AviWeisfogel Is The Founder of Dental Sleep Masters

AviWeisfogel is working towards treating the harmful effects of sleep apnea. Medical research has shown the correlation between sleep apnea and several diseases such as diabetes, heart problems as well as stroke. Due to this, there is an urgency to treat sleep apnea. AviWeisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. He is working towards the treatment of sleep disorders.

The fact is that nearly 90% of those who suffer from sleep disorder remain undiagnosed. Hence AviWeisfogel is well aware that this is an issue that requires more awareness.

There is a new model created by Dental Sleep Masters for primary as well as secondary care physicians besides the certified sleep physicians too. This model focuses on the larger picture. It leads to better care for the patients as well as an increase in opportunities for medical community.

Besides physicians and sleep physicians, even dentists can offer clinical support for those who suffer from sleep apnea. There will be more breakthroughs in coming years leading to better treatments for this condition. Even dentists can devote a large part of their practice to diagnosing and treating sleep apnea.

AviWeisfogel talks about new devices that are being developed for enhanced clinical care. There are several patients who are not responding positively to the mechanical treatments that are already developed for sleep apnea. A new device here is THN Sleep Therapy. This has been developed by ImThera Medical. It has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for clinical trials.

The new alternative treatments getting smaller and user-friendly too. Hence more patients will get cures for sleep apnea. These are in the form of small devices that can be implanted. This means there will be no need of any noisy or disruptive devices or uncomfortable masks anymore.

This kind of treatment will require an integration of medicine as well as dental professionals. This will create a model that can be used to treat patients effectively. The model that has been created by Dr. AviWeisfogel will help to find solutions that can benefit the general public.

To know more visit @: www.facebook.com/DSMasters.drAviWeisfogel/

Penelope Kokkinides’s History

Penelope Kokkinides has an interesting history with InnovaCare. She’s one of the few members of the company’s leadership to have worked with the company twice. The first time she worked with InnovaCare, she served as COO. She left to take higher-ranking positions at other companies.In 2015, she rejoined the company but didn’t get her old job back; that position was filled already. She rejoined the company as its new Chief Administrative Officer. While working for InnovaCare, she also worked for Aveta Inc. There, she served as VP of Clinical Operations; giving her a taste of higher corporate positions.Kokkinides is one of the most educated members of the InnovaCare family. She holds as biological sciences Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University. She also holds two Master’s degrees, one a post-master’s advanced degree, from Columbia University School of Public Health. She also holds another Master’s degree from New York University.

While working at other companies, Kokkinides took on more responsibilities. As Executive VP of Centerlight HealthCare, she was responsible the managed care division’s strategic development. She also played a huge role in developing and implementing AmeriChoice’s new health model.InnovaCare Health is a leading company in the managed care industry. It’s an industry many people know nothing about. Part of the reason for that is due to all the complexities of today’s healthcare environment. InnovaCare Health’s mission is to reduce the number of challenges people face when trying to get much-needed medical care.

InnovaCare’s main focus is its patients. Everything InnovaCare does is for the benefit of patient health. That’s why patient-provider relationships are the company’s lifeline to building successful models of managed care. The stronger the relationship; the easier it is to provide each patient with quality medical care.One of the brighter stars at the company is Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto serves as President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. He has over 20 years of experience in clinical and operational healthcare. His contributions to the company are well-documented in Penelope Kokkinides’s success. He’s even the CEO of one of the company’s subsidiaries.When he first joined InnovaCare, he was still working with Aveta Inc. After its sale in 2012, he dedicated himself entirely to InnovaCare. Dr. Shinto is still a practicing physician, specializing as an internist and pulmonologist.

Securus Technologies Instrumental in Locating Drugs in Jail

As a corrections officer in a very crowded jail, my job is to make sure the facility is as safe as possible. That is not my only job, so when I am trying to perform my other duties, it is easy for the inmates to think they can game the system and start bringing contraband into the jail. To help make this facility safe, me and my team have to rely on a few resources that work to protect my team from when the inmates are up to no good.


To start, we get a team together to the visitor center and we check every person before they enter the jail or leave for their cells. We use x-ray equipment and make use of physical searches to keep any contraband from getting into our prison. As successful as these efforts are, we even follow-up these searches by bringing the dogs to the inmate cells to see if anything could be hiding in plain sight.


Securus Technologies installed the new call monitoring system we use to listen when inmates are talking on the telephone. The system is able to do the work of half my team so we can focus our efforts in other areas while the LBS software is searching and scanning the calls for certain verbiage. Even though the inmates know we are listening, many times they think they can simply hide their conversations without missing a beat.


When the inmates talk about having a family member bring something to the visitor center, now we can intercept it. If the inmates talk about hiding drugs in their cell or using drugs at night, we make a bust quickly. The Securus Technologies gives us the ability to be able to locate and confiscate contraband faster than any other time in our years at the jail.


