Haven’t Been Able To Get Your Hands on Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits? Lime Crime’s Got You Covered!

As you already know, since Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits’ debut, these are about as easy to get as getting both your eye wings exactly the same.

We’ve found dupes for two of the hottest matte shades Kylie’s kits have made so popular. And they are both from Lime Crime!

Lime Crime Velvetine in Reddest Red is the perfect dupe for the Mary Jo K Lip Kit. This is an awesome red shade that will instantly turn you into Taylor Swift in her Wildest Dream video, minus the paparazzi (unless that’s what you’re going for.)

On the other hand, you won’t be able to tell the difference between Lime Crime Velvetine in Jinx and the Kourt K Lip Kit, even users on Instagram were fooled. This is the latest shade in Kylie’s collection and the one everyone’s been craving to get their hands on. Its unique and deep purple shade will look flattering on every skin tone, even if the long winter has you looking all kinds of pale.

Since we’re still waiting on Kylie to re-stock, why don’t we head over to Lime Crime’s online store at Amazon and see if we can find some more dupes, they do have 29 matte shades. Lime Crime’s velvetine liquid lipsticks are meant to resemble a rose petal when dry and, just like Kylie’s liquid lipsticks, they will not transfer to your new spring dresses. Plus, you can tell your pets that your lips’ amazing look was achieved with a vegan and cruelty free product.  Check them out through Facebook to keep up with Lime Crime.

How White Shark Media Helps Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a lot to worry about. They need to find employees who care about their company. They need to develop their website, good content, and interact with their customers. If you own a business, you need to have expertise (or at least a little knowledge) in a wide range of disciplines. It is not enough to have an idea. It is not even enough to put that idea into practice.

According to Pod Nutz, An entrepreneur has to market their idea, using the best resources available. Since most people are not marketing experts, they will turn to expert companies such as White Shark Media.

White Shark Media actively makes an effort to hoist entrepreneurs into a new platform of success. They offer a range of services. Website owners generally report that when they use White Shark Media, they see a significant spike in their traffic and revenue. They also suggest that the White Shark media philosophy stands true.

They really do care about their customers’ company and website as if it were their own. Rather than focusing all of their energy on social media and branding, entrepreneurs can get back to the aspects of their company that matter.

Revise Your Marketing Campaign

Your products are only as good as your marketing campaign. It truly does not matter how sophisticated a product is if nobody hears about it. If you have engineered a state of the art computer and the only sign that you have put out is on the moon, you are not going to get any traffic. White Shark Media knows how to revise your marketing campaign so as to draw more customers and increase sales. They will diagnose and identify any obvious flaws and then update the campaign accordingly – http://www.topseos.com/profile/white-shark-media/.

Listening To Dissatisfied Customers

Every successful entrepreneur needs to listen to somebody to whom they would rather not listen. Dissatisfied customers can sometimes be rude, angry, and unpleasant. But they should not be ignored. One should not just hang up on a dissatisfied customer. They are dissatisfied for a reason.

The entrepreneur should actively labor to ensure that their concerns are rectified. If they do not, future customers will have the same concerns. That is why White Shark Media Listens to their customers, asks for any and all criticism, and updates their policies accordingly. This had led many entrepreneurs to believe that they truly care about their services.

Man Of The Hour Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital


Modern Sales
When we are young we think that money only goes into the bank.Well to a point this is correct but at the same time it is not.Some money will be saved where the rest will be put in the stock market.From their it will grow into a massive payday for the holder.Because if you do not already know when you put your money in the bank parts of it are already being put in the system on the banks behalf to keep the income steady.But today we will talk about a man that has proved his worth in the market with all the various task that he has not failed period. From Chicago Tribune.

The Guys Behind The Scene
The national Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has seen to make fit that Madison Street Capital be put in the most high regards of respect. This being due to its staff and leaders being in the top 40 chart of firms. How Madison Street Capital did this was simple they made the steps to move the growth of the firm forward with new methods that fit federal regulation but give new light on how the internal components of how a firm really work.

One of the key factors of this decision was the fact that the most respected names in the regulation side banking gave the fine details the look to see if there was really any progress and the answer came back yes.One of the vets that put the work into making this happen of bank are Anthony Marsala. Along with CEO Charles Botchway, this man has work around the clock going through the process with a fine comb making sure that nothing was left to be buried under the fail to complete pile.

