The Face Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a brand that has become known for its bold color palettes and brightly toned products. The company itself has gained quite a following from those who are tired of the boring beauty rules that come out in fashion magazines. True fans have been referred to as “unicorns” because of their refusal to conform to traditional styles. The creator of Lime Crime is their queen, and for good reason. Internet personality, Doe Deere, founded the brand with self expression and individuality as her inspiration. With her own desire to celebrate her unique personality, she sought out to create a company where fans could have access to styles they never thought possible. In a recent article from, Lime Crime and Doe Deere were discussed at length. Readers were given an inside look at the brand and the creator herself.

Growing up in Russia and moving to the United States has given Doe Deere a broad knowledge of the world. She herself has always been drawn to creative professions such as music and design, and has let it show through in her cosmetics. The idea for Lime Crime came about during the time in her life where she was experimenting with new and fun styles. She could not seem to find the right tones and colors to obtain the looks she was going for. When Lime Crime was first established in 2008, Deere made it her goal to give customers access to everything that the beauty industry was lacking. Because the name itself was inspired by her favorite color, Lime Crime needed to offer all the bright hues that the people craved.

Deere makes sure her days are full of tasks that help improve her brand. With several meetings a day in addition to trips to the lab whenever she has time, Deere has found a way to keep Lime Crime on top of its game. In addition to providing customers with glittery eyeshadows and velvety smooth lipsticks, Deere makes sure to keep new ideas coming. She has always been aware that new ideas will lead to a stronger brand and because of this, she has given Lime Crime the push it needs to become a household name. With a creator as dedicated as Doe Deere, it is no wonder why Lime Crime is one of the most talked about brands in the entire cosmetics industry.

For all those who are looking to brighten their day, or for those who are simply tired of the same old neutral shades, Lime Crime is the answer. Doe Deere has made sure that self expression is a top priority and that will never change. With all the fun choices the brand has to offer, people can always find exactly what they need to stand out. No matter if it is Unicorn Lipstick, or Superfoil Eyeshadow, Doe Deere has made it her mission to create cosmetics that fit every hidden desire. Check out Lime Crime today to see if the company has the look you have been waiting for.

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Doe Deere, Internet Cosmetic Pioneer Inspires Millions Through Instagram


Lime Crime, Doe Deere,who serves as CEO and Founder is a leader of the e commerce cosmetics company industry, including the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, revealing color which is not presented to an audience by being smashed or swiped on a blank piece of paper,but however, on the actual lips.

Eight years later, the web savvy boss proceeds to use that same creativeness and impulse to developing an distinctive and interesting social media experience for an viewers that span the earth.

The Cruelty Free cosmetics trade expects that their supporters will likely be stimulated through sharing these particular type of looks on the world’s most widely adopted social media networks all over the universe as it ranges from beautiful makeup and nails to fearless hair .

In that nature, a lot of Lime Crime’s Instagram posts are mostly submitted with the hash tag ‘#limecrime. They also post a variety of trends from easy ombre lips to wonderful toenail artwork that can be achieved with a little effort and creativity. This popular hashtag is also posted on Twitter. Revealing these pics not only emphasizes their devotees’ creativity, but in addition demonstrates what’s possible with a little bit of creativeness.

“We’re continually amazed with the aid of the looks our unicorns produce with our goods, and we like showcasing them,” Deere included.

Instagram follower pics are also hosted on Lime Crime’s website online, so that other lovers can view what each product resembles in real life. By way of instance, when consumers browse Velvetines, Lime Offense’s floor-breaking fluid-to-flat lipstick factor, on, they may be able to also see plenty of snap shots of real consumers sporting every shade.

Instagram is one of the many ways Lime Crime proceeds to innovate in the subject of web commerce with the aim of making the finest interactive searching experience for cosmetics fans around the world,” Deere defined. “Tons of businesses use their Instagram accounts to promote their products across the globe, but our main goal is to produce and connect to our fans by satisfying and collaborating with the community.”

