The Career of Helane Morrison Provides Female Executive Leader Blueprint

I have seen a lot of different women rise to the occasion and become a leader in corporate America. Some women even inspire others. I have seen some like Oprah Winfrey in entertainment that has built her Harpo Productions Company from the ground up. There are others like Andrea Jung in cosmetics that has stepped into a CEO position for a company that are already existed. These are woman of different races that have become household names. On the small spectrum there are still some other women that may not have become part of the spotlight, but they are just as important to the advancement of females in corporate America. I think that one such female is Helane Morrison. 

Helane has chosen a road that is not familiar to a lot of females, but she has managed to thrive in this career all the same. She has made a name for herself as a compliance officer, and I am certain that this is a field that is new to many females. WSJ notes that Helane was one of the most productive, industry-changing executives to ever join the San Francisco SEC. What Morrison has done is make her way to the top in corporate America by following a path that she created. She saw the road that would lead to her success in this area early, and she continued to follow what she was passionate about. 

I find it intriguing to know that Helane Morrison was fighting litigation and looking at corruption long before she became part of the Hall Capital team. She has become someone that was able to move into this corporate role so easily because Morrison built a history of doing this type of work. 

It is easy for me to see how she would go on to crack the glass ceiling in the industry for female executives with her hard work ethic. Morrison prepared herself for the job that she wanted to acquire. She would spend a lot of her time building a resume that was filled with experience in conducting investigations. She would become an authority on this type of work, and that made it difficult to deny her. That is something that all women – myself included – can learn from. Corporate America may be dominated by men, but you cannot continually be denied if you put in the time. When you work hard and make yourself stand out as an authoritative figure it will be impossible for others not to notice.

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Marco Rubio Recieves Endorsement from Dick DeVos

After supporting various GOP candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, the Detroit News is reporting that the DeVos family has decided to concentrate it’s wealth and power behind Florida Senator Marco Rubio, vowing to not only support the Presidential candidate individually, but to also campaign on his behalf. No doubt an infusion of much needed campaign funding will go to the super political action committee that supports the Rubio campaign. 

Dick and Betsy DeVos are long time friends of Rubio, having worked with him to pass an expansion of the school choice laws in Florida. While Rubio has yet to win a state, he did place second to businessman Donald Trump in Nevada and South Carolina. Mr. DeVos believes the party needs a candidate that has proven leadership and is politically experienced, and hopes his family’s endorsement will help consolidate support for Senator Rubio.

The DeVos family has been a long time participant in supporting Republican party politics as well as their devotion to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation’s inception in 1989 serves as an instrument to partner with organizations to impact local and global community growth and viability. The family bases their giving on the model taught to them by their parents, to “seek to serve as faithful stewards.” Whether its igniting the creative energy and spark of the arts in the West Michigan community, or improving the health of the citizens by providing support for essential health needs, the DeVos family believes strongly in using their blessings to bless others.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dick DeVos is the eldest son of the co-founder of the privately held Amway Corporation which you can learn more about by reading this Mlive featured article. In 1991 his father appointed him to manage the NBA Orlando Magic basketball team. He later succeeded his father as President of Amway, before turning to politics in 2006 to run for governor in the state of Michigan, running a self-financed campaign. An accomplished author, his book Believe!, which is available on Amazon, demonstrates how against all odds, with a strong belief in God and yourself, everyone has the power to succeed in life.

Dick DeVos and his family are always striving to uphold the values of a good education. Over 30 years the family has donated $36 million to Grand Rapids State University, making DeVos the largest donor, taking the institution from a small little college in its beginnings to the powerhouse it is today. The college now has a downtown Grand Rapids presence, thanks to Dick DeVos and his family.

Read Dick’s New Netherland Institute page or connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about him.

Central Bankers Purchasing Gold As Soros Warns EU

Wealthy people don’t always divulge their secrets for success. That is why people appreciate Billionaire George Soros so much. He has become rich and seems willing to share his tips with others.

Behind-the-scenes, there has been a growing realization by the world’s elites that the Capitalist system may be in danger. George Soros is warning of EU collapse. Central bankers are purchasing gold.

“Roman Money Was Gold, Silver & Brass”

Romans used the gold aureus, silver denarius and brass sestertius for their money. Coin collectors might be fortunate enough to have one of these pieces, but you can’t find them in common circulation. Why? This Roman money is no longer considered to be “legal tender.”

“Legal tender” is the official form of money that the government has authorized for purchase of goods and services in said nation. For many modern nations, it has become paper bills. The problem with a paper bill is that it has no real intrinsic value.

“Dangers of Euro Currency Collapse”

The creation of the euro currency on January 1, 1999, may have been the defining moment for the European Union. Heretofore, each nation had controlled its economic monetary policy. After 1999, central authorities in Belgium controlled monetary policy for all members.

George Soros mentioned a number of crises facing the EU that could spell its doom in an important interview with the German magazine Wirtschafts Woche. Greece and England were both challenging the place of the euro currency in determining their nation’s fate. The problems for these nations was that they could not fully control their economies, if they could not control their currencies.

“Render Unto Caesar”

No empire lasts forever. US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl was quite blunt in admitting that while the United States paper dollar was rising – “What goes up must go down. The dollar is gonna drop.” During this US Money Reserve Podcast with Eric Dye, he discussed numerous factors that were leading to higher gold prices: 1. 2008, 2. Chinese & Indian buyers, 3. Paper US bills – Monetary policy and 4. Electronically traded funds (ETFs).

Central banks have been increasing their purchases of gold since 2010. The emerging middle class in China and India is purchasing tons of gold. US Money Reserve sells very popular American government-issued gold bullion coins. Protect your riches – empires don’t last, but your wealth can.