US Money Reserve: Presenting New Gold Coins

US Money Reserve is known to be the leading company in the United States when talking about precious metals and the products made with it. Recently, they just released their newest website called USMoneyReserve.com. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/contact/ and https://www.slideshare.net/usmoneyreserve

The website is serving as the firm’s newest face online, and one could notice the newer designs that were integrated in it. The website has undergone great improvement, compared to how it looked before.

US Money Reserve wanted to show how they have grown and how successful their company has become so they decided to give their website an upgrade. Different features can be found inside the website which makes the user experience fun and easy to understand.

Aside from their website, they also launched an exclusive e-book, and they stated that it is the company’s response to the growing political unrest that is sweeping the globe today. The e-book’s title is “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money”, and it comes along with a limited edition 1/10 ounce Gold American Eagle Coins, which is available to be purchased at a cost.

The e-book’s primary objective is to educate Americans on why they should invest in gold, and why gold is the best investment during the time of crisis and high economic risks. According to US Money Reserve, people will learn a lot when they read this e-book, and it would lessen their worries about a crashing economy or about losing all of their money resulting from the unpredictable political unrest.

Because of looming trade wars and threats around the globe climbing up to record numbers every day, economists and experts are seeing a great depression coming on the horizon. US Money Reserve is trying to prepare the people for the worst, giving them a chance to own a gold as early as now, so that they could have a valuable investment when money became obsolete and only precious metals are deemed to be valuable.

Customers who are interested to purchase these coins could go directly to their new website, and instructions on how to purchase the gold coin can be found within there too. The website is easy to use and it is highly secure, so people could stop worrying about their information being stolen or hacked.

After these e-book and gold coin was released, US Reserve has notice a rise in their traffic, proving how American really wanted to invest in a time when economy is foreseen to crash.

Omar Yunes Allows Sushi Itto to Grow

Sushi Itto is a popular Japanese company. They are a food company and they have helped many people in Japan get the food that they need. Because of this, they are very popular in Japan and have been able to spread out around the country. Even though they are popular there, they had some trouble getting started as a global company. Omar Yunes made up for this and worked hard to make sure that he was helping people get what they need from the options that they have. He wanted to make a difference for Sushi Itto and wanted to make it a successful company that people would be able to enjoy no matter what they had going on in the Mexican areas that they were in or what they were able to do with the options that they had to make things better for people who were in those areas.

When Omar Yunes first started the franchise, he just wanted to be able to branch out and make things better for the company. He had no idea that he would be this successful or that things would be as good as what they are for Sushi Itto in Mexico. He has done a great job, though, of making the company better and providing people with the options that they need. Since he started the company, he knew the right way to grow it and to offer different things to people who were a part of it.

While Omar Yunes has won awards for what he has done, he doesn’t want to stop there. Instead, he wants to keep making it better and keep allowing people the chance to do more with what they have. Omar Yunes plans on making things grow for the company and on making things better for everyone who is connected with the company. He plans on doing that by making it more popular, branching it out into other areas of Mexico and providing people with all of the options that they need to give them the food that they want in Mexico and other countries with Sushi Itto.

Be Well, Be Beneful

Beneful is a dog food company that puts the dogs first. Derived from the Latin word bene- meaning “well” or “in the right way”, the name Beneful almost speaks for its self. To make it clear Beneful means “full of good things”. Beneful dog food represents a brand on dog food that focuses on doing things right. It is full of good natural ingredients for your pet. 100% real ingredients that focus on the nutritional needs of dogs. If you want a good brand of dog food that is healthy for your dog, choose a dog food that speaks for its self. Choose Beneful.

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Get Yummy Kissable Lips

Entice your lips every day with an exciting new yummy Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm flavor. EOS has tons of flavors to choose from and each flavor can match a mood, season or day.


1.Passion Fruit

The summer season calls for tantalizing and refreshing tropical flavor. This lip balm will moisturize and add a touch of summer to your day, even if it’s a rainy one.


2.Pomegranate Raspberry

Mixing these two flavors together always promises for a sweet time! Delicious pomegranate blended smoothly with Raspberry will give you lips something sweet on them all day long.


  1. Summer Fruit

It doesn’t get any more summer ready than this. Featuring peach, strawberry, and blueberry flavor notes, to mesmerize your senses while pampering your lips.


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew

Adding in fruity hints of Honeydew and the tantalizing scents of honeysuckle, this lip balm makes for a good way to start your day.


Evolution of Smooth better known as EOS Products is a worldwide personal care company Phenom that is based out of New York, refer also to https://evolutionofsmooth.com/. Founded in 2006, EOS has quickly become one of the most recognized companies in the personal care industry. The unique niche of this company features one hundred percent all natural ingredients in its organic lip balm line. The best part? They are USDA- certifiable organic ingredients. There is no guilt attached to these Earth-friendly and body friendly personal care products. Go over this site to read more, frenchtribune.com.