“It is very crucial to us that our consumers have the highest quality presentation of what the product can offer them, and Instagram enables us to achieve this,” Deere contributed. “Through sharing our fan posted images on our e-commerce web site, patrons can see our merchandise matched with a form of unique lip and hair coloring products.”

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Doe Deere Fights Against The Color Haters

Color haters are those who believe the cosmetics industry should remain as sublime and demure as possible. The smoky eye has become a staple of the modeling world, and designers everywhere prefer the smoky eye for their haute couture. The reality of the cosmetics industry is changing with help from Doe Deere and her Lime Crime team. Lime Crime creates the brightest colors in the industry, and the company is at the forefront of the responsibility movement in cosmetics. This article explains how Doe Deere has helped push makeup forward into the 21st Century.

#1: Doe Has Many Color Haters

Color haters have come out of the woodwork ever since Doe capitalized her business. She began with a modest eBay store that became very popular, and people who do not believe in her vision have peppered her with accusations from false advertising to false production. Doe is capable of making all her cosmetics with her own two hands, and her company keeps production secret to prevent corporate espionage. The color haters will always be there, and Doe does not seem to care what they think.

#2: Doe Believes In Mentoring

Doe Deere believes in mentoring women who want to make changes in their lives. Doe was a lady who loved bright makeup, but she is a lauded technology CEO today. Her transformation from ordinary woman into a noted CEO in the cosmetics world is due in large part to mentoring. Doe had mentors who put a good bit of time and effort into her, and she wants to help girls who want to open their own businesses. Doe believes in female empowerment even more than she believes in bright cosmetics.

#3: How Bright Is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is a very bright cosmetics like that focuses on colors other companies do not offer. Lime Crime is a progressive company that prefers to create colors ladies can match. A woman who is wearing a bright eye shadow can find a bright lipstick to match, and a woman who wants to use nothing but bright colors will find her new home at Lime Crime.

#4: Lime Crime Is Responsible

The Lime Crime corporate philosophy is all about being responsible. Doe’s business produces many vegan products, and more vegan products are to come in the future. Women who have chosen the vegan lifestyle can easily wear products that were made without causing harm to animals, and these women can wear bright colors that are totally unique to Lime Crime. This combination of responsibility and color is what makes Lime Crime so special.

Doe Deere has created a cosmetics empire that has changed the lives of women around the world. Selling bright colors has helped Doe make a name for herself, but she uses that name to serve others. Vegans who are in need of vegan products can shop confidently with Lime Crime, and women who are in need of mentoring may go to Doe knowing that she places great value on the role of a mentor.

3 Tips On Makeup You Need To Follow

Makeup is not always easy to do right if you don’t have all the right experience. If you are new to the world of makeup, the key is to know how to put it on and properly make yourself feel good about yourself. There are several different ways ton can actually wear makeup to make yourself look better and improve your confidence. Use these three tricks to help you look your best.

3 Tips On Makeup You Need To Follow

– Contouring

Invest in a good set of brushes and a nice nude palette that naturally fits your skin colors to help you look your best every single day and naturally start contouring without much trouble. Contouring is the art of fixing up your face to accentuate different parts of your face to help you look your best. Contouring is amazing to do because it can help to shape your face and skin. With the right contour, you can turn your nose into any shape you want without going in the knife.

– Lips

Your lips are one of the main parts of the face. They need to be beautiful, ready, and looking good. What’s so important for you to do when getting your lips ready is to actually start using little tricks to help them look better. For example, grab a nice little tissue and bite your lips into them after using your lipstick to help you look your best and make the colors pop.

– Lime Crime

Lastly, the one thing you need to start using is Lime Crime. The brand is one of the best in the business because of how their products are designed. It has some of the most amazing designs to help you look your best. Lime Crime is also very easy to use and can provide you with the most perfect makeup to help you get the best colors.

