How Paul Mampilly Helps The Everyday People Achieve Their Dreams

Paul Mampilly has used his education within the sector of finance, particularly his MBA degree that he received from Fordham University in NY City. In the year 1991, he worked as Bankers Trust assistant portfolio manager. As he continued gaining experience and knowledge with investing, Mampilly earned important posts at law firms, including ING and Deutsche Bank. Billion-dollar corporations hired him after they saw what an asset he can be to a company.

He handled Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund making the company assets grow to $25 billion. The American weekly newspaper, Barron’s named that as one of the best returns worldwide. Eventually, the Wall Street fast pace began wearing him. Mampilly was tired of making lots of money for the extremely wealthy and wanted to be home with his family and spend time with them.

Today, he’s still involved in the finance world working as an analyst of research and investment. He likes helping normal people make money. He’s trying to make them learn how they can gain the most from the money they have and live better. Many of his newsletters are providing investment tips and sound advice that help the common individuals get ahead. Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC often feature him.


Mampilly said that although he left Wall Street, he’s still getting involved with investing. He’s always following the markets as well as tracks several companies. Through his trading service, he’s capable of successfully investing his money plus other’s money. He keeps things simple, sticking to basic patterns of buying and selling. His extensive Wall Street background made him profitable right away.

For more than 25 years, Mampilly has devoted his life to investing money and related jobs. He’s grateful that he could put his skills and experience to good use plus helped others who needed his services the most. After leaving Wall Street, he began writing newsletters. His advice plus a spin on investing grasped the attention of many people. Currently, the newsletter has more than 60,000 subscribers. That makes Mampilly proud, knowing that he helps a lot of people through his experience.

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Evolution of Smooth: 101

Life is all about change, especially in the business world. Adapting and evolving is the name of the game. If there is no change, stagnation sets in and you will become irrelevant. This notion applies to all people, places and things. The oral care industry is the perfect example of such change. When it comes to lip balms, there are hundreds of products to choose from that comes in a wide variety of flavors. Unfortunately, many of these products are all the same and the only differences are the names. Have you ever heard of the brand Evolution of Smooth? If you haven’t heard then just know that this brand is setting the precedent when it comes to lip balms and this is why.

As mentioned in, Evolution of Smooth uses some of the finest of ingredients in its products. These ingredients just so happen to be organic and vegan-free. Coconut oil, avocado, jojoba oil and shea butter are great for moisturizing. These ingredients are also great at healing sore lips and cold sores. Evolution of Smooth’s products are hypoallergenic as well as wax-free. This can’t be said about the other brands who tend to use a boat load of chemical additives. In its short lifespan of eight years, Evolution of Smooth has grown into a major player thanks to its revolutionary lip balm products.

Crystal is the name of the new lip balm from EOS, hop over to to see this new product. It has a totally different appearance, which seems to help it stand out from the competition. Crystal Lip balms are translucent by the way they look, and they smell absolutely great. The brand’s social media accounts are blazing with activity from the product’s release. There is no heavy buildup, and there is no other lip balm that has created such buzz in a short period of time. Crystal Lip Balms will definitely make its mark in this cluttered field of work.

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Energy Saving Tips by Goettl

Goettl recently shared a list that helps American homeowners save energy bill cost, especially during the warmer summer months. To begin with, it is good to replace your air filter at least once a month. Making sure that the air filter is clean in between changes reduces your air conditioner’s energy usage by up to 15%. Secondly, build-up on the area surrounding your AC drastically impacts the unit. Keep all vegetation at least 2 feet away from the AC unit to facilitate proper air flow.

Homeowners need to understand that a professional will be able to clear the clogged drain, which wastes energy, quickly. The technician will also clean out the fan blades and rid the evaporator coil of any dust or build-up. To save on energy, homeowners should install a programmable thermostat that allows you to enter pre-set temperatures, seal all possible cracks around windows and doors that may allow cool air to escape, and replace old units which consume a lot of energy.

How it all began

The story of Goettl began with three brothers, Adam, John, and Bill in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio. The brothers moved to Phoenix, Arizona a few years later and founded Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939 which went on to become a widely known innovator in evaporative coolers and other innovations in cooling and heating technology.

The company was based in Phoenix for most of its history until 2003 when it was bought by Memphis-based plumbing and air conditioning contractor and moved to Tempe. The firm based in Tempe was sold to ARS/Rescue Rooter, which operates a company-operated network of locally managed service locations in 25 different states in Columbia.

Goettl highly values each of its customers and matches customers’ homes to the right air conditioner in terms of size and cost, to recommending the perfect humidifier and air cleaner combinations. Read more about Goettl on

EOS Lip Balm Is The Top Of The Line

When you have dry and chapped lips, you will want to get some of the EOS lip balm. It is so good for your lips because the company made it to nourish and moisturize them. Since they are aware that packaging their lip balm makes a difference, theirs is very unique looking. It is a cute, lip balm that you can carry with you everywhere.


