone to admire and purchase.

JustFab has made our world less expensive, saves our time and effort, and offers us more choices and, even, removes the fear of having to return unwanted items to the store and face the ire of sales people and managers.

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Fabletics Founder Kate Hudson Discusses the Brand with Elle

In the last 3 years Fabletics has emerged as powerful brand that is among the best in the clothing industry when it comes to work out gear. She has proven that she is more than capable to building a brand that can compete with others in the industry. It has been impressive to see just how much she has been able to motivate others to exercise with her brand of athletic clothes.

In Elle magazine Kate gladly shares with the consumers just how much she has been able to gain a better perspective on clothing because of her upbringing. Hudson has stated in Elle that she was always active, but she was not the only one. All of her family members around her where just as active. She found herself in a place where she would need comfortable workout clothes because she was still quite active during her adult years.

Kate Hudson has made a name for herself, and the clothing line is taking off in a way that she probably never would have imagined. Fabletics has become the go-to brand for people that are trying to get a brand of clothing that is both stylish and reasonably prices. This is often a hard combination for people to obtain. Most people will notice that clothes are even expensive with great quality or cheap with poor quality. Hudson was convinced that she didn’t have to make the clothes expensive in order for her to present quality. That would prove to be something that made people appreciate the brand as they signed up for this subscription service.

People will see a shift as the Fabletics brand comes to more cities by way of over 100 brick-and-mortar stores. This is something that will help more people discover the brand that is slowing sweeping the fashion industry. It has become a brand that builds a huge presence online, but this would prove to only be a limited part of the scope. As time went on more people would become interested in what this company was able to do. People wants to visit Fabletics stores where they could try on the outfits. They wanted a chance to shop and buy instantly without waiting on a shipment. Kate Hudson has realized that, and she has taken every effort to make things better for customers. She wants to give the consumers what they want through brick-and-mortar stores.
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Finding Good Makeup With Doe Deere

Makeup has been used for centuries to help people change their overall look. Someone may want to put on a dash of lipstick to help them look less pale. Another person may want to have makeup to help them add a nice layer of professionalism to their basic look. Still another person may find it necessary to wear makeup because they will be appearing on stage and need to have makeup on in order to help them look good and avoid being gobbled by the spotlight when they are on stage. Makeup can help people accomplish all of these goals and even new ones that the person may not be aware of but still want to have such as the ability to keep on trend and demonstrate they are in touch with where today’s fashion is going.

In many cases, the key is find makeup that is good quality and ideal for the user’s needs. Good quality makeup with have several qualities. Makeup that is made from high quality ingredients is makeup that will typically have other qualities as well such as the ability to provide protection against the sun and help moisture the skin . Many kinds of good makeup from Doe Deere have ingredients that can also add in necessary vitamins and minerals that can also provide someone no only with a dash of color but with a youthful glow that they enjoy at any time. High quality makeup can also help conceal any scars the person may have and does not wish to reveal to others.

Many companies offer their customers the chance to enjoy good quality makeup that works for their needs. One such compay is Lime Crime. Lime Crime was founded by skilled businesswoman Doe Deere. Deere has a background in many creative fields including the field of drama and that of fashion. She started her cosmetics company with the intention of providing her clients with the opportunity to enjoy access to high quality products that are also innovative and interesting at the same time. Her products are available in a wide variety of colors. She is able to help provide the kind of makeup that can easily transform someone from a Plain Jane into a look that helps them feel more Katy Perry.

Those who are able to find such makeup often find that it is also easy to use. A quick swipe and some tissues can easily turn drab into fab and allow the person to feel that their personality has come through. The use of makeup that is high quality is also makeup that will work with any kind of clothing that the person has in mind. Makeup of this sort will also typically work well with other kinds of accesories such as bracelets and scarves. A well chosen item can even help show off the buyer’s best features and provide them with a sense of confidence and happiness as they go about their daily lives and any specific special occasion they may have in mind.

