Success Academy Is Where To Find Academic Success

Success in life begins with an education. With the right education, it is possible to do anything. This is something that all parents know well. All parents are aware of the need to make sure their kids are in a good school once they start to grow up. This is why so many parents today have turned to educational institutions that understand the need to prepare their kids for the success they want. One such place is Success Academy. They know that any education needs to start really early in order to help place a firm foundation in life that a child can use as they grow.


Using Academic Success


Starting early means starting an education that begins in preschool. This is the time in a child’s life when important academic connections begin to form. A child who is given the opportunity to explore at a young age is a child who will grow and learn. A child is who allowed to explore their life in every detail is also a child who can get confidence. This is why those at Success Academy are able to to help children. They know that children need to be given an early start in life in order to prepare for the rest of their lives. An early foundation is one that will last a child forever.


The Right School


This is where parents should and must start the education of their children. Success Academy helps children acquire those vitally important skills they will use no matter what they choose to do later in life. A child who shows early promise can come to this school and work with very highly qualified teachers. A child who may be struggling slightly right now will find the devoted attention they need in order to prosper as they grow also right here. The highly trained teachers at Success Academy know that they have something to offer every single student. Parents can work with them to help their child discover all the potential that is inside their child right from the very first days of their educational career.

Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award

The Greyhound Diaries: A Mission to Plot the Life of Average American Citizen

The travelogue of Doug Levitt, The Greyhound Diaries, are widely discussed in the mainstream media due to the harsh reality it plotted regarding the life. His travelogue details the life of average American citizens that is not visible through the affluent Americans. To complete his project, Levitt traveled more than 120,000 miles in the last 13 years that covered almost every nook and corner of the country. Importantly, he chose his mode of transport as Greyhound buses, the common man’s mean of transportation in the country. During those journeys, he met with people from different backgrounds and understood their various issues including poverty, racial abuse, mental illness, homelessness, exploitation and more.

Levitt says that many times he felt his own mental health did not go well during the journeys. He pointed out that everyone who travels in the bus has a story to tell and which comprises all the social and financial issues that the society see today but with a larger extent. The travels also helped him to get better insights about the key issues and learned some political lessons. This experience helped Doug Levitt to predict the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. Levitt explains that when he returned to the country in 2004, he felt that the poverty in numbers and the poverty, in reality, are contrasting. To prove this, he started crisscrossing the United States and recording what he saw in “The Greyhound Diaries” in the form of stories, pictures, songs, and memories. The work is featured in many national and international media including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Billboard, Fox News, and Reuters.

Levitt is also a singer and songwriter with many performances in various stages featuring his journeys. In the initial years, he was working as a foreign correspondent for CNN, ABC, and MSNBC. During those years, he was dispatched to Bosnia, Iran, and Rwanda to report wars and internal fights. After returning to the U.S., Levitt collaborated with David Henry, the Americana producer known for producing Guster, Yo La Tengo, and more. This partnership paved the ways to The Greyhound Diaries. Levitt completed his graduation from Cornell University and later secured his Master’s in International Relations from London School of Economics.


Karl Heideck Explains What it’s Like as a Litigation Attorney

Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck

Even though litigation attorneys might represent real estate firms, criminal status clients, or even those who are filing claims for personal injury, whenever someone refers to a litigation attorney they are generally referring to civil issues. These are the kinds of attorneys whose responsibility it is to prepare cases for trials. Be that as it may, a majority of cases that they prepare don’t actually go to trial. Just about 90% never make it that far. This is due to the fact that most cases are settled out of court. Defendants will often take a plea deal, in the case of criminal cases. Settlements are often accepted by those who are suing due to personal injury, real estate, or another type of civil case. These cases can usually be dealt with between the plaintiffs and others involved.

Most successful law firms will employ several litigation employees at one given time. There are those who would work in private practice, while others would work in boutique firms. It’s the larger firms that have sub-departments meant for litigation lawyers specifically ranging on case types such as real estate, patents, business specific, and many other sub categories of law. You will find that the majority of litigation lawyers work in the private sector, but there are those few who work also for the government. Majority of these types of governmental litigation lawyers will work as criminal type lawyers and as prosecutors or even district attorneys. Despite this, civil litigators will work within municipalities and are scattered about several U.S. attorneys’ offices in different jurisdictions.

