Securus Technologies Instrumental in Locating Drugs in Jail

As a corrections officer in a very crowded jail, my job is to make sure the facility is as safe as possible. That is not my only job, so when I am trying to perform my other duties, it is easy for the inmates to think they can game the system and start bringing contraband into the jail. To help make this facility safe, me and my team have to rely on a few resources that work to protect my team from when the inmates are up to no good.


To start, we get a team together to the visitor center and we check every person before they enter the jail or leave for their cells. We use x-ray equipment and make use of physical searches to keep any contraband from getting into our prison. As successful as these efforts are, we even follow-up these searches by bringing the dogs to the inmate cells to see if anything could be hiding in plain sight.


Securus Technologies installed the new call monitoring system we use to listen when inmates are talking on the telephone. The system is able to do the work of half my team so we can focus our efforts in other areas while the LBS software is searching and scanning the calls for certain verbiage. Even though the inmates know we are listening, many times they think they can simply hide their conversations without missing a beat.


When the inmates talk about having a family member bring something to the visitor center, now we can intercept it. If the inmates talk about hiding drugs in their cell or using drugs at night, we make a bust quickly. The Securus Technologies gives us the ability to be able to locate and confiscate contraband faster than any other time in our years at the jail.


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