Real Men Don’t Think About Shoes: Until They Find Paul Evans

Benjamin Earley and Evan Fript are two men that have thought about shoes. They thought about leather shoes so much they were driven to create a shoe company on They created a brand of high quality footwear named, Paul Evans. Earley and Fript were working in the financial industry in New York City. One assumes the players in an industry that is focused on big money, care about their appearance. Earley, and Fript began to notice the players did care about their appearance, except, when it came to their footwear. Where many people would shrug, consider the situation a shame, and continue with their day; our two heroes saw an opportunity. What seemed obvious to the pair of budding entrepreneurs was the prohibitive cost of luxury men’s shoes. Although wonderful to look at, and even more wonderful to wear, they were really expensive. The high cost discouraged many men from buying luxury shoes.

The first step in building a more affordable luxury shoe sent the Paul Evans founders to Italy, Once there they began to search high and low, in every tower, under every rock, and in some cases other countries. Their quest was to find the finest material, and most talented craftsman. Their search eventually brought them to Naples. Here they met, and began working with, a family of shoemakers who were a perfect match to their needs. The experience of this family, earned over the course of generations, has transformed these men into true artists.

They created the Paul Evans web site, bypassing the more traditional bricks and mortar retail structure, and sold directly to the customer. This significantly reduced the costs associated with selling luxury footwear, and allowed the company to sell their products for much less than their competitors. Men, it’s okay to think about shoes.

Doe Deere; Unicorn Queen Stands Bold and Bright

More and more women are making their mark in the business world and Doe Deere is no exception. She wasn’t always successful in the past, but through perseverance, persistence and keeping her dreams alive, she has turned the tide. Doe Deere on limecrime is finally making waves in the makeup/cosmetics world with her line of what is classified as “statement makeup”- which is to say that the bold and bright makeup is designed for the consumers out there that are not afraid of wild pops of color, with a whimsical name like Lime Crime that ties directly to that theme.

Doe Deere, born in Russia, initially created these colorful looks for her, but when people saw it, they loved and it started to really catch on. From there, the idea to launch her passion into a business was born. After months of preparation, Lime Crime was officially launched Halloween of 2008- a day which Deere found to be quite fitting- and now she is branded as Beauty’s Unicorn Queen.

Even with past business experience, even she admits that she was afraid that no one would like the brand, especially in being in such a competitive industry, but she got over her fear and did it anyways and now her makeup is distributed throughout the U.S., the U.K., Norway, Australia and working on Japan next.

Lime Crime has a vegan product mix featuring the grunge eye shadow palette, unicorn lipstick and other lip glosses, glitter, as well as nail polishes. Lime Crime is established for having long lasting colors (especially the lipsticks) that last all day and is by far not “costume-like” in nature at all.

Some fun facts include: prior to being just about makeup, Lime Crime used to be a fashion line between 2004 and 2006; Doe Deere went to school for fashion illustration and designing but only briefly and had no experience with makeup until she taught herself about it. She shares the business with her life partner, and Deere’s biggest dream is to have her business in retail outlets, too- namely Sephora.

Deere is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and to women alike, strengthening the notion that by being true to you, you can come out on top in the world.

Zayn Malik Has A Great Fashion Sense

Zayn Malik left One Direction a while ago, and in the last few months, his fans have been reeling from the fact that he left the group. Zayn claimed that he wanted to live a normal life, and he didn’t want to be famous anymore. Zayn Malik’s Fashion. No matter what he does, he’ll still be famous because he came from the group One Direction.

Fans like Daniel Amen agree that Zayn seems to be doing everything that a famous young man would do, instead of a normal one. He wants privacy, but he keeps thrusting himself back into the limelight with the different things that he’s doing. The fact that he made a single recently, it shows that he may be pursuing a solo career, instead of trying to get privacy. Another thing to look at is Zayn’s fashion, which many people tend to wonder about at times. Zayn is a fashionable person, but for someone who wants privacy, will his fashion sense really matter anymore?

You can go through the different pictures on MTV News to see what kind of fashion statements Zayn has made in the past. One thing is for sure, even though he is very handsome, the green color that he just dyed his hair, it isn’t working for him.