Commitment to Pet Nutrition: Beneful

I only feed my dog, Molly, Beneful brand dog food. She is the most important part of my life and I only want to feed her the highest quality food with the best ingredients. Beneful gives her the energy to get up and go for our early morning runs. Her favorite snack is the Baked Delights Stars with chicken and cheese.

The thing I love about Beneful is their commitment to high quality ingredients. Beneful uses real meat and veggies in their food. Their Playful Life blend is perfect for Molly, because it has an excellent blend of beef and eggs to provide muscle building protein. She’s always so playful and energetic, so I knew when shopping for a dog food brand, that Beneful would be perfect for her.

Another great thing about Beneful is the added grains, like oatmeal. Usually, Molly will try to steal the oatmeal out of my bowl when I’m having breakfast. Beneful provides her with her own tasty dose of oatmeal that gives her long lasting energy. The blend of oatmeal and blueberries gives Molly the energy she needs to run with me and chase the pesky squirrels in the back yard. (Twitter)

To keep Molly’s teeth in tip-top condition, she loves the Baked Delights Stars with chicken and cheese. She loves them because they taste good. I love giving them to her because they are great for cleaning her teeth. While feeding Molly Baked Delights Stars, we always get a good teeth report from the dentist. Some days we even supplement our teeth cleaning routine to include Beneful’s Healthy Smile Twists.

Beneful’s focus on the health and wellness of Molly through their stellar line of nutrient balanced dry food, wet food, and treats is the main reason I choose to feed it to her. Beneful’s commitment to pet health and happiness is what keeps me coming back. Molly?

You can find Beneful at almost all retailers, but you can check them out at Petco and Amazon for great deals!