Love Wine Tasting? Want To Work At Home? This Is For You!

Working from home is the active dream of many individuals, and The Traveling Vineyard is making this a possibility. There are many people who would want to make some extra money working from home. These include people who have to watch their children, stay at home parents, people who are retired but still want more money than they are getting from their social security check, which is very small, and all kinds of other people.

The Traveling Vineyard is helping all these people make money from home. Some are even doing this full time. Others are doing it part time or as a hobby. Others have full time jobs and use this to make even more income. The best part is that they are doing something that they love. Everyone who loves wine will enjoy this.

To get started, you can visit the website of The Traveling Vineyard. You will learn all you need to know about them. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and their other social profiles.

You will get access to the online training course. You will also be sent a kit with all of the things you will need to host your first wine tasting event. You will get wine bottles, wine holders, marketing posters, order forms, and much more. You will also be assigned a special guide who will help you out and take you step by step.

Then, you will host wine tasting events in your home. You can do it as much or as little as you want. You can work on your own schedule and be your own boss. You’re also bound to make new friends in the wine tasting sector, and you will love the freedom The Traveling Vineyard gives you. It’s not an opportunity that you can afford to pass up.

EOS vs. Chapstick; a David vs. Goliath Story of Success

For over a hundred years, buying lip balm meant searching the aisles for a tiny, cylindrical Chapstick tube. If you wanted to do something wild, you were stuck with just mint or cherry flavors. However, that changed almost a decade ago. A new type of lip balm called EOS began to pop up all over.

The lip balm, which came in the form of pastel-colored orbs, began to invade the shelf space at Wal-Mart, Target, and Walgreens. The editors of magazines such as Allure and cosmos began to give acres of columns dedicated to talking about this new lip balm. They talked about the new and interesting flavors it had such as grapefruit and honeydew, Shortly after, Facebook popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera were seen with the lip balm in their makeup bags.

The Secret to Its Success

Since EOS lip balm products became a huge success, its founders have kept mum about the strategy they used, until recently. It has been a great strategy, which has seen their lip balm become the second most bought lip balm countrywide. The company sells about a million units each week, with growth expected to shoot up with the continued growth of the lip balm market.

The journey began nearly a decade ago when a veteran of consumer-packaged goods teamed up with two other people to think about how they could bring change to the beauty isle. After some deliberation, they settled on lip balms. The reason for this was that the lip balm design had changed little in terms of packaging design. In fact, most of the competition was mainly on price.

Getting it into Stores

Coming up with a great product was just the first part. They needed to convince buyers that the product had a place in their stores. At first, they faced a lot of resistance since most male buyers did not understand the product. However, they were lucky to meet a female buyer at Walgreens who understood their point of view.

After that, they were soon able to get shelf space at other stores such as Target and online on eBay. Combined with a marketing campaign targeting mainly women, they have been quite a huge hit.


The Growth of Construcap Continues to Emerge

There are a lot of companies growing rapidly in Brazil. With the economic growth in the country, the construction industry is booming on There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are coming. If you want to build a home or a building for your business, choosing the right construction company is essential. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are taking place within the industry. If you want to take your business to a new level, following the example of Construcap is a great idea. Many people have had success in this area by investing in customers and providing great value for the services or products that they offer.

When Construcap was started, a lot of people were excited about the changes that were taking place in the country. Brazil is a country that has experienced a lot of growth in recent years, and that growth is fueling a lot of change in the country. If you want to take your business to a new level on, you have to provide a service that customers are willing to pay for. With all of the changes in laws and regulations in Brazil, a lot of people are wanting to start their own business on This is increasing the demand for commercial buildings and construction in a number of areas. Not only that, but you can start to see the positive impact from the work that the company has been doing. Not only are the buildings in Brazil getting nicer, but they are starting to catch up with the economic demand as well.

In the coming years, Construcap wants to capitalize on the growth of the company. Not only that, but the company is ready to start seeing changes with all of the immigration to the country from other places in South America at If Construcap can continue to provide quality customer service in a variety of ways, it will continue on its current growth trend. This is something that a lot of people are excited about in the coming years.


Mike Baur was residing in Fribourg in Switzerland in his younghood though he still has a connection and keeps in touch with the society that brought him up during those days. As a young boy, back in the upcountry, he had a dream of becoming a banker. He was indeed quite personate about his dream and worked hard to make his dream career become his profession.

