Recreate One’s Beauty With Lime Crime

Makeup has always been a way to conceal, cover up or disguise any imperfections that one may have. However, that does not always have to be the case. Makeup can be used as a way to express oneself, in a bold presence. Lime Crime, believes this is the reason for makeup. In fact, it is in their slogan, ” so bright it’s illegal.”

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company, created by Doe Deere in an effort to define beauty from all of her followers. She believes that everyone has the right to exhibit their own definition of beauty. Lime Crime is designed for all beings, regardless of their sexual orientation. This company does not believe in creating products in which any beings are harmed, which is why they are completely natural.

When Doe Deere decided to engulf in the cosmetic world with Lime Crime, she knew that this was her calling. These colors are known for their true representations and the makeup is inspired by women everywhere. For example, the Cry Baby line is inspired by artist Melanie Martinez, who defines herself as a unicorn, which is the stigma behind Lime Crime. Lovers, fans and followers of Lime Crime cosmetics are often referred to as unicorns, as Doe Deere is known as the Queen of unicorns.

Inanimate objects are also known to be an inspiration for creations by Lime Crime. Take for instance, the eraser from a pencil is what inspired one of the pink shades in the pink opaque Unicorn lipsticks. In fact Eraser is the newest edition to the Lime Crime selections, and is stated to be around for a limited time only.

Perfecting the art of mixology is another favorite behind Lime Crime fans. Creating their own colors using a variety of shades provided by Lime Crime to create their own allows followers to uniquely express themselves. Doe Deere, the vision behind Lime Crime, offers tutorials and ideas on ways to expand a followers cosmetic inventory.

The independent makeup lovers prove that Lime Crime is more than a cosmetic company, it is an outlet to showcase creativity. This ranges from creating the Mermaid pout with glitter, to adding freckles in the most desired colors. This company is about bold representation of beauty, and individuality. Lime Crime encourages others to use the makeup as a way to truly become a unicorn.

Every week Lime Crime dishes out their women crush Wednesday, in an effort to support girl power. It is said that Doe Deere, truly believes in people(unicorns), everywhere living their dreams and pursuing their goals, especially when it is women. Lime Crime was created against all odds, and is here to give unicorns that self confidence boost needed to truly express themselves.

Essential Rules of Buying Luxury Men’s Shoes

Luxury men’s leather shoes don’t just refer to dress shoes. They are also quality men’s shoes bought for daily wear that are an investment since they last for a long time. There is an old adage that says that a man is made by the shoes he wears and it is not wrong. Men might not think it is necessary to focus on their attire, shoes and appearance but the world has changed and shoes can help to make the perfect first impression on a client, date or even a crowd full of strangers.

Here are some golden rules to follow before buying luxury men’s shoes –

Quality of Leather – The leather should be firm and supple at the same time. The leather should also be maintained regularly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The best option is to go for Italian calfskin leather and Paul Evans is, by far, the ideal choice. Their handcrafted shoes made from calfskin leather exude confidence and they also have a great variety for those men who are tired of the same cookie cutter styles available with other retailers.

Heel Size – Unless the height of the man is under 5 feet and, most importantly, the wearer is uncomfortable with that height, luxury men’s shoes should not come with a heel that is over 3 cm. A higher heel might work for boots but for dress shoes and formal shoes, it simply looks absurd. The correct way of finding out the right heel is by walking into a store wearing a suit so that the heel size can be checked there and then.

Shape of the Toe – Most experts like Paul Evans recommend buying luxury men’s shoes whose toe shape matches with the actual toe shape of the foot. However, for extremely blunt toe shapes, a little silhouette can be added by choosing something that is smooth and well rounded. It would be prudent to remember that buying shoes with a toe shape that is too tapered or wide would lead to utmost discomfort for the wearer.

Hire An Expert – Finally, for novice shoe buyers, expert and professional opinion is the best. It can come from your father, shoe designers, consultants and even people who are there to help buyers at the shoe store. Ultimately, an expert can help a buyer to make the perfect decision by recommending shoes that would be worn for a long time.