There are even those corporations that grow to such a grand size that they can afford their own litigators. This also includes big banks and other kinds of financial institutions that might require that type of expertise. This also includes some insurance companies. These large companies may have entire teams of lawyers working on one case at any given time, with one or more senior level attorneys placed in leader roles.Karl Heideck offers a few tips on success as a litigator. He’s always had this drive to see others succeed and suggests that those who get into this line of work go into it with a positive mindset and a willingness to employ respectable qualities. This includes having a mindset of humbleness, kindness, and true honesty. He’s actually released a guide for purchase for those who are new to litigation and wish to succeed in their career. Within the guide, it’s emphasized that you need these types of qualities to get ahead, as well as the innate ability to build lasting connections. He describes these connections you make and the bridges you build as invaluable commodities that you should always treasure, in order to get ahead. Learn More.

Omar Yunes, a Game Changer in Franchise Management

Omar Yunes is a Mexican entrepreneur and investor, and the award-winning franchisee of Sushi Itto, a large and successful chain of Japanese restaurants with an extensive presence in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Mr. Yunes began his business career at the young age of 21 and presently owns thirteen franchise units of Sushi Itto in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz, which comprise 10% of the brand’s overall franchises and retain a workforce of more than 400 employees.

Mr. Yunes believes that to succeed as a franchisee, one must have excellent managerial skills, assume there will be challenges along the way, select a solid brand, and choose a supportive franchisor that has a thorough understanding of the relevant market and the technical side of franchise management.

In 2015, Omar Yunes won the title of Best Franchisee of the World (BFW), an award given every year in Florence, Italy, recognizing affiliates and entrepreneurs that demonstrate professionalism and attention to the mission and values of their brand. The 2015 edition of BFW counted representatives of 34 countries and evaluated them on their impact and influence on their respective chains in a variety of fields, including implementation of saving strategies, employee motivation, and improvements to the franchise model.

In obtaining this prestigious award, Mr. Yunes was recognized nationally and internationally as a significant game changer in franchisor-franchisee relationships for achieving improvements in communication and control implementation that enable better evaluation of the units under his management. Sushi Itto’s CEO, Benjamin Cancelmo, commented that the franchisor considers these awards a manifestation of a joint effort to offer clients excellent service, exceptional taste, and unparalleled hospitality.

According to Diego Elizarrarás, the BFW Mexico organizer, this award denotes the existence of a strong Mexican sector that is gaining a deserved and significant place in the international arena.

The Rise of Vinny Parascanda

Vincent Parascanda, often known as Vinny Parascanda is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. He is located in what is considered the Atlantic branch and operates out of the greater New York City Area. Parascanda graduated from Xavierian high School in New York City. Then he went and graduated from Pace University with a Bachelors in Computer Science. He eventually returned to his alma mater as a key speaker at their 2014 Spring Commencement. After college, Parascanda worked with a company called Irving Trust Company as a Systems Analyst and then after two years he went to Prudential Insurance where he was an Agent for 2 years. In 1990, Parascanda joined a company where he would stay and work his way up. The MONY Group, was the company were Vinny Parascanda really started to shine. He entered the company as a Financial Professional and started to climb the ladder. Parascanda spent time as a Sales Manager, a Managing Director, and he finished his time with the MONY Group as the Field Vice President for seven years. After leaving The MONY Group, Parascanda joined the company that he is still with today, AXA Equitable. He joined as the Executive Vice President and it only took him close to three years to become President of the Advantage Group. In even less time, he was promoted to being the President of the Northern Division after only being the President of the Advantage Group for 12 months. In 2009, Vinny Parascanda was promoted to one of his most important positions and that was being the President of the Continental Division, where he over saw the Northwest part of the country along with California and Hawaii. He was in charge of sales, recruiting, compliance, human resource and more. After 3 years of service, Vinny Parascanda was promoted to Chief Sales Officer and President of the Continental Division in 2013, and this gave him the responsibility of overseeing 46 AXA Advisor branch offices in the whole United States. In less than two years, Vinny Parascanda was promoted to the position he currently holds now, as The Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Is The Plastic Surgeon Of Choice In Austin, Texas