For two decades, Mike was an employee at Swiss Private Banking where he started his career as a trainee in the commercial industry at Clariden Leu and UBS before rising in ranks at UBS to becoming a member of executive management board of the great Swiss Private Bank. This milestone was a significant achievement.

In the year 1992, Mike was part of the bandwagon that teamed up with a bigger dream of starting Scan Source company. He held different positions in the company from1992 to 2007. He was the president and the CEO from inception to 2007, and a member of the board of directors from 1995. The company started as a small firm before tremendously growing into a wealthy international company with employees amounting to 2100 and 45 offices across Europe and America. The company made sales of up to a whopping 3 billion US dollars. This made Scan Source company be ranked among the 1000 largest companies by revenues authority in the United States. The company has its headquarter in Greenville.

In the year 2014, Mr. Baur left UBS after accumulating a wealth of experience in the senior position and spent much of his time in entrepreneurship dealings of startup companies. This saw him start Swiss Startup Factory, leading independent private company, at an exceptional age of 39 years in partnership with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, the ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. In January 2016, Swiss Start-Up Company merged with CTI Investment before joining hands again with Goldbach Group and Fintech Fusion later that year. With this new mega-merger, Mr. Baur was the assistant managing director.

Mike spends most of his time in entrepreneurship programs for the youths and gives back to the society in different ways. Mike assists the community financially by digging into his pocket, and as a mentor by giving his valuable advice to upcoming Startup companies so that they can also make it to the top and make lucrative sales. He does this in his three-months startup accelerator program in Zurich.

In conclusion, it is also important to remember that the Mike holds an MBA from the University of Rochester and an honorary from the University of Bern. This with his unbeatable experience and entrepreneurial network across Switzerland deserves him a standing ovation.


How Mike Baur is Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs in Switzerland

Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur from Switzerland who has significantly been contributing to the business industry. In 2014, Baur along with other two entrepreneurs co-founded Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF), and he serves as one of the management directors. His career specializes in banking and finance industry which is a passion he began when he was still young. It has now become his profession, and for about twenty years he has served many private banks in Switzerland where he accelerated to executive positions.

The three partners have worked hard for the company to be among the top private and independent organizations providing mentorship services in Switzerland. The primary focus of the company is on nurturing young people through their business ideas. They have developed a Professional Mentorship Platform which is a program aimed at guiding and encouraging teens who want to become entrepreneurs. Swiss Start-Up Factory has dedicated most of their time to ensure that the dreams of the young entrepreneurs do not remain a dream in the future. Most graduates who else would have invested their time and money trying to look for employment are benefiting from Baur’s factory initiative.

Mike Baur has a profound knowledge in international markets and thus his role in Swiss Start-Up Factory was very crucial. He was able to mentor the youths in a manner that they can venture into local and global markets as well. The company has another program, Zurich-Based Accelerator that goes for about three months and aims at proving the digital entrepreneurs with incredible opportunities.

There are other important entrepreneurial programs that Swiss Start-Up Factory had initiated to achieve their objectives more aggressively such as Hello Vegan, Diplomero, and Diabird. Where vegan was focused on the food industry specifically providing vegans with online food. Diplomero served as an online learning platform while Diabird was an application designed to help people suffering from diabetes. Their recently launched program is First Female Founder Network which was developed to encourage women into becoming entrepreneurs.

The efforts contributed by the company in the business industry has helped it to grow significantly and gain partnerships with other related businesses. Swiss Start-Up Factory partnered with CTI in December 2015 with the aim of developing their work environment. They also partnered with an Accelerator from Geneva in February 2016 where they focused on improving their mentorship programs. The Swiss Start-Up Factory does not stop there and is working on new products to be released in the future. Apparently, their currently operating programs have managed to help them achieve their objectives.


U.S. Navy Selects IAP to Support Contract Valued at up to $900 Million

IAP-ECC, one of the managing members of the program, has been joined by four companies to fulfill the contract. The indefinite-quantity/indefinite-delivery contract was issued to IAP Worldwide Services by the Global Support Contingency Multiple Award Contract whose value exceeds $900 million. The Naval Engineering Facilities Pacific Command located in Pearl Harbor and Hawaii will oversee the support issued by IAP Worldwide Services and the other four companies included in the contract. IAP Worldwide Services is one of the best companies to offer services and solutions to the United States Government and other non-governmental organization based all over the country.