Celebrities such as the Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, and Kellan Lutz are avid users of Evolution of Smooth products and can vouch for the quality and good results that the EOS personal care products have. EOS is also very budget friendly. These products are available at most drug stores and big box stores as well. The starting price point for these yummy lip balms come in at a mere $2.99 USD.

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A Review Of Karl Heideck’s Outstanding Legal Career

Karl Heideck’s Outstanding Legal Career
Karl Heideck’s Outstanding Legal Career

In recent weeks, media outlets have been awash with reports about the lawsuit filed by the City of Philadelphia against Wells Fargo & Co. at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Philadelphia. The city claims that the bank failed to abide by the Fair Housing Act of 1968. It is alleged that Wells Fargo used predatory lending practices that targeted minority mortgage borrowers.

The bank has denied the allegations by stating that all its business practices are fair and therefore, the allegations made by the city are unsubstantiated. This is not the first major scandal to rock the San Francisco- based bank. The institution is still recovering from a 2016 scandal that involved its senior employees opening bogus accounts using clients’ names.

Debunking the Lawsuit

Prominent attorney Karl Heideck sought to debunk the allegations brought against the bank by the city. According to him, the city’s claim are substantial because Wells Fargo used a fraudulent lending strategy that made it difficult for mortgagors to refinance their mortgages. As a result, they had to put up with higher mortgage rates. This forced a number of them into foreclosure. The financial institution is yet to file a legal rejoinder to the lawsuit.

Karl Heideck in Brief

The Philadelphia-based attorney has had a successful career spanning more than 10 years in the legal field. His areas of specialization are commercial litigation, risk management, and corporate compliance. Karl is an alumnus of Temple University James Beasley School of Law from where he graduated with honors. He similarly holds a B.A in English and Literature from Swarthmore College. Since he started practicing, Mr. Heideck has won hundreds of cases on behalf of his clients. This is mainly attributed to his passion and in-depth legal knowledge.

At the moment, Karl is an attorney at Grant & Eisenhower PA, a notable law firm in Philadelphia. Here, he mainly handles complex banking litigation, security fraud, and mergers and acquisition cases. Prior to this, he was an attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP, another equally prominent law firm. Mr. Heideck is affiliated with Hire Council. When not representing clients or giving legal advice, Karl revels in sharing his insights about various legal topics.

Check Heideck on https://www.instagram.com/karl_like_marx/

EOS Knowledge

My current knowledge of lip balms, level of understanding on moisture, and dedication to organic living are in the intermediate-to-advanced range. I never consider myself a full expert as things are always in flux and there is always more to learn but EOS products are uniquely interesting, and that is an understatement.

When it comes to lip moisture, I have both worked with and written about numerous brands and flavors. I have specialized in both interior and exterior accessories to accompany a balm roll-on or similar product. I am experienced in labels, GMO ingredients, lip covers, protection mats, emergency moisture, keychains, and other accompanying equipment; I have also written about the differences between synthetic and organic lip balm or chapstick products and why it is important to differentiate and then decide carefully between the two. I have written quality ads for products and have even written informative pieces on dozens of suppliers. My point is this: In all my time searching and trying different brands, products and flavors, I have never come across one like EOS; EOS is genuine in its efforts to provide organic wax moisture to soothe and refresh one’s lips while keeping costs affordable. Check more products here on douglas.de.

You may buy an EOS lip balm roll-on for $4 or less. “Who is this company”, you might ask?

EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – is a one-of-a-kind beauty product provider Headquartered in Massachusetts. Its doors are open every day of the week. Hop over this site for more, blogwebpedia.com.

Some call EOS the “the best organic lip balm solution in the east side of the U.S.”. The business offers online ordering or in-store purchasing options, and one may thus easily place multiple orders either by phone, in-person or online. The friendly online staff will complete your orders within minutes and greet you with a warm, hospitable attitude.  Visit https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/ for more details.


The Benefits of Cleansing Conditioners: WEN by Chaz

     Cleansing conditioners have been around for a while but it has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years as people have found the benefits of using a cleansing conditioner. One major benefit is that it repairs the damage done to your hair by such things as curling irons and blow dryers. This is an all-in-one package product. You use it and are done in 5 to 10 minutes, which is great for people to fit into their busy schedules. Cleansing Conditioners work wonderfully on all hair types, from super thick, curly, or hair that is very dry and brittle. It can be used every day or as a supplement once or twice a week to give your hair a break from regular shampoo and conditioners.

One very popular product is WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz. It is marketed as a 5-in-1 product. WEN is a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one fantastic product! It strengthens your hair and doesn’t use harsh sulfates, and doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils like ordinary shampoo and conditioner. WEN was originally marked as a luxury brand for the stars, but now, WEN is available so every customer has a chance to feel like they are a star. WEN has thousands of positive reviews and testimonials to back it up and is showing no sign of slowing down or stopping.

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