What most people love about Lime Crime is that it was invented by Doe Deere. She uses only the most beautiful designs and colors in her makeup, and she implements the best makeup for all skin types.

Show Off Your Wild Side With Lime Crime And Doe Deere

Fashion is a great way to help show off one’s inner self. People can use makeup in order to help them convey all sorts of things about them. A person may wish to wear a costly shirt from a well known manufacturer in order to indicate they are wealthy. Someone else may look for pieces that are less expensive but have new fabrics and unusual colors incorporated into the fabric to help demonstrate their sense of creativity to others. The ability of fashion to help someone create an entirely new and interesting persona is endless as people continually explore how fashion can be moved forward.

Very much the same is true of makeup choices. People can pick out makeup that can help them show off the kind of inner thoughts they have as well as the kind of preferences they have in life. Many people look for makeup that help them show off their inner sense of fun and understanding of fashion trends. The right use of makeup can provide the user with the ability to transform themselves into someone that is almost entirely different than how they happen to look at the moment. In this way, the use of makeup can be wild, creative and really fun.

Those who love to play around with different and unusual colors will find that they can get help creating the kind of look they have in mind with the help of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded with a small sum of capital by insightful and creative intelligent Doe Deere. Ms. Deere has spent many years working in the field of makeup in order to help her customers get the kind of look they want at low cost. Her makeup company is widely noted as one of the most innovative companies in the contemporary field of makeup. Under her leadership, the company has been able to offer customers access to makeup colors that are interesting and not common. Users have been able to work closely with Ms. Deere to help them find a look that is striking and fun at the same time.

Customers can easily logon to Ms. Deere’s website and find all kinds of makeup choices that are ideal for the creation of a look that is immediately eye catching and truly innovative. People who buy her products find that the high quality products offered here are also products that will show off their sense of the uncommon and their own willingness to experiment with new fashion choices and interesting color choices of all kinds.

Uses of Cosmetics in Enhancing Beauty

The cosmetics market has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last few decades thanks to the spread of western civilization. Women all over the world have come to appreciate the uses of cosmetics from the younger generations all the way up to the older women. Lime Crime, a cosmetics company has moved in to cease the opportunity by producing a myriad of makeup products. Going by the growth of the company’s distribution networks on, it is evident that the market is doing very well and business is on the high. Lime Crime has been in the industry for years now and the company understands the current trends in fashion better than anyone else. As a result, the company has been one of the leading players in the cosmetic industry for years.

Makeups are good for women and their demand will most probably never be on a decreasing trend. The good thing about makeups is that they can be experimental and there is room for errors. Women love makeups because it is an opportunity they get to play around with their looks and determine which one works for them. Makeups are temporary and most of them will wipe off within 12 hours. This temporal feature is what makes women love wearing make ups. It allows them to be in control and change their looks whenever they feel like it. Let’s not forget that women are fashion fanatics and they are more sensitive to style than men.

Makeups give women the power to match their looks, especially their facials, with their theme dressing color. Matching colors for women is very important and their sense of match is far much beyond what men can do. As such, women use cosmetics to enhance their overall looks by matching colors from their clothing to the makeup they have worn. For a woman to feel confident, she must feel good about herself and makeup is part of a woman’s feel good strategy. It helps them achieve a look that they desire hence making them feel good about themselves.

Lastly, as women desire to look good, it is also true that they hate looking bad or having to feel bad about something that is unchangeable about them. Here is where makeups again comes in handy. There are different variant cosmetic products designed to conceal certain physical spots such as black spots and other undesirable features. Such products are very useful and effective in enhancing a woman’s features. Makeups are very good for women when the right use is applied and when instructions are followed. In fact, other variants of makeups enhance the quality of the skin making it look tighter and younger. After all, it is an all-women’s dream to look and feel younger.