The world of Cosmetic Surgery is awash with clients who want a better nose, a fuller breast or butt, and even a face-lift. In this field that has grown in popularity in the post-internet age, many individuals have specialized as plastic surgeons. Few of these professionals are as knowledgeable and committed as Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden’s resume is quite impressive; she graduated as a salutatorian of her class from the prestigious Texas Medical Branch, Galveston to learn more: click here.

In a field that is awash with male experts, Jennifer stands as one of the few female plastic surgeons. She boasts of eight years’ experience as a practicing plastic surgeon with particular interests in cosmetic surgery. On a typical day, you can find Jennifer Walden doing a face-lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or even liposuction on clients who go to her because of the good reputation she has built.

One of the reasons as to why Jennifer Walden chose the field of cosmetic surgery is the fact that most of the medical procedures in this area are performed on women. So who can do the surgery better than a fellow woman who has a better understanding of the women body anatomy and how important aesthetics are to the female gender.

Dr. Jennifer Walden understands the importance of cosmetic procedures. Being a mother of twins, she has experienced firsthand how the female body changes during the process of pregnancy and delivery. Walden understands the challenges that women go through to want to have cosmetic surgery done on their bodies. In her own words she does not sympathize with them, rather she empathizes.

The passion Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews has for her work has kept her going for the years she has been in the industry. The look on her customers whenever they are satisfied with a procedure that has been done right on them makes er feel like she has achieved her purpose as a doctor.

Jason Hope and the Future

The Internet of Things is the concept of virtual connection to almost everything in your home so that they communicate with each other. It will not be long before this is something that is more than just a concept and will be completely revolutionizing the home. Leading technology experts predict that by 2020 as many as 25 billion inanimate objects could be connected. This all possible because of Bluetooth beacon technology. A Bluetooth beacon is a transmitting device that receives information between objects and to their human owners.

The airline industry will also be revolutionized via the Internet of Things. Some airplanes are already fully connected. For instance, Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 collects and analyzes real-time data for complete safety. The connection means that ground staff are immediately notified by the Bluetooth beacon if and when anything is wrong. This does so much for flight safety, that nervousness among passengers will surely be almost eradicated. But safety is not the only thing it is improving on airlines. There is also the customer service, personalized travel guidance, comfort assurance, baggage handling, and fuel efficiency.

One of the leading experts on future technology subjects is Jason Hope. Hope is extremely enthusiastic about the Internet of Things and how it will be molding the future. He has written extensively on this subject. He is so knowledgeable on this subject, in fact, that the innovators who are leading the way to the Internet of Things revolution are utilizing his help to guide their directions. Hope’s name was first made in business and entrepreneurship. Raised in Tempe, Arizona, Hope attended and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance.

He went on to get a Master’s from the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He says that even now he is helping with a sizeable line of the Internet of Things products to be released this year. Another pet project is helping the SENS Research Foundation in research to reduce the signs of aging on a cellular level. He is facing resistance to this since some of this research requires the use of stem cells, something many oppose. General Article.


There’s a Lip Balm Flavor for Everyone When you Choose EOS

EOS Lip Balm has quickly been gaining popularity. That’s because the lip products have been the top choice of celebrities. They’re constantly toting it and discussing how great it is. EOS Lip Balm has also been popular recently because it has revolutionized the lip balm game. People used to only have the option of tubes of lip balm in mint flavoring. There were no options and there was no creativity behind lip balm creators. EOS Lip Balm changed all of that when they came on the scene. They offer a variety of flavors, textures, and sometimes even mixtures. EOS Lip Balm has a flavor for every season.