More Info
But keeping the filing cabinet is not the only work that this proud member put into the office. Anthony has also worked in the mid section of the process helping the middle market companies and early stage ventures keep themselves in line to grow without delay or crippling set backs.From high to low this man has made the time to make his bones the right way in the firm over his tenure.Sure there were 125 more guys that could have been picked but this one made the cut because he had earned it with work that can not be beat.

Financial Services Provided by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a financial boutique company that specializes in corporate investment banking. Madison Street Capital provides financial consultancy services in areas touching on mergers and acquisitions, private placement, buyouts, bankruptcy, and corporate restructuring services. The company headquarters are in 105 West Madison, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60602.

However, they have offices in different regions including Western Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company’s main market focus is in emerging market because they believe this is an area that presents the best growth opportunity. As a result, Madison Street Capital has investment a huge chunk of their assets in emerging market.

Madison Street Capital Services at a glance
Asset Management
The company specializes in buy-side and sell-side advisory services to asset managers from corporate institutions who are seeking to enhance the overall financial outlook of their companies. Through asset management, Madison Street Capital aligns an organizations leadership, investment strategies with both long terms and short term goals of the company.

Business Valuation
One of Madison Street core competency is the ability to analyze, identify, and define value of any corporate entity. Through the company’s financial experts, Madison Street Capital is able to utilize complex analytical tools and modeling techniques, then use the pre-determined results to come up with an objective business value.

Corporate Advisory
The company’s financial experts have requisite skills to guide clients through every phase of any financial transaction, while at the same time maximizing business value in a smooth and seamless ownership transition. As a result, Madison Street has proven its business value in different industry types, including organizations that are operating from emerging markets.

Financial Opinions
There are certain business transactions that require extra diligence due to complexity of the underlying deal coupled with other factors such as cross border foreign exchange fluctuations. For instance, Madison Street is able to identify if a certain transaction is likely to alter an organizations capital structure. This ensures that individuals charged with fiduciary in an organization will seek additional protective measures to ensure that prevailing terms in any deal in the financial point of view are fair for the company they represent.

Valuation for Financial Reporting
Madison Street Capital possesses industry wide experience to seamlessly combine industry knowledge and verticals with valuation expertise. This enables Madison group to effectively address share allocation issues throughout the entire financial transaction process.

Other services that Madison Street Capital conducts include capital restructuring, tax compliance, solvency & capital Adequacy, portfolio valuation services, and financial sponsor coverage among other services.

Try Handy Cleaning Services and Get Your Life Back Today

I am a big fan of Handy Cleaning Services. This company has become one of the most important things in my life because I have so much more free time. I really love what this company has done over the years for me, and I have lots of faith in their organization.

The first time I discovered Handy Cleaning Services was when I got ready to sell my first home. I had found another home that I wanted to buy, and I didn’t have a lot to time to paint the home that I wanted to sell. The best thing that I could do was find someone that would help me get the house painted quickly. I thumbed through the phone book and Handy Cleaning Services is what I discovered. That would turn out to be the best possible solution for me.

What I would ultimately discover about Handy Cleaning Services is that this was a company that had a couple of people that were jacks of all trades. They would come in and be able to repair small things if I scheduled services like light fixtures. They would also be able to do things like plumbing if I needed someone for plumbing. This company has simplified my life in ways that I could not imagine. There services have been invaluable, and I have managed to tell just about everyone that I know about the quality jobs that they are doing.

Anyone that fails to at least try out Handy Cleaning Services is really doing themselves a disservice. I regret the time that I took to realize how effective this company was. It was my ignorance in thinking that I could not afford this company that kept me from trying this service. I have been so surprised to learn that this company has been in existence long enough to make millions. The prices for the services are much more affordable than I thought. I would say that these professionals must have cleaned a lot of homes to make a million in revenue. With all the clients that this company services I just know that this is one of the best organizations out there.

I think that a lot of people that have never tried a home cleaning company may assume that these companies all do the same thing. They speculate about how they could probably do a better job that some professional cleaners. There are some exceptions to the rule. There certainly are some people that may be able to do a better job than the cleaning professionals, but this is a limited amount. In most situations these cleaners from Handy Cleaning Services are going to be able to provide a level of professional cleaning that most people just cannot get with another company. This is what makes this one of the best organizations to put on speed dial. I actually schedule my services through the Internet, but there have been times when I called and scheduled service by phone. If I have limited time I will call and get service scheduled over the phone.