Shoes is not one of those areas where men should be stingy. As an investment, a man should buy the best shoes that his budget allows for. If possible, buying handcrafted shoes from top names like Paul Evans should be on the next shopping list of every man.

Lime Crime Didn’t Go The Safe Route

With all of the good makeup brands that are out there, and that girls trust, a new brand has to bring something completely different to the table in order for them to have a chance of survival. They are going to have to try to think outside of the box. They are going to need to have a brilliant plan for getting girls to switch over from the cosmetic brands that they use currently. People like sicking with what they know and trust, and trying to get someone to buy a new brand of cosmetics is not an easy feat for a new company.
Lime Crime has somehow excelled at getting people to purchase their products, though. Despite all of the reasons why the brand could have fizzled out the moment that they got started, they have been gaining fame and customers quickly. And the reason behind that? They are unique. They are different. Too many new companies think that they can work their way into customers’ hearts by offering the same kind of products as the brands that they use and love.
Lime Crime realized that in order to succeed their brand needed to offer products that no one else did. They new that they had to be bold in all of their choices, and they have given girls an excellent cosmetic option. The bright makeups that they have come up with give girls the chance to switch up their routine makeup, and the items that they offer hold the promise for a fun time.
No brand is going to do well if it starts out trying to imitate other brands, no matter how successful the other brands may be. Instead, when someone wants to come out with a new brand they are going to want to do as Lime Crime did.  And, hopefully, as it did for Lime Crime, it will pay off for them. If not, though, they will not be any worse off than they would have been if they had gone the traditional route.

Lime Crime Color Fun

Lime Crime is a make-up company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Doe Deere, the company offers a wide range of bright color options for each type of make-up sold there. All the make-up is cruelty free (meaning not tested on animals), and each color has a unique, vegan formula for the best and kindest make-up.

With a funky website, Lime Crime on certainly makes a statement. The background is sky blue with clouds, as if to encourage day dreams and dreams in general. The title bar is a subdued cotton candy pink (if such a thing even exists) that fades to orange as the bar progresses left.

This company offers the basic make-up everyone thinks of: eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, etc. With creative names (such as unicorn lipstick), the brand sticks out on any shelf or website that sells multiple brands. Even the color names (sentrifushia, chinchilla, etc.) are funky and little out there, offering a memorable color that will be easier to locate. Every friend will be asking where the colors came from. For anyone who likes the appeal of darker colors, Lime Crime also has darker colors. \

The style could be described as scene (emo, but with color) and goth. For a better terminology, it could also be described as peppy goth.

As is usual these days, Lime Crime offers a line of nail polish as well. The same goes for the names of the colors. How about some lavendairy to go with the milky ways? However cheesy the naming could be, the colors still stand out on the shelf and the website.

For anyone who has struggled with loose glitter application, Lime Crime has a glitter helper.

No matter what kind of make up is wanted, Lime Crime has some of the most out there colors to really help make a statement.

Zayn Malik Has A Great Fashion Sense

Zayn Malik left One Direction a while ago, and in the last few months, his fans have been reeling from the fact that he left the group. Zayn claimed that he wanted to live a normal life, and he didn’t want to be famous anymore. Zayn Malik’s Fashion. No matter what he does, he’ll still be famous because he came from the group One Direction.

Fans like Daniel Amen agree that Zayn seems to be doing everything that a famous young man would do, instead of a normal one. He wants privacy, but he keeps thrusting himself back into the limelight with the different things that he’s doing. The fact that he made a single recently, it shows that he may be pursuing a solo career, instead of trying to get privacy. Another thing to look at is Zayn’s fashion, which many people tend to wonder about at times. Zayn is a fashionable person, but for someone who wants privacy, will his fashion sense really matter anymore?

You can go through the different pictures on MTV News to see what kind of fashion statements Zayn has made in the past. One thing is for sure, even though he is very handsome, the green color that he just dyed his hair, it isn’t working for him.