AI Based Search Engine Flipora Gains Huge Investors

The internet is a pretty wild place and for a long time this has allowed a vacuum of companies to rise up to the top and become big players in web content search traffic. Look at engines like Google and Yahoo or social media establishments like Facebook and Twitter to see who the current ‘internet guards’ are. Now if you want to start an internet based company you have to bring something new or unique to the table to get noticed. That is exactly what Flipora, an artificial intelligence based social search engine, has done. Their quest to connect users to new content via an innovative system has led to surging popularity and a possible change in the internet generation.

Back in 2010 Flipora, then known as InfoAxe, was merely a good idea looking for funding. The company ended up finding that cash in the form of a $3 million investment allotment. Since then Flipora has been growing and refining their artificial intelligence system while bringing in more customers and growing their name. Rebranding as Flipora has allowed the company a fresh start with new possible users and the change has worked. Right now Flipora has backers from some pretty hefty institutions. The creators of Google Adsense, Powerset,, Funzio, and Aster Data have all put money down to back what Flipora is trying to do. What exactly is Flipora attempting here, and how is it different than the old school engines?

Well, right now in order to find content on the internet you need to rely on a string of keywords and the hope that your search engine has indexed what you are looking for. This method works fine but it is similar to using a map to find something where, in reality, you won’t always have a map. So Flipora has outsourced the job of mining new content to the users and then connects these users via their AI Discovery Engine. For example, if you really enjoy sports then all of your sport based searches would be indexed in the Flipora database. Other passionate sports fans would then get content suggestions based off of the collective ‘sports index’. This allows content to be curated by the users while focusing on discovery and minor social interaction.

Flipora is growing by leaps and bounds at the moment and they are coming up, in terms of traffic, on the juggernaut that is StumbleUpon. In a few years it would not be surprising to see the Discovery Engine become common place on the internet.