Making Over Your Room


Wengie has a few design ideas when it comes to room decorations and life hacks that make being in your bedroom a bit more fun and organized. Some of the ideas that you can make are simple and only require a few materials. Keep all of your sunglasses in one place by hanging them on a line that you string across the room. You also need a picture frame as you will pin the string along the edge of the frame. Wire sometimes works better than string as it offers more support.


To add more space in your closet, you can thread a chain through coat hangars so that there are four or five coat hangars that dangle instead of just one. This will allow you to hang several items that flow from top to bottom instead of keeping one item at a time in place as this takes up a good bit of room. If you’re like many today, you have a lot of cords. Decorate a toilet paper roll and keep each cord tucked away inside. You can use the tubes for everything from phone cords to cords that are used for the computer. You can write on the outside what the tube is for so that you don’t have to dig through all of them.