Energy Saving Tips by Goettl

Goettl recently shared a list that helps American homeowners save energy bill cost, especially during the warmer summer months. To begin with, it is good to replace your air filter at least once a month. Making sure that the air filter is clean in between changes reduces your air conditioner’s energy usage by up to 15%. Secondly, build-up on the area surrounding your AC drastically impacts the unit. Keep all vegetation at least 2 feet away from the AC unit to facilitate proper air flow.

Homeowners need to understand that a professional will be able to clear the clogged drain, which wastes energy, quickly. The technician will also clean out the fan blades and rid the evaporator coil of any dust or build-up. To save on energy, homeowners should install a programmable thermostat that allows you to enter pre-set temperatures, seal all possible cracks around windows and doors that may allow cool air to escape, and replace old units which consume a lot of energy.

How it all began

The story of Goettl began with three brothers, Adam, John, and Bill in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio. The brothers moved to Phoenix, Arizona a few years later and founded Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939 which went on to become a widely known innovator in evaporative coolers and other innovations in cooling and heating technology.

The company was based in Phoenix for most of its history until 2003 when it was bought by Memphis-based plumbing and air conditioning contractor and moved to Tempe. The firm based in Tempe was sold to ARS/Rescue Rooter, which operates a company-operated network of locally managed service locations in 25 different states in Columbia.

Goettl highly values each of its customers and matches customers’ homes to the right air conditioner in terms of size and cost, to recommending the perfect humidifier and air cleaner combinations. Read more about Goettl on

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