EOS Lip Balm Offers Different Flavors

For their customers, the company has created several different flavors that they hope the people will love. Try all of them to see which one is your favorite, see other flavored lip balms here on Then, you will want to stock up on them in order to have them on hand whenever you need them. Buy even more so that in your possession so that you can give them away as gifts throughout the year. Your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors will just love receiving something like that for a gift.


The Company Cares About Its Customers

Since the company always cares about its customers, they want them to be happy with their product. That is why you should search online for coupons that might be offered for the lip balm. You will also want to take advantage of the sales and discounts that are offered from time to time.

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Carry the EOS lip balm with you all the time. It will fit in your purse or pocket. Use it whenever you need to because it is harmless. It is for making your lips as soft and supple as they can be. Blog Reference:


Securus Technologies: The Best Prison Technology Company

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986. It has its headquartered in Dallas, TX. Apart from that, they have regional offices located in TX, Carrollton Atlanta, and Allen. With 30 years of experience, Securus Technologies has been serving an of corrections industry. Securus Technologies has been serving approximately 3,400 facilities and more than 1.2 million inmates in more than 48 states.

If you want full-time services, Securus Technologies operates using an in-sourced customer call center with a technical support team that works 24 hours and seven days in the whole year. Also, they are number one innovators in the world, with more than 140 patents given and about 90 pending for review.

It has the largest team in the industry with about 1,300 Associates companies nationwide. Securus Technologies has about 150 Field Services team members situate near the facilities they serve. It is one of the businesses that have more than $19 million every year in reinvestment into the company.

Securus developed a reliable employment plan to make sure that suitable candidates are employed to work. Securus is involved in the IMAGE programs that partnered with this famous Customs Enforcement division and Immigration of the US Department. This effort made by the two parties ensures that only people who are authorized to work in the United States are hired.

Securus Technologies gives leading criminal and civil justice technology help that enhances public safety and enable the experience of incarceration in the society. Many law enforcement, corrections agencies and public safety rely on Securus for a simple, robust, and secure technology help that is always available and easy to use.

According to customers, Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, corrections, public safety, and monitoring. Some customer comments show that Securus Technologies is good in using technology to solve and prevent crimes in our country.


From Sushi Restaurants to the Real Estate Market – Success of Omar Yunes

As franchisers look for successful entrepreneurs to help them grow their brands, many people with capital will consider being a franchisee for one of their favorite companies. This enables them to own their business with a proven concept of success, and to grow it in the best way possible while enjoying the previous fame that the brand holds.

One of those franchisees that decided to test this world out, many years ago, was Omar Yunes. Currently, Mr. Yunes holds many awards, including one for the Best Franchisee in the World as of 2015. He has purchased the rights to operate as many as 13 units of a Japanese food restaurant “Sushi Itto”. Having started at only age 21, he had enough time to master his craftsmanship and win this prestigious award that acknowledges his skill set.

Yunes is on top of over 400 employees, and he dedicates the award to them because they are the main contributors. The number of restaurants that he holds accounts for 10% of the total number of restaurants that Sushi Itto has in the world. His managing and ownership enabled him to help with the information management and implementation of control boards between the franchisees and the franchiser, which is why he was the winner of this competition.

Recently, Yunes has decided to try out the real estate market and versatile his portfolio. Having proven that being a franchisee is something he has mastered, his next endeavor will relocate him from Mexico to California, United States. As this state has been experiencing a strong rise in prices of real properties, Yunes comes in at the right time to start investing.

By implementing great leadership skills to his business, Yunes has made it possible for hundreds of people to thrive by working for him. He continues to work as one of the best franchisees in the world, and soon he will attempt to dominate the real estate industry. Since his entrepreneurial knowledge has already made him stand out in the restaurant business, it would be unfair to assume nothing but great success for him in the Golden State.

EOS Lip Balm Has a New Look

There are so many different looks a lip balm can have. You may not know why a certain style of container makes a difference, but it can. What makes EOS lip Balm’s new container so good?



The new look and style is a different size from the original one that was a simple round container. It now is a little longer, which means it will have more lip balm in it. The lip balm itself is also a different size now to match the way the container is made.

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Clear Top

The new look has a clear cap that you can see through now. This makes it easier to see how much is left and if there is enough for certain things. If you are going to be leaving town and you need your lip balm, you may need to get a second one. The clear top also makes it easier to see what flavor you have. This can help you not to get more than one flavor that is the same, see product here.

There are a lot of different kinds of lip balm, but the new look EOS is doing can make it that much more fun. You only need to know what style you like and what flavors you want, browse new product here on This way you can get the one you want.

