Lazy Girl Diet Tips: A Video by Wengie

Too often, human beings attempt to reevaluate their lives and choices by changing every aspect about themselves. In hindsight, it sounds like a great idea, but in all reality, it contributes to a feeling of conformity and a loss of self. Wengie, an Australian beauty blogger, wholeheartedly understands the importance of working with your personality to make better choices in life, and with perhaps the simplest diet tip video of all, she tells her followers how simple it is to begin eating healthy when you are, quite frankly, a lazy person.

Emphasizing that a healthy lifestyle is about how you feel rather than how you look, the beauty industry guru offered some clips doing what she does best: being lazy. Stressing the idea that if something is readily available, you will eat it regardless of what it is, Wengie told her followers to stock their pantries and fridges with healthier, easy to eat options. Stuffing her face with a bag of potato chips quickly turned into a carrot, and the blogger spilled the beans (or chickpeas) on a great and simple healthy snack alternative to pop tarts and chips.

In approximately three seconds, Wengie showed her viewers a snack option that is effortless to make, healthy, and filling. By cutting up some carrots and serving them with a tub of hummus, Wengie felt less awful about lounging around her home making videos for her adoring fans. Stating that a lazy lifestyle is actually beneficial to dieting due to the fact that you are less inclined to make or find food for a good portion of the day, the Asian beauty urged viewers to decide what they should stock their homes with, and to do so accordingly. A quick and painless diet tip video further validates just why it is that Wengie is so popular.


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Confidence in One’s Own Beauty

If there is one thing that makes someone really beautiful beyond what society would think, it is confidence in one’s own beauty. Often times, many people try to conform to society’s standards of what is beautiful. Often times, the standards are narrow. People are often forced to try to be someone else because they believe that is what they need to be in order to be accepted. However, thanks to the advent of YouTube, people are given more of a platform to explore themselves. Many YouTubers are experiencing popularity that may soon rival that of movie stars and TV stars.

One of the famous YouTubers who care about beauty is Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie. She is someone that knows a lot about beauty. Learning about beauty at a young age, she most likely knows the pressure that society puts on people to meet some standard that is not realistic. Fortunately, Wengie knows how to get around that. While people can work to be come aesthetically pleasing to others, the most important thing to each individual is how she feels about herself. While women can try to become the typical beauty, it is the one who dares to be unique that has a better chance of standing out.

Wengie is definitely good about standing out because she is always experimenting with her look. It is not enough to be good looking. One also has to be interesting. One way to be interesting is to always have a style that is different and yet consistent. Wengie doesn’t just try to be different, she relies on her own sense of style to bring about a difference that compliments her. She knows how to look good while being unique. One thing that inspires her to continue with her attempts at presenting beauty is that she goes first and foremost by how she feels.

When one is confident in one’s own beauty, that makes life easier for the person. The individual does not have to look for others to approve of him or her. She will have her own sense of validation from how she feels about herself. This makes it easier for one to bounce back from disappointment. If one feels satisfied with himself, then life will be easier for him to live. He will also be able to reach out to people more confidently. He will also be less nervous about jumping on platforms like YouTube.