How White Shark Media Has Promised to Change

White Shark Media has listened to your complaints, and it has heard them all. It knows life can be tough in the digital marketing world and sometimes mistakes are made.


White Shark Media is a caring company. It listens to all those mistakes and seeks to correct them. Make no mistake for the company has received a lot of compliments for its great offerings. It has tonnes of satisfied customers whose businesses have turned around.


White Shark Media would like all stakeholders to know that it has heard your complaints and will correct all of the mistakes it has been accused of committing.


It is the right of every client to know their AdWords campaigns. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way, and we will seek to make sure your campaign is successful.


For clients whose majority of customers come through phone calls, Marchex provides call tracking in partnership with WSM.It is an arrangement that will see you know exactly where you customers are calling from and their demographic.


For clients who complained they didn’t know how to track their AdWords performance, WSM will install call tracking, conversion tracking and Google Analytics for free.


WSM will no longer create accounts in their names and will use your name to create an account. If your current account is performing well, then there is no need to change that.


Your contact person will be in tune with your needs and we vet to ensure they are good at what they do. It’s the WSM guarantee to give you a friendly customer care executive. The agent will have an experienced supervisor who will track your ads performance and make necessary adjustments where need be.


Sometimes WSM has had cases where they changed the Ad campaign, but it didn’t change the results. They understand that can be frustrating. A few instances of a formerly well-performing campaign deteriorating after a small change have also been reported. It is the new policy of WSM only to keep well-performing ad campaigns and make necessary changes going forward. It will eliminate many customer complaints we have experienced.


WSM being an online marketing platform understands that the most important thing is communication. It has thus with regret taken the news that some customers find it is difficult to communicate with the offices. It is a regrettable occurrence which won’t occur again.


White Shark Media has taken a two-pronged attack to deal with this problem. Each client will get a conference call with GoToMeeting.It will mostly to review the past 30 days. You can also request a meeting should you find a need to. You will also get a direct phone extension to our contact person.

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Man Of The Hour Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital


Modern Sales
When we are young we think that money only goes into the bank.Well to a point this is correct but at the same time it is not.Some money will be saved where the rest will be put in the stock market.From their it will grow into a massive payday for the holder.Because if you do not already know when you put your money in the bank parts of it are already being put in the system on the banks behalf to keep the income steady.But today we will talk about a man that has proved his worth in the market with all the various task that he has not failed period. From Chicago Tribune.

The Guys Behind The Scene
The national Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has seen to make fit that Madison Street Capital be put in the most high regards of respect. This being due to its staff and leaders being in the top 40 chart of firms. How Madison Street Capital did this was simple they made the steps to move the growth of the firm forward with new methods that fit federal regulation but give new light on how the internal components of how a firm really work.

One of the key factors of this decision was the fact that the most respected names in the regulation side banking gave the fine details the look to see if there was really any progress and the answer came back yes.One of the vets that put the work into making this happen of bank are Anthony Marsala. Along with CEO Charles Botchway, this man has work around the clock going through the process with a fine comb making sure that nothing was left to be buried under the fail to complete pile.

More Info
But keeping the filing cabinet is not the only work that this proud member put into the office. Anthony has also worked in the mid section of the process helping the middle market companies and early stage ventures keep themselves in line to grow without delay or crippling set backs.From high to low this man has made the time to make his bones the right way in the firm over his tenure.Sure there were 125 more guys that could have been picked but this one made the cut because he had earned it with work that can not be beat.

Susan McGalla Knows How to Find Success

Susan McGalla has always known that she wanted to succeed in the business world. Even when she was in college, she basically knew what she wanted to achieve from a professional standpoint, and she has certainly done exactly that. Over the years, McGalla has been extremely influential in a number of different business specialties, including marketing and management, merchandise, purchasing and consulting. She also knows how to develop a successful advertising campaign, not to mention advising other businesses and organizations regarding the best course of action as it relates to business. She has demonstrated her business prowess time and time again, often advancing through the ranks of a company and achieving the highest levels of success.

McGalla is currently both a business professional and an executive consultant on prnewswire. She was born in Ohio but today, she hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, she has made this city her home and as such, she has accomplished a number of things to make many of the region’s business professionals more successful. In fact, she has taken her knowledge that she gained from years of working in some of the most competitive fields of business in order to help other organizations become more successful in their own rite.

Susan McGalla started working in marketing and management as early as 1986. Even then, she made it clear that she was setting her sights on success. More importantly, she worked tirelessly to achieve her goals. Eventually, she became a buyer for American Eagle Outfitters, starting there in 1994. She worked her way up through the company and eventually was promoted to president of the corporation. Despite her success, she left American Eagle Outfitters in 2009 with the express purpose of becoming a private consultant. Eventually, she founded P3 Executive Consulting and realized a life-long dream. She also does promotional campaign work with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla serves on several boards, one of which is the Research Institute and Foundation for MaGee- Women’s Hospital. Another involves HFF, Inc., which is an important real estate company. She also remains true to her roots, and she serves on the board of Mount Union College, which is the same college that she attended when she made the decision to get her degree. In short, she believes in giving back, and she demonstrates those beliefs on a daily basis.

Susan McGalla has made it her mission in life to find success at a level that few people ever have the chance to experience. It is obvious that she sat out from her earliest days in college with the intention of becoming a constant factor in the business world, and she has accomplished that goal with resounding success. Through her efforts, she has managed to realize her dream of founding and running her own company and today, she provides consultant services to other corporations and individuals with the idea of helping them achieve similar goals. Her desire to succeed has paved the path for both herself and those that will follow in her footsteps. The business world will be forever changed as a direct result of her efforts.