Omar Boraie Creates Growth for New Brunswick

Anyone who has been to New Brunswick in New Jersey has probably had the opportunity to enjoy the buildings that Omar Boraie has worked to help develop. This has been something that he has worked hard to be able to do and something that he continues to work with in the town of New Brunswick. He has been able to do a lot with the different options and that has given him the hope that the town needs to be able to be as successful as possible. When it comes to New Brunswick, Omar Boraie has been instrumental and has also been able to provide people with the chances that they need in the town.

Omar Boraie traveled around Europe in the 1970s and he saw that there was a lot of change going on during that time. Towns were better places thanks to the people who were making the changes and developing them. They were going from being destitute locations to places where people could truly feel good about what was going on. That was something that Omar Boraie was impressed with and he knew that he would be able to try more with the options that he had to be able to do that. Click here to know more.

When Boraie came to New Brunswick during that time, he saw that the town was similar to ones that he had seen in Europe. He realized that it was filled with crime and had major problems for the people who lived there. He wanted to do something about it and that led him to the point of creating a development company that was aimed at improving New Brunswick as a town and making it better for the people who lived there. He wanted to do everything that he could to effect change in the town.

The first thing that Omar Boraie did in the town during the initial time that he was there was create a development company. He knew this would be the simplest and most effective way to change things for the people who lived in the town. He also knew that he would be able to benefit from the development company because it would be something that he had available to himself to make the town so much better. There were many times when Boraie did what he could to try and make sure that he was getting the most out of the experience for his company.

Now that Boraie Development has grown to much larger proportions and the town of New Brunswick is a much better place for the people who live there, Omar has been able to take advantage of the town and the options that people have in the town. It is a great way for him to advertise his business, help his community and promote options that people have in the community. It is also something that has given most people the chance to see what Omar Boraie is able to do and how it helps their town.

Roberto Santiago Thrives in Entertainment Industry

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur who is a proud owner of the Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall located in Paraiba in Brazil. Roberto Santiago was born in 1958 in a town Joao Pessoa. He studied in a University Center at Joao Pessoa where he got a degree in Business Administration. He first ventured into allotment area in a cartonnage company he opened which served to be a foundation for his career.

Santiago began his professional career at a café in Santa Rosa. Here he started a company that dealt in the manufacture of utilitarian and decorative products. This has made his career skyrocket over the years. Santiago has also had an interest in sports and has collected several trophies in kart and motocross championships.

His greatest investment which has made its presence known is the Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa. Its endeavor to strengthen its relation with the customers has seen it grow and is the largest mall in the town. Through providing excellent customer service and products to its clients, the mall has achieved its goals. The Shopping mall aims to match the services offered by the magnificent beaches of the Northeastern city that are famous for their hospitality.

As one of the most recognized entrepreneurs of the country, Santiago’s vision of Madeira shopping mall is to provide diverse forms of leisure, recreational options and fun the people of that town. He paid attention to details to ensure high-level quality of services is met at the mall. As a well-established entrepreneur in the niche of fun and entertainment,Roberto Santiago also owns a Mangabeira Shopping mall. Opening Madeira shopping mall was to ensure he upped his ante.

According to TripAdvisor, the movie theaters in the Manaira Shopping Mall is the major attraction which is equipped to meet the modern technology with 3D rooms available. Along with this, the bar service is offered and also refreshments including ice cream, candies and a variety of snacks. Another major attraction feature in theMall is the Domus Hall located on the terraces of the mall and can house up to 8,000 people. The Hall hosts events such as art exhibition, seminars and other forms of events. This gives the extensive scale of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

Diversant’s Leadership is Behind its Meteoric Rise to Success

When it comes to companies’ superiority index in New Jersey, Diversant will always make the cut. Five years ago, it was listed as one of the fasted growing companies owned by individuals from minority groups. In 2016, the company was named in SIA’s list of Largest Staffing Firms in the United States. The list, which recognizes only 134 firms in the whole country, is one of the most coveted in the corporate world. The listing came amidst Divesrant’s incredible performance in the previous fiscal year translating to $120 million in revenue.

These current developments in the firm depict the healthy relationship between the management, clients and employees. It also shows the presence of powerful marketing strategies in the firm. Behind a carefully driven vehicle, there is a well-trained and responsible crew. In this case, the vehicle is Diversant and the crew is the management and employees.

That said, let’s talk about the cause of all these successes in the company so far, which is the team of IT consultants and staffing professionals. The team is led by brilliant individuals who have vast knowledge of every IT staffing market segment. One of them is John Goullet.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a self-made entrepreneur who controls one of the largest firms in the country. He is the Principal of Diversant. In Diversant, he helps develop a large number of successful ventures in IT staffing. With a clear understanding of the intricate market trends, John has proved to be an important asset for the firm.

