George Soros Rising Above Another Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Boiling over Wikileaks

George Soros is no stranger to controversy, though he has done nothing to encourage the controversy that surrounds him from time to time. The problem some people have with Soros is that he is a principled man with strong democratic ideas that conservatives fear. Surely, some of those who have spoken out against this man will not admit to the possibility that they do not like him because he is a democrat with money.

The attacks that George Soros has suffered stems from different venues like Glenn Beck, a questionably respected host on Fox, who just went on Fox to talk about Soros’ history. Those who understand a little about anti-semitic sentiments should be able to extract key points that Beck used against Soros that were ultimately used to smear him as a dangerous democrat in the eyes of conservatives. Beck attempted to make the argument that Soros is a puppet master who uses his money to control the government and overthrow others. These words are not unlike other conspiracies that have been associated with Jewish people for ages.

The truth is that this wealthy democrat had to deal with a George Soros conspiracy throughout his life, which he usually just ignores. The newest George Soros conspiracy has erupted from George Soros emails that were recently exposed through wikileaks. Now, people who read some of those allegedly evil George Soros emails may notice that they simply highlight some of the humanitarian efforts that this wealthy entrepreneur has attempted to provide to certain places, like Israel.

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The RawStory reported on these leaks that exposed emails saying that the aging entrepreneur funded programs that were established to reveal violations against humanity taking place in either Israel or Palestine. Most people would probably not deem these George Soros Wikileaks as dangerous or that he is conspiring against Israel. In fact, these emails just seem to exemplify that this man is attempting to protect any oppressed person in the region. Of course, convincing Neo-Nazis of Soros’ attempts to help people is likely an exercise in futility.

Still, the sad truth is that these George Soros Wikileaks are being used, through the eyes of anti-semitic people, to make this democrat seem like a corrupt individual. It should be noted that the people who are using these emails to tarnish this proud American’s reputation are neo-Nazi leaders or other questionable conservatives. It is likely that Soros will not respond to this new conspiracy sprouting around his name nor should he.

It is sad that a man who survived Hitler’s reign during his teenager years grew up to still face the hate for his Jewish background. George Soros has even had to deal with Beck calling his survival of Nazi Germany proof that he was in cahoots with Nazis at the time. Who knows if there is going to be a time when these types of comments and sentiments finally rot away, but thankfully there are people like George Soros who know how to rise above them.

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