Tammy Mazzocco A Pattern To Success in Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco did not always intend to be a real estate sales person as she began her career in real estate as a secretary for a commercial real estate company. After several years she gravitated to sales because of the economic opportunity.

Tammy is with RE/MAX Realty in Pickerington, Ohio. She covers the town and the four surrounding counties, specializing in residential real estate. Tammy chuckles when she remembers when she first got started in sales she was a bit too shy to ask prospective customers about their financial situation.

Finally, a fellow coworker told Tammy to just ask the questions without worrying about what anyone thought about it, so she tried it and it worked. Realtors need some kind of idea of what a buyer’s finances are all about because it helps the agent to know what they will qualify for.

Tammy Mazzocco has a definite pattern of work. She figured it out early in her career that there are certain activities that are more profitable than others. All a person has to do is to do the things that are the most profitable and delegate everything else. The most profitable activity that a real estate agent can be doing is showing houses to qualified prospective buyers.

Tammy starts each day early with some meditation and light stretching exercises, and then she gets to the office early. She spends time arranging her schedule with her secretary who takes care of the office work which frees Tammy up for showing houses. Tammy is then on the phone scheduling appointments or on her way to an appointment to look at houses.

Tammy loves her work and she loves her clients. The biggest thrill for Tammy is assisting a family with the purchase of their dream home. She is very detail oriented and the prospects enjoy working with her because she leaves no stone unturned.

For more information, follow Tammy on Twitter and visit tammymazzocco.com.