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Cameron Clokie is Using His Medical Expertise to Help Toronto, Canada

Being an entrepreneur or being a scientist or being a surgeon are all extremely impressive in their own rights but doing all three at once makes you exhausted just thinking about it. Cameron Clokie of Toronto, Canada has done not only that but so much more.

According to Crunchbase, Cameron Clokie received his Ph.D in the late 1980’s from McGill University and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc. Induce Biologics specializes in the field of regenerative medicine.

Until the development of recent medical advances, when someone would have a surgery in which a portion of their bone would have to be either removed or filed down, the patient could do nothing to return that portion of their body to its original look. Read more; Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Now, thanks to companies such as Induce Biologics, regenerative medicine has become more commonplace and people are able to have operations by people like Cameron Clokie to restore features of their body to their original look.

Throughout his career, Cameron Clokie has garnered twenty five patents that are either currently valid or pending in the field of bone regeneration.

When he isn’t spearheading one of the most fascinating fields of study in all of medicine, Clokie is often found providing reduced cost or even free services to those in need all around Toronto, Canada and other surrounding provinces.

He also frequently donates both his time and money to many charities in the Toronto area. His discoveries in the medical field have also led to an entrepreneurial mindset in Clokie. His work and discoveries is being marketed and shared with many other biotechnology businesses across the globe.

It is his hope that with more people studying his work, they can collectively advance the field more quickly and more efficiently than was previously possible. With people like Cameron Clokie at the forefront of it all, the medical niche of regenerative medicine looks very promising.


USHEALTH Group Stamps its Authority in the U.S. Insurance Landscape

USHEALTH Group is a provider of innovative and comprehensive insurance plans. The firm has succeeded in cultivating amazing relationships with its clients in the U.S. by availing insurance covers that are not only exceptional but also budget friendly.

The Texas-headquartered insurance powerhouse has penetrated the United States market through its leading branches like the eminent National Foundation Life Insurance and the highly regarded Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The firm develops insurance solutions that seek to solve the problems that families, small-scale traders, self-employed people, and employees.

USHEALTH Group is a provider of unique products

USHEALTH Group ensures its over 15 million clients can access personalized plans by leveraging the extensive coverage of its insurance firms. This insurance heavyweight entered the insurance market over five decades ago.

Since then, it has focused on creating and delivering individually tailored plans to its ever-increasing customers.

When formulating the Accident and Disease/Sickness plan, USHEALTH Group strives to cater for the diverse needs of each client. The company is a firm believer of choice and provision of quality products.

Therefore, it always avails different types of insurance plans to make sure customers can pick the protection that suits their needs. Its leading-edge product designs enable the firm to meet every client’s need for affordability, trustworthiness, and flexibility in their insurance choices.

According to Crunchbase, USHEALTH Group does not leave those clients that are on tight budget and those that feel they will have to pay a huge amount of money prior to enjoying the benefits that their insurance coverage has to offer. Learn more about USHEALTH Group: and

It avails a broad portfolio of remarkable products that come with amazing network discounts across many providers and first dollar benefits.

These insurance covers are a bit budget friendly than comprehensive plans. Unlike limited protection plan, they offer guarantees as well as first dollar protection.

Mission and vision

USHEALTH Group manages a large team of insurance experts who work around the clock to lead the firm towards attaining its mission and vision. The company strives to ensure clients are safe from financial difficulties caused by unexpected injury or sickness.

Thus, the company offers tranquility to its customers by providing financial protection through its insurance plans. Since its establishment, USHEALTH Group’s vision has been to create an American insurance organization of high repute, focused on offering financial value and exceptional service to its customers.

The firm seeks to be the insurance provider of choice for all its major stakeholders, staffs, clienteles, and agents.

Career opportunities

USHEALTH Group has been committed to growing the economy of the U.S. by offering jobs and internship positions.

The company hires intelligent, hardworking, and talented persons who have an opportunity to work at different levels within the firm. It avails a peaceful environment where employees are always motivated towards building their careers.

NuoDB and its thriving SQL Database

Founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey in 2008, NuoDB has been thriving ever since it entered the world of databases. Built as an elastic SQL database, it allows for cloud applications and it is created in a way that will allow it to run faster with every new server added. To avoid the issue of slow processing time due to a single component, NuoDB utilizes several processors with peer-to-peer messaging.
The prototype that was the closest to the current SQL database available today was first released in January of 2013. The version of the SQL database that is available in the market today is capable of processing more than 1 million transactions every second. The NuoDB has been set up in a way that it allows for three different versions. One can obtain a free NuoDB developer version, a professional paid version, and an enterprise version.
Some of the last additions to the technology of SQL database, which upgraded the version of it to 2.6, include table partitions, storage groups, and active-active support for Amazon.