ClassDojo Provides Technology Help To Schools

Over the past few decades, schools have started to use technology much more than in prior years. There are a variety of reasons for this change. One of the main reasons is that recent technology innovations have made the use of technology easier in schools. While the use of technology in schools has increased significantly, there are still various areas in schools where technology is not used or rarely used. One of these areas is the communication between teachers and parents.


However, over the past few years, there has been a slight increase in the use of technology in this area. ClassDojo is a startup technology company that has been providing technology assistance to schools over the past few years. The company has an app that it has been providing to schools that allows schools to do a variety of tasks using the app. The app works on a network platform that the school has access to through the app.


Teachers, students, and parents can use the app for a variety of purposes involving school activities. Teachers can use the app to post grades, load homework, share photos, share video, and other school related tasks. Another feature of the ClassDojo app is the ability for teachers and parents to communicate using the app.


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This is a very useful feature of the app because one of the areas where teachers and parents struggle is communication regarding meetings. The teacher and parent conference is one of the traditional ways that communication is provided between teachers and parents. However, the teacher and parent conference has certain physical limitations concerning time and distance.  Source:


The ClassDojo app is an option that many schools are using as an alternative to the traditional teacher and parent conference. The app is being used in many schools throughout the country. Thousands of teachers have offered many good compliments regarding the app.


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Recently ClassDojo raised 21 million dollars concerning its app. The money will be used to provide enhancements to the app.

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Use These Five Surefire Ways to Save Your Reputation When Assailed by Critics

According to the, it is important to establish good relationships with clients. People like to do business with those that they know, find likeable, and trustworthy. Also, it’s a given to deliver and keep your word over your items and services that you are selling to others. But despite doing all of this, eventually, you will encounter a critic.


Critics will attack your business and image, especially when you are expanding your company. If it isn’t dealt with effectively, your customers could begin to believe in falsehoods. There are five surefire ways that business owners can utilize online reputation management.


  1. Don’t Stoop to Their Level

The fact is that fighting back only makes you worse as your critics. Often, nothing is resolved as a result. Stay quiet and let your actions and dedication in helping others reveal your true character.


  1. Make It Known That Business Will Occur As Normal

Inform customers that everything will operate as it has normally. Tell the loyal customers that you’re not giving up and business will continue to be open for business.

Let the customers know that they should expect exceptional service from you still.


  1. Provide Extra Value to Counter Negativism

Put the focus on the value you provide. The more it is provided, the less focus there is on the commentaries of the critics.


  1. Seek Advice

Do seek out advice and support from others. Don’t bottle this up. The views and experiences of others can help you get through this and provide direction. Also, you can plan how to resolve the conflicting situations that you face.


  1. Concentrate on Your Purpose

It is important to go over the reasons why you built your business. This validates your purpose and moves you in the right direction, especially when facing setbacks or dilemmas.


While critics are negative about your business, let customers see the positives and value behind your service and products. Accentuate the quality and greet everyone with a smile.