Cool Hair Hacks You Need To Know

Beauty vlogger Wengie reveals her top ten hair hacks that every lazy person ought to know about. Before she reveals her top hair hacks, Wengie treats her viewers with a funny segment of her eating a bunch of junk food, and a doppelganger telling her that her poor diet will eventually dry out her hair. She then explains that a proper diet can help restore your hair’s health. She insists on getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins in your food intake to ensure your hair’s health and growth. Wengie states that some of the most important vitamins that are super great for hair include vitamins A, C, D, B12, and biotin. For her first hair hack, Wengie shows her fans a vegetarian-friendly gummy supplement that she highly recommends as well as personally uses for maintaining healthy hair.


Wengie finds inspiration from a website for an easy pull out hairstyle that takes five minutes to do. At first, she explained that she was a bit intimidated to try that style out, but ultimately it ended up being a part of her vlog because it was so simple and looked absolutely amazing. This hair hack style consists of using small elastic bands, and pulling a split ponytail into each band to create a faux braided ponytail. During another funny segment, Wengie keeps losing her bobby pins and looks confused. This leads to her next hack, a magnetic strip to hold your bobby pins in place while you do your hair. Another cool hair hack she shows on her vlog is for a way to keep your large plastic hair clip in place. You simply glue the edges or sides of each tooth of the hair clip and let it dry, this it prevents it from slipping down or off your straight hair.


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School Supply Hacks By Wengie

Instead of buying a lot of school supplies for the year, there are several Do It Yourself ideas that Wengie offers as she enjoys making a lot of her own items. When you need to remember certain notes that you take in class, highlight the information with a highlighter that is multi-colored instead of one that is a boring color. All you need to do is make a dot on the edge of one highlighter with one of a different color. This will make everything that you highlight two colors.

Personalize all of your pencils and pens so that no one the same school supplies as you. Grab some Washi tape in the pattern that you like, and pull the tape from the top of the pencil to the bottom. Wrap the pencil so that the wood is completely covered. You can do this with pens as well. This tip works well with round pencils as they are easier to wrap. Get some old ballpoint pens to make dazzling in designs. Put two tablespoons of water in a cup along with one tablespoon of glue. Stir until you see a milky liquid. Dismantle the pen, pour the liquid glue into the pen, and the liquid will stick to the sides of the pen once it’s dry. Add glitter or food coloring depending on what you want the pen to look like when the glue is dried. Another idea for a large pen that has ink of multiple colors is to remove one of the plastic ink tubes and attach a feather to the end so that you’ll have a colorful writing utensil.