EOS New Vegan Lip Balm

EOS is a unique product that everyone loves, and just when you thought they couldn’t get any better they come out with a new vegan lip balm. This lip balm is unique and the best part is that it is clear…yes it is clear! It comes in two incredible scents called vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. It is animal by-product free and only contains seventeen different products. People already absolutely love this new product. The lip balm launched on August the fourth and it sold out on the exact same day. The product sold for $5.49 each and will sell in stores such as Walgreens, target, cvs, and Walmart, see here. This product is already a huge success.

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As soon as the EOS products were launched, the shelves were empties right after. People fell in love with the unique sphere shaped orbs. They also loved the pretty pastel colors and the several delicious scents. Shortly after EOS had launched their lip balm, critics and magazines started raving about it. It was a massive success in the beauty department. Everyone was so used to the typical cylindrical tubes with the typical flavors, but when the new EOS lip balms launched people absolutely loved them. EOS has a goal of making sure their products are one to remember and that they make their customers smile, go here and shop at ebay.com.

Visit EOS’ website for more details, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html!



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