Eucatex’s New Product Goes To The Market

Economic growth can easily be measured based on the number of investors willing to commit their resources in the market. Going with this assumption, the Brazilian economy tops the list of the new growing economies in the world. This is considering the current market worth that the country has been accumulating. As a result, investors both individuals and corporates have been showing interest in the Brazilian economy hence the rampant investments in the country. One of the most known investor to get into the Brazilian market is Flavio Maluf. Maluf is the current CEO of Eucatex. Accompany that has specialized in wood products.

Eucatex has been trying to align its business with the current international call to conserve the environment and this has led the company to research on best practices in its area of operation. Eucatex is majorly involved in wood production, an area which poses great challenges when it comes to conserving the environment. However, Eucatex has been making progress in creating environmentally friendly production process. Recently, the company introduced a new product in the market that has become a pioneer product of its kind. As way of reducing the use of timer, which results in forest destruction, the company has a new product on Nic.br.

The new thin wood panels that Eucatex has introduced in the market is one of the greatest inventory that the company has ever come up with. This new product aims at bringing in the industry a sustainable means of production that will help in reducing the implication of cutting down trees for timber. The company has been trying to make it possible for its customer to enjoy the same satisfaction while preserving the environment at the same time. The new thin panels produced by Eucatex are a perfect example of the company’s efforts to maintain the ecosystem balance.

In terms of creating the market for the new product, it seems like Eucatex will not have to spend volumes of money in advertising. The new thin wood panels are gaining popularity all over the Latin American region which is a clear indication of the population’s support to conserve the environment. Educates is actually grappling with the challenge of supplying the new product to the large market that has been driven by the rising demand for the product. The company is looking at a situation whereby it will be forced to go regional and have branches in the surrounding countries.

Economists Say Small Business Need A Financial Disaster Plan

Small businesses have kept the American economy stable for decades. If it wasn’t for small businesses the United States would not have expanded so quickly during the last half of the 20th century, according to economists. But those same economists also say the nation has changed in the 21st century, and small businesses are on the economic endangered list.

One reason for the change is small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, according to oxfordjournals Christian Broda, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management based in New York. Broda knows a lot about small businesses. He taught economics at the University of Chicago, and a lot of his lectures were about the rise and fall of small businesses. One of the issues with small business today, according to Broda, is most companies with less than 300 employees don’t have disaster recovery insurance, and if they were faced with a financial disaster it would take them a minimum of three months to recover if they recovered at all.

The issue is small businesses don’t want to put their finances in something that seems unlikely. There hasn’t been a major national disaster in the United States for years, and that has given small business owners a sense of false confidence. There have been regional disasters like tornados and hurricanes that have leveled small towns and cities and closed the small businesses left in those towns, but that hasn’t been enough stimulus for small businesses in other cities and towns to invest in disaster insurance. Most small shop owners and small companies think the likelihood of a national disaster is less than 25 percent, and a large percentage of those companies believe climate change is not going to have a major impact on their daily routine.

The complacency that surrounds disaster preparation makes economists nervous. History tells them that less than 75 percent of small companies survive a national disaster. If a national disaster does strike, and businesses are not prepared, the United States could face major unemployment and serious economic repercussions. No one can force businesses to prepare for a disaster that might not happen. But small business owner do need some sort of plan to protect not only their assets but also their employees, according to economists that study national disasters.

Mixing Two Great Things


Joseph Bismark believes that his spirituality should be guiding him each day as he is working in the business world. He believes in mixing those two great things and allowing the one to be a part of the other. Joseph Bismark lived as a monk while he was just a child, and the experiences that he lived through then have affected who he has become. The life that he lived as a monk has changed just who he is today. He is a great example of just how the business world and the spiritual world can be mixed with good results.

When Joseph Bismark goes to work each day he takes his spiritual side with him and he allows it to affect the way that he works. This has brought about great success for him. Joseph Bismark is not afraid to have others find out that he possesses a spiritual side. He is not about to hide that part of him. He knows that he needs to stay true to his spiritual side, and he knows that that side of who he is can help him to be a success in other areas.

Those who seek the guidance that Joseph Bismark has to offer see that spirituality can help to lead to success for those who are a part of the business world. Leaders who are looking to live in the way that is best will find that Joseph Bismark is a good example of just what spirituality can do for them and for the job that they have as a business leader.