Before he joined Diversant in 2010, John Goullet worked at Info Technologies as the CEO and founder. At the highest level of leadership of Info Technologies, he was tasked with ensuring the company remained relevant in the competitive IT staffing marketing. Since he played his cards well, the company grew from a small startup to a multi-million venture within a span of four years. The company was also listed among top 500 fastest growing private firms in the United States. His decision to merge Info Technologies is lauded as one of the best in the history of company mergers.

Brad Reifler Shares Some Wise Advice

Brad Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College with a background appropriate for his future success. He majored in Economics and Political Science, two disciplines that greatly helped him in his financial career. Today, Reifler wants to help others. As CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad Reifler usually gives advice to “big money” investors. Middle class investors are the new source of Reifler’s advice. And yes, he does have some good advice to share.

The stock market is usually deemed the safest place for one’s money. Blue chip stocks, in particular, are thought of as solid long-term assets for investing. No one would disagree with this assessment since decades of history proves it to be mostly true. Putting all of one’s funds in the stock market, per Reifler, may not be the best plan. There are scores of safe investment strategies to employ. Bond funds, for example, could pay very good returns. Being too focused on the stock market might end up being a less-than-effective strategy.

And speaking of funds, who is managing the funds selected? Selecting the wrong fund manager or not staying on top of his/her performance could lead to major problems. Even a very honest fund manager may be troubling to deal with if the honest work comes with very high managerial fees. Those fees are, in essence, bills that drain assets.

Brad Reifler also suggests investors really try and figure out why they are investing. Determining goals makes it a lot easier to select the best investment strategy. An older person who wants to plan out a secure retirement surely would be best served with conservative investments. Someone interested in immediate income may want an aggressive investment that pays big quarterly dividends.

Brad Reifler has enough experience in the world of financial advice and management that his words should carry a lot of weight. Long before he became CEO of Forefront, he was managing Pali Capital and running a company he founded. The advice he provides to investors is nothing magical. The words are rooted in good common sense. Pondering those words is strongly recommended for those hoping to get on the right investing path.

Michael Zomber: A Man Who is Passionate About Culture

If there is one thing that is to be admired about Michael Zomber, it is that he is very passionate about culture. Zomber is especially passionate about Japanese culture and the history. He has done a lot of research on the relics of different eras of Japan. He has also collected a lot of items that are from older eras. Among the things he has researched and written about is Samurai Culture and other aspects of Japanese history. His passion for history has earned him the status of being featured on A&E and History Channel as a historian. People can learn a lot about the history of Japan through Zomber.

He is not just a historian, he is also a literary artist. He has published a lot of books, documentaries and even films that are centered around Japanese culture and history. One book that he has written is called Shogun Iemitsu. This is about the lives of two Young Samurai. It depicts one day in their lives that are filled with conspiracy and other forms of shady behaviors. This is one very interesting story that should be read. Michael Zomber has shown that he is very creative and knows how to craft a good story.

Michael Zomber got his start writing screenplays after his wife gave him the encouragement. Prior to writing screenplays, he has graduated from the University of Illnois. He has studied different topics such as English and psychology. Given the degrees he has received in English, he has decided that he can try his hand at screenplays. His screenplays have turned out to be successful. They have been produced and even put on film which are available on his website. Zomber’s passion for culture as well as his creativity has given him the success he has wanted.

Mike Baur: Cultivator of Swiss Startups

When talking about startups, big players in the Silicon Valley come to mind and not small companies in Switzerland. Not anymore, entrepreneur Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory is going to change that. Since he was young, Baur had been fascinated with banking and finance. After obtaining an MBA from the University of Rochester New York as well as an executive MBA from the Universtiy of Bern, the Fribourg Swiss worked twenty years with well-known private banks such as Clariden Leu and Sallfort. Then he quit banking and involved with the startup world as an angel investor. He hopes to bring the Swiss startup ecosystem up to par with the valley counterpart in an ever competitive market. Now he is able to pursue the passion of his youth to the fullest.

The Swiss Start up Factory, founded by Mike Baur, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, is an incubator program tailored towards early stage startups. Don’t be fooled by its name, it is no traditional manufacturing shop but a breeding place for startups. The factory offers a three-month accelerator program, excellent co-working spaces for like-minded individuals, and financial advice from experts. Located in Zurich, the Swiss center for banking and finance, the factory is a place for the youth to explore entrepreneurship and cultivate startups in a supportive environment. Baur aids the youth both financially and as a mentor. Baur led the factory to partner with CTI Invest and Fintech Fusion, providing even greater resources for the local startup scene.

