Make Friends Or Date Using Skout

When people want or need to connect with other people in their area or around the world, there is only one real place to go. In order to find interesting people who may be open to dating casually, people are turning to Skout. Skout is the top performing and newest social media app and website. It was founded as a way for travelers to find people to show them around cities, and it has since found a home in the niche of social media and dating websites.

Setting up a profile on Skout is easy to do, and it doesn’t take much time at all. However, it is important to deeply consider the things you add to your profile because it is one of the top things people look at before talking to you on the app. The profile is a great way for individuals to express themselves without seeming needy. People have hobbies and interests that make them unique and worth talking to because these things give more detail to a person’s life. Skout app on techcrunch makes it easy to show these attributes to the world. It doesn’t take much time to set up a profile, but it is worth spending a little time thinking about what to write on the profile. It can always be changed later, so start one now and keep working on it.

People often search based upon pictures. This gives an extra incentive to look your best in the photo that you are choosing to represent you on your Skout profile. This picture should show the beautiful or interesting aspects that you find in yourself. It can be a moment of self realization to ask oneself, “What makes me attractive to other people?” Even if you are not using Skout for dating (because not everyone uses it this way), it is worth picking the best picture that represents you. This helps people identify you when you meet in person.

It is never required to meet other people from Skout, but it is a great tool for people who want to meet in real life. It is a wise rule to always build a relationship with a person and work on that before stepping into offline engagements. Some people on Skout never meet in person. Many do meet in person. Of these people who meet, some people will only have interests in making friends. This is true in life most of the time. People don’t always want a serious relationship. It may not be because of you either. They might not be ready for more than a friendship. Skout is great tool for people who want all kinds of relationships, including friendship. It is a versatile tool.

AI Based Search Engine Flipora Gains Huge Investors

The internet is a pretty wild place and for a long time this has allowed a vacuum of companies to rise up to the top and become big players in web content search traffic. Look at engines like Google and Yahoo or social media establishments like Facebook and Twitter to see who the current ‘internet guards’ are. Now if you want to start an internet based company you have to bring something new or unique to the table to get noticed.  Their quest to connect users to new content via an innovative system has led to surging popularity and a possible change in the internet generation.

Back in 2010 Flipora, then known as InfoAxe, was merely a good idea looking for funding. The company ended up finding that cash in the form of a $3 million investment allotment. Since then Flipora has been growing and refining their artificial intelligence system while bringing in more customers and growing their name. Rebranding as Flipora has allowed the company a fresh start with new possible users and the change has worked. Right now Flipora has backers from some pretty hefty institutions. The creators of Google Adsense, Powerset,, Funzio, and Aster Data have all put money down to back what Flipora is trying to do. What exactly is Flipora attempting here, and how is it different than the old school engines?

Well, right now in order to find content on the internet you need to rely on a string of keywords and the hope that your search engine has indexed what you are looking for. This method works fine but it is similar to using a map to find something where, in reality, you won’t always have a map. So Flipora has outsourced the job of mining new content to the users and then connects these users via their AI Discovery Engine. For example, if you really enjoy sports then all of your sport based searches would be indexed in the Flipora database. Other passionate sports fans would then get content suggestions based off of the collective ‘sports index’.

Flipora is growing by leaps and bounds at the moment and they are coming up, in terms of traffic, on the juggernaut that is StumbleUpon. In a few years it would not be surprising to see the Discovery Engine become common place on the internet.

Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives

I’m addicted to social media. I’m one of those people that has my phone glued to me at every moment of every day. I love checking Facebook, Twitter, and all of these other great sites. It was a way for me to keep up with my family and friends without interfering with my hectic schedule.

My sister lives about an hour away from me, and although we are not that far apart, it still can be hard getting together at times. However, I still get to see the children, attend their sporting events, and be involved in their lives all without ever getting in the car and driving. I get to do it through the power of social media. I love all of the pictures and the many things that connect us at the touch of a button. I often use social media and my cell phone to put me to sleep at night. It’s the last thing I check before I go to sleep, and it’s the first thing I check the next morning.

Social media is a great way for me to keep up with my old boyfriend, some friends I went to college with and even that friend I had in elementary school. One of my most favorite apps in the new Flipora. I just discovered this surfing app, and I am already addicted. The fact that you can search the web and it stores all of your places that you have been for instant recall is amazing. You customize the app based on your settings and what you like, and the app does the rest for you. If I want to look up gourmet hamburgers, it’s going to give you all the sites that have all of the hamburger recipes you could ever want. No matter what your taste is, this app can help you. It is a social surfing site that is geared towards artificial intelligence and leading you exactly where you want to be.

Some call it personalized content recommendation services that just works the web in your favor. You can also follow topics of other like-minded folks and find a whole world that you never knew even existed. You can upload content with recommendations and share it with the other users. The site currently the site has over 8 million users in the United States and 25 million users worldwide. Right now it can only be used by Apple’s iPhone, but hopefully soon it will be available for Android users as well. Some say this app knows who you are and what you want and does everything it can to deliver. It’s pretty scary that social media knows so much about us, but I totally love it. Flipora is a must have for the avid content surfer.