Top 6 Most Pigmented Eye Shadows

Are you always looking for make-up as bright. vivid and different as your personal unique outgoing personality? It can be hard to find extremely pigmented eye shadow colors on the market without trying them all and seeing how pigmented they actually are once you apply them to your skin. Some of the brightest eye shadows on a eye shadow pallet can be the dullest and nearly translucent once you apply them to your skin. Don’t worry though, Doe Deere came up with a list of the most pigmented eye shadows ever based off of thousands of online reviews. Here are some of the make-up brands with the most pigmented eye shadows available that have people raving about them world-wide.


MAC Pigments tend to last a long time. With MAC eye shadows, a little bit goes a long way. Like with most highly pigmented eye shadows, you should use a primer before applying the the most impressive results. These highly pigmented colors are very beautiful bright colors. These pressed glitter pigments go on creamy and usually consist of light shades that are highly pigmented. MAC is a little more pricey than some of the other brands of highly pigmented eye shadows but definitely one of the best selling. These bright eye shadows are just as glittery as they are colorful.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s Electric Pallet features 10 shades that are pigmented to the max. Less glittery than MAC eye shadows with more wildly intense bold colors that are extremely bright and vivid making the name ‘Electric’ suite this nicely pigmented pallet perfectly.

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill is a cruelty free company that gets more attention for their loose eye shadows that tend to not only be bright but very glittery as well. Sugarpill doesn’t only produce impressive eye shadows in neon colors though. They also offer other colors such as gold, silver and dark blue that are exceptionally bold and vivid as well with gorgeous shimmer.

Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is also hot in today’s market. Doe Deere’s sassy stylish personality has inspired some of the most highly pigmented eye shadows available right now. Lime Crime doesn’t only offer extremely bright and vivid eye shadow pigments though. Lime Crime also offers highly pigmented lip stains in about any bright color you can think of. If you’re looking for a unique, wild, dramatic look then Lime Crime is definitely the way to go.

Make Up Forever

Make Up Forever has light shades, neon shades and even darker shades in highly pigmented colors. All Make Up Forever eye shadows, from dark green to neon orange make your eyes pop with their beautiful vivid shades. Make Up Forever is most popular for their metallic shades of eye shadow.


NARS has a collection of very rich shades. NARS doesn’t have as very big of a collection of bright neon colors as some of these other brands but the vivid and bold shades they do have are impressively pigmented, especially for their shades. NARS is notorious for their shimmering bright gold, brown, grey and silver shades.

Doe Deere and Individual Style Statements

The owner of Lime Crime, Xenia Vorotova is best known as “Doe Deere”. Her brand is known for its out of the box ideas, wonderful shades of makeup, and most importantly, a cult customer base and fan following on the internet. Doe Deere’s personal style in fashion closely matches Lime Crime’s products and she is always introducing new looks. She is also a strong believer in being unique with fashion and playing with it to come up with style statements that are close to heart and speak volumes about the person. Doe Deere is perhaps the first to start the “individual style statement” trend which is all about loving your personal style.

Current Club Clothing is Doe Deere Inspired – Currently, a trend of club clothing includes neon eyeshadows, eclectic eye liner styles, unique eyebrow shapes, and unique clothes. Doe Deere was the first to start this trend. She has done various makeup looks in the past. Of course, she didn’t know that the future would be so rosy for her personal styles.

Color Blocking in Makeup Was Started by Doe Deere – The trend of color blocking used to be retro but Doe Deere has put a contemporary twist on it by following it in the last few years. Color blocking has mostly been seen in clothes, shoes and accessories but rarely in makeup. If color blocking was seen anywhere in this area, it was in nail art. Only experimental people like Doe Deere have tried it on their face and now, the world has finally caught on with the trend. Lemon yellow eyeliners with green borders, pink and orange lipstick/lip liner combinations, et al are now quite the norm. Lime Crime even came out with wonderful makeup palettes for the same.

