Doe Deere Cosmetic Company

Cosmetic choices are very individual. Certainly, there are 3 types of girls. There are the girls that go with the flow. They like to wear the traditional makeup. This suits their cosmetic purposes. There are the girls that don’t like to cover their faces with makeup. They prefer a more natural look. Of course, there are the girls like Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime that like to make a statement with their makeup. In order to select the best makeup that matches your personality, it is wise to select your style or approach to makeup. Let’s take a closer look.

Traditional Girls
The fact is that the majority of girls lean more toward the traditional style of makeup. They are the consumers that purchase the foundations and other cosmetic products in a department store. Those department store brands are made by the big name cosmetic companies. Consumers prefer those lines because they know what to expect. They know that the makeup colors match. Therefore, they do not have to be afraid of wild colors that do not match their style. Certainly, the more traditional makeup wearer would look stunning in this makeup choice.

Natural Girls
The natural girls are the girls that prefer to go without makeup. Those girls do not wear makeup for a number of reasons. For example, they are extreme naturalist and prefer to avoid any type of enhancement. They might avoid makeup due to religious reasons. Of course, there are others that simply don’t have the time to bother with makeup. However, today that is very rare.

Doe Deere Style
The next type of girl, is the wild child. This is the girl that is very expressive and enjoys wearing the latest styles. She is the one that is not afraid to experiment with colors and makeup enhancements. Lime Crime is the perfect cosmetic brand for her. Lime Crime is a a makeup brand that is creating a lot of talk and excitement in the beauty world. The creator of the makeup line is Doe Deere. Women are actually very excited and intrigued by the glamorous colors in the beauty line. Bloggers all across the Internet are creating a favorable buzz about this creative line of products. Now, Lime Crime has thousands of fans across the Internet, sharing information about the product. Doe Deere is an entrepreneur that started her wild brand on the Internet. She is very pleased that the Internet crowd has connected with her products. Lime Crime is a makeup line for the bold and creative person. It is not a makeup line for the shy wallflower that does not like attention. Doe Deere realized that some women are searching for a makeup line that helps them to express their individuality. Lime Crime is certainly a cosmetic line that addresses that concern. Doe Deere believes it is a makeup for anyone that would like to make a bold statement. For example, the unicorn line of lipstick is wild and exiting with colors like Cosmopop and Geradium. Definitely, bold and fabulous makeup.