IAP Worldwide Services is proud to continue providing solutions and services to their customers worldwide. For those who rely on their efforts and expertise to provide services, they will never be disappointed. The company employees the most talented to execute their mission ad provide ingenious solutions to your most immediate challenges. According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of IAP Worldwide Services, the selection to support the United States Navy Mission is through the capabilities to keep up with the latest technologies in providing solutions. IAP Worldwide Services has a high-standard of expertise to convert their clients’ mission.

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For over 60 years of professional experience and service to their customers, IAP Worldwide Services has gained an excellence reputation for supporting the contingency-based contracts that contain the DoDs. IAP Worldwide Services, under the Program Contract Augmentation of the Air Force, is the only company capable of meeting the expected standards of delivery and service to support the four programs selected by the United States Air Force. For the enterprise, they are currently executing tasks as a current United States Navy incumbent under the GCSMAC I predecessor. The joint venture, the IAP-ECC, is pleased to provide their highest experiences in service to the United States Navy. The joint venture is seeking to provide solutions and services. According to the Vice President of the Global Services Support of IAP Worldwide Services, the companies will provide maintenance services and contingency services to the United States Navy.

The services rendered by the United States Navy will include their support services with imminent constructions in humanitarian efforts, natural disasters, and other ranges military actions. The country will be supported through the military actions. IAP Worldwide Services is one of the leading companies that provide wide ranges of services and solutions to the United States Government and other states in the world. The company has more than six decades of professional experience.

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Don Ressler Helps Create Mega-Businesses, JustFab and Fabletics!

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has had a series of successful startup companies. His first company was That company was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001. After, he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and formed Alena Media. This company was Intermix’s only profit center.

Intermix was then bought by News Corp in 2005. The successful pair became frustrated as they watched their Alena Media become ignored by the big, new media corporation on Zimbio. They both decided to leave to find new opportunities.

Knowing they were destined for bigger and better things, Ressler and his partner also knew they had to skills to succeed. They decided to create a brand building enterprise. After enlisting the help of their former Alena members, they came up with their next big idea: Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty’s first direct-to-consumer creation was Dermstore. Dermstore was an online skincare and cosmetics market. Two years after that creation was born, Don Ressler launched a weight-loss system, called SENSA. The even brought in the founder of Intermix, Brett Brewer, as its CEO.

In 2010, Don Ressler and his co-founder launched a third company, called JustFab. This company was a subscription ecommerce fashion retailer. In only one year JustFab received $33 million in funding. Also in 2011, Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company as President. A couple months later, the company had reached over 4 million members.

On the wings of JustFab’s success, the founders wanted to expand into other markets. Using the idea that a lot of their customers were parents, Intelligent Beauty purchased a children’s fashion subscription service, FabKids, in 2013.

Later that year, after a massive about of success with both JustFab and FabKids, they launched Fabletics, an athletic wear site. This company was developed alongside Kate Hudson and had some serious leverage on the competition by offering athletic apparel at a fraction of the cost. Intelligent beauty also acquired a rival company, ShoeDazzle, all in the same year.

JustFab has an estimated generation of $500 million just this year! Fabletics will drive about 30 percent of those sales, which isn’t bad considering Fabletics is merely 3 years old.

Thanks in part to Co-CEO Don Ressler, who is known for his ability to spot trends and make them into leading brands, Intelligent Beauty is one its way to becoming one of the top companies in the country!

Susan McGalla Successful Business Women And Role Model For Many Aspiring Women

In the past women in the corporate world were very scarce due to challenges such as inequality, unequal pay and a lack of diversity in boardrooms. This has thankfully changed in the last few years as we se more and more women climbing to the top of the corporate ladder in their professions and roles within companies. Thanks to the help of both government and non-governmental organizations who have assisted in addressing these challenges that women face in the workplace on Facebook. Women have proven that they possess the necessary skill and fortitude to take on any challenge they might encounter. Women all around the world possess the skills, personality and leadership that are required to perform to the highest degree in leading roles within companies. There are many examples of women who have either climbed the corporate ladder or started multi million dollar companies of their own.