Pastel Hair Colors Were Made Popular by Doe Deere – The world would forever remember Doe Deere in her pastel purple hair, the color bright and further accentuated by her light skin and complementary makeup. This was a couple of years ago and Doe Deere made the trend of mixing your own color palette for hair coloring quite popular. Now, most vloggers on YouTube create different and beautiful colors by mixing their own hair palettes and achieving the exact shade of color they need, without relying on companies to provide them.

Mismatched Accessories – Some time back, it had become quite hip and trendy to wear different socks on each feet, similar but different styles of shoes, mismatched earrings, and so on. This trend was born in the mind of Doe Deere who simply liked the effortless chic of the style.

Owning an original Lime Crime product is still considered to be a style statement and many people do their best to collect the entire makeup collection. The brand forbids animal cruelty.

Any Man Can Get Lucky With Online Dating In Russia

The world of dating is very different than he used to be, but it’s much better also. Dating can be done online these days, and most people prefer to date online. Online dating is popular because it can help two people from completely different places to have an online venue to talk to each other. Not only does online dating brings two worlds closer together, it can help two people to get to know each other a lot better. One of the best places for online dating, especially for those who are looking for Russian women, is the AnastasiaDate website.

AnastasiaDate started over almost 20 years ago with the vision of helping to connect foreign women to American men. Although the mission is still the same, things have changed over the years. AnastasiaDate ( is now a very popular website, and it’s the number one website for international dating. Men who are looking for women in Russia, they flock to the AnastasiaDate website and rightfully so. The website has millions of users, and there are thousands of women available on the website at any given time. AnastasiaDate categorizes the different women on the website, so any man looking for a woman can find the right one.

Since it’s understandable that men have preferences, the Anastasia Date website has different categories to help a men find the right women. Once the man creates a profile on AnastasiaDate website, he’s free to roam around the website to see what he can find. Searching the website is the best way to get to know more about it, and searching the site helps one to learn about the different women that the website has to offer.

If the man finds a woman that he’s truly interested in, he can pick one of the many ways that AnastasiaDate allows its patrons to contact each other. If the man prefers to contact the lady through a letter, he can do so. If he prefers to chat through the website, then he can do this also. Video chat is also available on AnastasiaDate as well as the AnastasiaDate phone. The AnastasiaDate phone may be the most reliable way to contact a lady, but it’s completely up to the man which form of communication he chooses to use.

AnastasiaDate uses points, which are charged based on a sliding scale. The points can be used to purchase talk time or communication methods on the website. Depending on the form of communication a user wants, it may cost more or less points. The points are very reasonably priced, and they can easily help any man to communicate with the woman that he has chosen. The man is not limited to one woman, especially if he sees several women on the website that he’s interested in talking to. AnastasiaDate offers many dating options, so join the website now.

Anastasia Date: Write an Article About This Company

One of the best Russian online dating sites around happens to be Anastasia Date. This is one of the best ways to actually meet single women in Eastern Europe. This dating site has some of the most beautiful Russian and other European women around. People who join this site have actually said nothing but great things about it. There are many features this site has to actually offer. Anastasia Date is definitely authentic as there is nothing fake about this site. Men that are not from the Eastern Europe area are still welcome to join this site as well. North American men are strongly encouraged to register as a user on this site. All in all, Anastasia Date is considered an international dating site, as there are very few sites like this one around.

Anastasia Date has been around since 1993, and has been rapidly expanding and growing ever since. The site also ranks number 29 as one of the world’s most popular dating sites ever. Anastasia Date also offers a mobile app for users to take advantage of. The mobile app is a lot more convenient, and makes dating online a little bit easier.

In order to use the anastasia date site, users must purchase credits. There are different ranges for credits that a registered user can actually purchase. For example, a user has the option to purchase 20 credits for $15.99, and so forth. Prices can even go up as high as $399.99 for 1,000 credits. Even though it may be a bit on the expensive site, compared to other dating sites out there, it is definitely worth it. Men who use anastasia Date will definitely be able to count on finding the woman of their dreams.