Dr. Jennifer Walden Goes Home

Names one of the best 24 cosmetic surgeons is the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a successful woman who is headed straight for the stars. Dr. Jennifer Walden is widely respected as a leader cosmetic surgery and has had extensive training with some of New York City’s most established and prominent cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Walden is paving the way for female physicians and surgeons alike, by being the first woman to hold a spot on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Walden appears to be your all around sweet American girl. She has appeared on several television programs worldwide speaking about her work, and her love for patients. Patients all over gravitate to Dr. Walden because of her unblemished reputation and her warm and welcoming demeanor.


Aside from her expertise in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. Walden is a devoted and loving mother of two. In fact, after years of success on her own in New York, it was her children that prompted the move back home to Austin, Texas. Growing up, she has quite a bit of exposure to the medical field. Her other was a surgical nurse, and her father was a successful dentist. He love for helping patients came as no surprise to her tight knit family, who supported her in every way possible from afar. Combining her love for helping others, with her love for artistic expression Walden decided that becoming a cosmetic surgeon was a great way to help others make their dreams come true, and provide quality care to patients. She opened her own successful practice in New York in 2004.


After a few years of success, Dr. Walden felt as though something was missing, she was ready to have children. Because there was no man at the time that she had the desire to marry, had opted for in-vitro fertilization, and gave birth to her twin sons in November 2010. She wanted her children to experience the same loving environment she did growing up. She wanted them to always be surrounded by love, and her family was eager to do it. Dr. Walden decided to close her practice and head home. With the help and support of her family, she has been able to open a practice right where she grew up, and now takes pride in serving patients in her home town.



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Dr Walden and Her Plastic Surgery Office

There are many people that want to get plastic surgery. They may not know all the things they need to do in order to have a good experience. Dr Walden is a great Dr who can answer all the questions anyone may have.

Where She Started

Dr Walden started in New York where she treated the famous as well as everyday people. She had been practicing there for several years when she decided to move back to Texas where she was from. Now people fly to see her and get their needs met there.


Dr Walden has advice for people that are looking at getting plastic surgery. One of the biggest things is to make sure the Dr has credentials. This way people who are getting this kind of service will know they are getting a good Dr. They also need to know if they are experienced in the kind of service they need.

Another thing anyone should look for is a relationship with the Dr. This way they will feel better being around them and they will trust the Dr who is doing the surgery. If there is no trust, then there will be anxiety within the patient and they may not want to get their surgery done with the Dr.

There are a lot of options when looking into this kind of surgery. Anyone that is looking at surgery should take the time to be sure they are getting what they want and they know the Dr they are using. Dr Walden is a great Dr that can help most people with the plastic surgery needs. This is something that every person who is getting surgery like this should think about.


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Get To Know The Best Plastic Surgeons Across The Country

Cosmetic and plastic surgery are no longer for the wealthy and elite. Practically anyone who feels uncomfortable or insecure with the way they look can have some sort of procedure done whether it’s a simple non invasive botox treatment or an extensive breast augmentation. It is now possible to finance these procedures or to even receive help financially from some insurance providers.

Harper’s Bazaar compiled a list of the top beauty surgeons across the country. These doctors have provided about 1.6 million surgical procedures with the top requests ranging from face lifts to eye lid surgery. In California they are as open about plastic surgery as those in Brazil. Swapping business cards from whoever performed your latest liposuction is extremely common. Comparable to asking what school is the best to send your children.

Aaron Rollins is at the top of Harper’s Bazaar’s list. He’s well known for adjusting the body shapes of our favorite A list celebrities. His most popular procedure is colloquially known as the 48 hour six pack. With a cosmetic procedure like that you’d no longer need that gym equipment or membership. Moving over to the east coast customers are raving about David Hidalgo.

Hidalgo performs mostly face lifts, eye lifts, breast surgeries. Clients compliment him on his “freshness” and how he can completely transform the way a client looked. Darrick Antell is next on the list and is a firm believer that plastic surgery should not be blatantly obvious. His mission is to keep your friends and family, even strangers, guessing. All of his procedures are considered exact and discreet.

Down in the south plastic surgery is still a bit of a taboo but Jennifer Walden has trained with the best in New York and has brought those finely honed skills to the lone star state. Her procedures vary and is, of course, exceptional but one surgery that sets her apart from fellow doctors in the career field is her labiaplasty.

Reconstructive and cosmetic procedures for the vagina are fairly new and not many doctors specialize in them but they are an untapped market. Women no longer need to feel “ruined” by age or child birth. Labiaplasty and other vaginal cosmetic procedures can boost the self esteem and have clients feeling like a brand new person. That is exactly what Walden is trying to accomplish and she must be doing something right because in order to see her you have to be added to a waiting list.

This article was published on Harper’s Bazaar’s website and can be read here.