Women such as Susan McGalla are proof that women can achieve anything they set their minds on. She is a role model for many aspiring women around the world. Susan McGalla has proven to others that she is a business women of great stature. Her passion, confidence and versatility have allowed her to work herself to a leading position within her corporate environment. She also aspires to help other women seek out their potential and share her path to success. Susan McGalla has many skills which allow her to excel at her job, networking is one of those skills which is essential when earning trust with others in the corporate world.

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Susan knows what makes a successful business women and what is required to keep her position at the top of the corporate ladder on She is extremely hard working and passionate about what she does and is the very reason for her success. Susan McGalla knows that success only comes with hard work and a passion for success, nothing is given to someone, everything is earned. Susan McGalla carries to leading roles, these include, director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting both of which are based in Pittsburgh. Susan has a background in the clothing and retail sectors which have allowed her the experience to excel in her area of expertise. For more information on Susan McGalla please visit

Mike Baur: Cultivator of Swiss Startups

When talking about startups, big players in the Silicon Valley come to mind and not small companies in Switzerland. Not anymore, entrepreneur Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory is going to change that. Since he was young, Baur had been fascinated with banking and finance. After obtaining an MBA from the University of Rochester New York as well as an executive MBA from the Universtiy of Bern, the Fribourg Swiss worked twenty years with well-known private banks such as Clariden Leu and Sallfort. Then he quit banking and involved with the startup world as an angel investor. He hopes to bring the Swiss startup ecosystem up to par with the valley counterpart in an ever competitive market. Now he is able to pursue the passion of his youth to the fullest.

The Swiss Start up Factory, founded by Mike Baur, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, is an incubator program tailored towards early stage startups. Don’t be fooled by its name, it is no traditional manufacturing shop but a breeding place for startups. The factory offers a three-month accelerator program, excellent co-working spaces for like-minded individuals, and financial advice from experts. Located in Zurich, the Swiss center for banking and finance, the factory is a place for the youth to explore entrepreneurship and cultivate startups in a supportive environment. Baur aids the youth both financially and as a mentor. Baur led the factory to partner with CTI Invest and Fintech Fusion, providing even greater resources for the local startup scene.

With CTI Invest, Mike Baur is taking his mission a step further to generate more exposure outside the Zurich area and hope to collaborate with regional players. CTI and Baur plan to co-organize startup-oriented events, create podcasts and video tailored towards early stage Swiss startups and organize personalized training for companies. Similarly, Mike Baur is working with Fintech Fusion to create a mentor network for Swiss university students who are interested in the startup world. Unlike American Universities near the Silicon Valley such as Stanford and the University of California Berkely, Swiss students don’t receive the kind of experience and support from startup veterans to succeed in their endeavor. By creating the incubator factory, Baur is essentially filling that role, allowing entrepreneurs in the area to thrive and go on to create successful companies.

Fabletics Founder Kate Hudson Discusses the Brand with Elle

In the last 3 years Fabletics has emerged as powerful brand that is among the best in the clothing industry when it comes to work out gear. She has proven that she is more than capable to building a brand that can compete with others in the industry. It has been impressive to see just how much she has been able to motivate others to exercise with her brand of athletic clothes.

In Elle magazine Kate gladly shares with the consumers just how much she has been able to gain a better perspective on clothing because of her upbringing. Hudson has stated in Elle that she was always active, but she was not the only one. All of her family members around her where just as active. She found herself in a place where she would need comfortable workout clothes because she was still quite active during her adult years.

Kate Hudson has made a name for herself, and the clothing line is taking off in a way that she probably never would have imagined. Fabletics has become the go-to brand for people that are trying to get a brand of clothing that is both stylish and reasonably prices. This is often a hard combination for people to obtain. Most people will notice that clothes are even expensive with great quality or cheap with poor quality. Hudson was convinced that she didn’t have to make the clothes expensive in order for her to present quality. That would prove to be something that made people appreciate the brand as they signed up for this subscription service.

People will see a shift as the Fabletics brand comes to more cities by way of over 100 brick-and-mortar stores. This is something that will help more people discover the brand that is slowing sweeping the fashion industry. It has become a brand that builds a huge presence online, but this would prove to only be a limited part of the scope. As time went on more people would become interested in what this company was able to do. People wants to visit Fabletics stores where they could try on the outfits. They wanted a chance to shop and buy instantly without waiting on a shipment. Kate Hudson has realized that, and she has taken every effort to make things better for customers. She wants to give the consumers what they want through brick-and-mortar stores.
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