One of the most popular EOS Lip Balm flavors is Blueberry Acai. Acai has been quite the popular flavor recently and with summer here, it’s sure to get even more popular. This flavor comes in a blue egg-shaped container. It features all natural flavors which will leave your lips silky smooth.

For those who like a more natural flavor, sweet mint is perfect. Sweet mint is one of those classic flavors that you can’t go wrong with. Sweet mint will nourish and heal your cracked lips. That’s because it’s packed full of nutrients and ingredients that will help to heal your lips. Sweet Mint is a flavor that will also make you feel refreshed.

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For those who aren’t in a fruity mood, Vanilla Bean is a great choice! It’s got a flavor that many consider delicious. If you try this flavor out, you might not be able to stop licking your lips! Aside from the great taste, Vanilla Bean has many excellent benefits. This soothing flavor is full of vitamins and nutrients that will hydrate your lips. It will leave them feeling healthy and smooth. You may see them more at

Overall, you can’t go wrong with what EOS Lip Balm flavor you choose. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for! Follow them on



Larkin and Lacey: Fighting for Human Rights for All People

Since the Women’s March on Washington and the election of an administration that does not seem to uphold the rights of all individuals, there have been many new human rights organizations being created and long-established ones are kicking into high gear. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

There are many groups throughout the United States that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) is one of them.

Founded in 1986, CHIRLA has already made a major impact in the human rights movement. The group is based in California and is made up of diverse immigrant families and individuals who act as representatives of social change. Their goal is to facilitate a world in which everyone enjoys the benefits and freedom of human rights. CHIRLA’s mission is to ensure that all people enjoy the same rights and that our country is inclusive of all immigrants without prejudice.

For more than 30 years, the Advocates of Human Rights organization has been working to improve the lives of immigrants, women, children, refugees, and other marginalized communities in our country. This group provides many services including investigating and exposing human rights violations, representing immigrants and refugees seeking asylum along with training other human rights groups and working to facilitate change with policy makers in our government.

Two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, have founded the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media with settlement money they received after being arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. The pair was arrested on Oct. 18, 2007, after they revealed the existence of grand jury proceedings that were seeking reporters’ notes on all articles covering Arpaio. There was also a demand to know the identity of citizens who read New Times stories online that involved Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin sued the county and received a $3.75 million settlement that they are now using to fund migrant rights organizations throughout Arizona. They created the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund that supports groups like CHIRLA and the Advocates for Human Rights that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights along with freedom of speech and civic participation throughout Arizona.

This also includes on “la línea fronteriza” – the Mexican border. The Colibrí Center for Human Rights became one was one of the first organizations to be supported by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The group is located in Tucson, Arizona, and works with families, forensic scientists, and humanitarians to put a stop to migrant deaths and other sufferings on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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EOS and a Variety of Flavors

EOS is well known for the pastel colored sphere applicators that they sell as well as the flavors which underlie these applicators. Customers are drawn to these brightly colored orbs and lucky for them, EOS is also the best in the industry.

The secret of EOS’ success is that they listened to their customer base and created the best quality lip balm on the market with great quality ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. This led to a superior product and had some additive benefits for users. The main benefit is that the lack of additives in their lip balm provides better protection and more authentic flavors in their lip balm, cool article here.

These flavors truly shine with the wide array of lip balms that are for sale by EOS. EOS has mint flavors in sweet mint and vanilla mint, berry flavors in blueberry acai and strawberry acai, and flavor combinations in summer fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and honeysuckle honeydew.

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When I tried these flavors I was impressed with the complex flavor that they had without the artificial additives that every competitors seems to have infiltrate their lip balm. Much more than other lip balms, EOS lip balms tasted authentic and more like the flavors that they were trying to taste like. The moisture that the EOS lip balms provided proved to be longer lasting and I could easily find their sphere shaped pastel colored cases both in my pocketbook and on the store shelves, hop on

EOS is a brand that seems to care about what their customers experience in their lip balm and this truly shows off in the quality of their product. EOS’ variety of flavor options will keep you interested in their lip balms for years to come and you can expect many unique flavors to come in the future.