With CTI Invest, Mike Baur is taking his mission a step further to generate more exposure outside the Zurich area and hope to collaborate with regional players. CTI and Baur plan to co-organize startup-oriented events, create podcasts and video tailored towards early stage Swiss startups and organize personalized training for companies. Similarly, Mike Baur is working with Fintech Fusion to create a mentor network for Swiss university students who are interested in the startup world. Unlike American Universities near the Silicon Valley such as Stanford and the University of California Berkely, Swiss students don’t receive the kind of experience and support from startup veterans to succeed in their endeavor. By creating the incubator factory, Baur is essentially filling that role, allowing entrepreneurs in the area to thrive and go on to create successful companies.

Doe Deere Fights Against The Color Haters

Color haters are those who believe the cosmetics industry should remain as sublime and demure as possible. The smoky eye has become a staple of the modeling world, and designers everywhere prefer the smoky eye for their haute couture. The reality of the cosmetics industry is changing with help from Doe Deere and her Lime Crime team. Lime Crime creates the brightest colors in the industry, and the company is at the forefront of the responsibility movement in cosmetics. This article explains how Doe Deere has helped push makeup forward into the 21st Century.

#1: Doe Has Many Color Haters

Color haters have come out of the woodwork ever since Doe capitalized her business. She began with a modest eBay store that became very popular, and people who do not believe in her vision have peppered her with accusations from false advertising to false production. Doe is capable of making all her cosmetics with her own two hands, and her company keeps production secret to prevent corporate espionage. The color haters will always be there, and Doe does not seem to care what they think.

#2: Doe Believes In Mentoring

Doe Deere believes in mentoring women who want to make changes in their lives. Doe was a lady who loved bright makeup, but she is a lauded technology CEO today. Her transformation from ordinary woman into a noted CEO in the cosmetics world is due in large part to mentoring. Doe had mentors who put a good bit of time and effort into her, and she wants to help girls who want to open their own businesses. Doe believes in female empowerment even more than she believes in bright cosmetics.

#3: How Bright Is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is a very bright cosmetics like that focuses on colors other companies do not offer. Lime Crime is a progressive company that prefers to create colors ladies can match. A woman who is wearing a bright eye shadow can find a bright lipstick to match, and a woman who wants to use nothing but bright colors will find her new home at Lime Crime.

#4: Lime Crime Is Responsible

The Lime Crime corporate philosophy is all about being responsible. Doe’s business produces many vegan products, and more vegan products are to come in the future. Women who have chosen the vegan lifestyle can easily wear products that were made without causing harm to animals, and these women can wear bright colors that are totally unique to Lime Crime. This combination of responsibility and color is what makes Lime Crime so special.

Doe Deere has created a cosmetics empire that has changed the lives of women around the world. Selling bright colors has helped Doe make a name for herself, but she uses that name to serve others. Vegans who are in need of vegan products can shop confidently with Lime Crime, and women who are in need of mentoring may go to Doe knowing that she places great value on the role of a mentor.

Insight Into the Life of Brian Mulligan


Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors and this is a media and sports advisory company. Mulligan has over 30 years of experience as an entertainment industry advisor and in top entertainment executive positions. He was the former co-chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television, chairman of FOX Broadcasting, and he has worked in sports entertainment. Mulligan earned a bachelors degree in business administration from the University of South Carolina and received a masters degree from the University of California.

Brian Mulligan’s Other Career Highlights

Brian Mulligan served on the board of directors at Spyglass Partners and during his time there he gave the green light on movies such as Star Trek, Dinner for Schmucks and Invictus. Mulligan was also instrumental in the selling of Napster to Best Buy in 2008. Other companies he worked with include USA Networks, Universal Studio Japan, Seagram Universal and Universal Orlando.

Brian Mulligan As Angel Investor

Given his background in investing in entertainment and sports ventures, it’s not surprising that Brian Mulligan is also a successful angel investor. He is a member of Tech Coast Angels, which is the largest angel investor group in the country. It was founded in 1997 and so far it has invested over $119 million while helping other companies get close to a billion in funding from various firms. Some companies that Mulligan and other members invested in are Green Dot Corporation,, and ElephantDrive, an online data storage company.

Brian Mulligan’s Advice on Sports Entertainment

With Mulligan’s experience in the sports entertainment world, he has plenty of advice on it. Mulligan stated in a recent interview that while traditionally most sports cable networks focus only on sports, times are changing and that this is no longer enough for the networks to hold audiences’ attention. This is especially true since more people are watching sports online. Mulligan also mentioned that those wishing to enter sports entertainment can do so by doing volunteer work at events.

In conclusion, Brian Mulligan is a jack of all trades in his career. His work in the entertainment and sports industries has led to the releases of well-produced films and TV programs. Mulligan also believes in giving back to the community and we see this in his work as an angel investor. Mulligan has over 30 years of experience and this makes him a mover and shaker in Hollywood. He works behind the scenes to make the entertainment industry better.