Larkin & Lacey

Unfortunately, the world is full of bums who want to take advantage of other people who are different than them, threatening in some way, lower than them in some way and/or are marked with certain stigmas.

These bums comes in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Everyone is a human being, though sometimes people show their true bum faces when they are in the right kinds of situations. To combat people who act like bums in the world, civil rights organizations have been built from the ground up. Read more: Jim Larkin |

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This organization is the direct result of a situation where a bum, Sheriff Arpaio, trampled on the rights of two guys—Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Sheriff Arpaio is a sheriff in the state of Arizona, well known for his racial profiling and raids on places where “illegal immigrants could be.” Whether what he did was right or wrong is a matter of opinion. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Some people think that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin was acting within his right for the best interest of keeping America’s integrity, and other people think that he shallowly profiled a lot of people and caused a lot of trouble and inconveniences for those people. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

However, Sheriff Arpaio and the local government of Maricopa County made an unmistakable booboo: they unjustly issued subpoenas to the two men for unjust requests—just because those two men published things about local corruption, and jailed those men unjustly when they refused to give in to the subpoenas.

The America Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU was also the product of injustices that happened to people who were exercising their rights.

A small group of people decided that something had to be done to aid those who were being jailed and persecuted for deservedly exercising their rights There are various organizations that claim to be civil rights organizations, but discriminate about who they choose to support.

The ACLU is less discriminatory; they are very much willing to support any person or any organization who needs support—if and only if that organization or person is really being threatened of having their rights abused.

The ACLU’s online presence testifies to the fact that they actually do hold certain views, and they actually do have political inclinations toward certain sides.

However, even though they have an obvious political inclination and philosophy, throughout the decades they have proven that their promise of protecting people is not a lie.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

5 Smart Ways People and Places are Resisting Trump’s Immigration Policies


From Sushi Restaurants to the Real Estate Market – Success of Omar Yunes

As franchisers look for successful entrepreneurs to help them grow their brands, many people with capital will consider being a franchisee for one of their favorite companies. This enables them to own their business with a proven concept of success, and to grow it in the best way possible while enjoying the previous fame that the brand holds.

One of those franchisees that decided to test this world out, many years ago, was Omar Yunes. Currently, Mr. Yunes holds many awards, including one for the Best Franchisee in the World as of 2015. He has purchased the rights to operate as many as 13 units of a Japanese food restaurant “Sushi Itto”. Having started at only age 21, he had enough time to master his craftsmanship and win this prestigious award that acknowledges his skill set.

Yunes is on top of over 400 employees, and he dedicates the award to them because they are the main contributors. The number of restaurants that he holds accounts for 10% of the total number of restaurants that Sushi Itto has in the world. His managing and ownership enabled him to help with the information management and implementation of control boards between the franchisees and the franchiser, which is why he was the winner of this competition.

Recently, Yunes has decided to try out the real estate market and versatile his portfolio. Having proven that being a franchisee is something he has mastered, his next endeavor will relocate him from Mexico to California, United States. As this state has been experiencing a strong rise in prices of real properties, Yunes comes in at the right time to start investing.

By implementing great leadership skills to his business, Yunes has made it possible for hundreds of people to thrive by working for him. He continues to work as one of the best franchisees in the world, and soon he will attempt to dominate the real estate industry. Since his entrepreneurial knowledge has already made him stand out in the restaurant business, it would be unfair to assume nothing but great success for him in the Golden State.

Jose Borghi: Highly Skilled Advertiser

Jose Borghi is one of the best advertisers in Brazil, and he contributed to the growth of the industry. He stands out among other competitors because of his talent and skills. He managed to create a number of award winning works for so many years, and he has been considered as an A-lister. Jose Borghi began working with the advertising industry 25 years ago, and his work of art has left an impact to those who have seen it. Because of how beautiful his creations are, multiple award giving bodies worldwide have chosen him to be the recipient of several prestigious advertising awards, and in the process, he have lost count of the awards that he received.

When he was younger, Jose Borghi decided to enter an ad agency and asked for a job. He got the job but worked there for only a short period of time. He would later transfer to other companies, until he had the idea of building his own ad agency. He opened BorghiErh in 2002, and because of his skill, the ad agency became well-known and attracted a lot of clients. Lowe + Partners, an international advertising firm, approached Jose Borghi and made deals with him as his advertising firm became more popular. The deal is about merging BorghiErh and Lowe + Partners, and giving him the position of co-chief executive officer. Jose Borghi accepted the offer, and the company went under restructuring and rebranding. The merging of Lowe + Partners and BorghiEH resulted to the birth of Borghi Lowe.

Borghi Lowe will be rebranded once again to become Mullen Lowe Brasil, one of Mullen Lowe’s business unit. Mullen Lowe has been in the industry for so many years, and they are regarded as one of the top advertising firms with a network of clients that are also leading in their own industries.

Advantages of working with a reputable marketing agency such as Mullen Lowe

In addition to having quality products and services, how you market them to the outside world greatly determines the success of your business in the corporate world. There are many advertising agency in the world but it is important to note that not all of them guarantee quality results. One agency that has helped shaped most successful businesses in Brazil and the world at large is Mullen Lowe.

Mullen Lowe is a creation of one of the most successful marketers in Brazil, José Henrique Borghi. After working for a while in the Brazilian economy, José Borghi was well equipped with marketing strategies and experience that would prove valuable to the world. From a small population of two employees, Jose worked his way up the success ladder associating closely with his clients thus helping them build a reputable brand for themselves. Currently Mullen Lowe is internationally recognized for its proven record of quality results.

While everybody can market their product, it takes you the services of qualified ad agencies like Mullen Lowe to enjoy quality results. These advertising agencies have the professionals who will help you evaluate your market and product hence coming with the best strategies for marketing your products. As much as these strategies costs money, they are cheaper for your company in the end. Click here to know more.

The other thing you stand to benefit from the ad agencies is their experience. In an industry such as marketing, it takes more that knowledge to get results. Sometime your business will be able to enjoy success by merely associating itself with the best in the industry.

When advertising your product Mullen Lowe ad agencies are your best bet for success. Their in depth industry experience says a lot about their services. Get in touch with them and enjoy the great benefits of working with the best in the industry.