Selecting A Reliable Reputation Management Firm

Are you concerned about what people see when your company name shows up on search results? Do you want to ensure that you are properly protected against threats and attacks? Looking for a highly regarded online reputation management firm?

Search engines and social media networks play a crucial role in building one’s reputation on the Internet, and a lot of users are refining their approach.

As a business owner or organization leader, your personal brand reputation is equally important as the organization brand. Negativity or damage towards the personal brand is bound to have a huge effect on the business brand too. With a desirable brand perception on the web, you will certainly benefit from improved conversions on your organic traffic, a competitive advantage over your rivals and better relationships with clients.

Depending on the amount of time and energy you invested in social media promotions, you may find that there are forces at play that are out to get you. Business adversaries, former work associates, even complete strangers are continuously trolling Facebook and other portals in a concerted endeavor to make you look horrible.

So what can you conduct to guard yourself against this internet reality? One solution is to enlist the services of a reliable reputation management team that will manage your online reputation. There are many firms and professionals that render reputation monitoring and management service to businesses and other who are in need of this essential service. But you need to be sure you choose a good company.

With proficient service, you will have a skilled and dedicated team handling every aspect of your personal reputation management online. The team will oversee and mark any developments in your online profile pages and exposure across various channels. On the other hand, our service will also prevent personal and private information from getting unwanted publicity. They have appropriate identity protection strategies in place to shield you from overexposure.

The Search Fixers has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced reputation management professionals. These reputation management consultants have great expertise in search engine optimization and digital publishing, and can help you push down negative content while pushing up positive reviews. They work to suppress any derogatory remarks and fix negative reviews about you on the internet. Their professionals also work to obtain more favorable reviews from highly ranked websites to raise the value of your profiles.


Groupon’s Eric Lefkofsky is Reaching for Higher Ground

When people find out that Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire, this stirs up curiosity, which is only natural. The man is worth $1.7 billion, and it is likely that this number will only grow as he ventures into new businesses. The business that made him the success he is now is Groupon. Many might imagine that attaining that feat would satisfy his hunger, but Lefkofsky was not done.


What is Lefkofsky Planning Now?


Eric Lefkofsky ( has impressed many people with his rapid success. There are not many people who have not heard of Groupon. The application and website gives people the opportunity to get a deal on some of the services or products they love. Groupon also gives small businesses an opportunity to gain exposure when the entities need it the most. Yes, there is a lot to admire about what Lefkofsky was able to achieve with Groupon, but he was already moving on to the next project as people fell in love with his company.


One company that he is working on is Uptake. This company uses big data to help small or big companies with business structure. The idea is that this software will analyze different aspects of a business like its production line. The program will point out areas that could be improved. The program is also going to help fix issues that might be hazardous to employees. In essence, the Uptake software is a tool that will effectively help reduce the costs of running a business and reduce the chances of employees being hurt on the job.


Another company that Lefkofsky is focusing on is called Tempus, which uses big data technology in a whole new way. This young business man wants to revolutionize the relationship that doctors have with their cancer patients. It is going to utilize the strong analytical powers of big data technology to evaluate cancer patients individually. This will be done whenever the patient or doctor enters new information into the software. The program will then give the doctor an opportunity to give his or her patients detailed and specific suggestions. This will eliminate the need for multiple appointments, which is greatly needed since most cancer patients would rather stay home. Tempus is proving to be a great tool for doctors.


Lefkofsky’s Drive Forward


Many people might wonder why Eric Lefkofsky moved away from Groupon and started to focus on these other businesses. The truth is that if one pays attention to his philanthropic work, it becomes clear why he took this step. It seems that Lefkofsky has always been interested in helping his fellow human beings. He and his wife like to concentrate on helping children. The two donate to education and charity groups that send medical specialists around the world to help children.


Lefkofsky and his wife think that giving is so important that they started a charity group on their own, too. The charity group is called The Lefkofsky Foundation, which has been able to help more than 50 organizations around the world.


It seems obvious that Lefkofsky could not help finding a way to combine his love for helping and his business endeavors. Thankfully, Lefkofsky shares a little more with both Tempus and Uptake than some of his previous concepts.

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Cool Hair Hacks You Need To Know

Beauty vlogger Wengie reveals her top ten hair hacks that every lazy person ought to know about. Before she reveals her top hair hacks, Wengie treats her viewers with a funny segment of her eating a bunch of junk food, and a doppelganger telling her that her poor diet will eventually dry out her hair. She then explains that a proper diet can help restore your hair’s health. She insists on getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins in your food intake to ensure your hair’s health and growth. Wengie states that some of the most important vitamins that are super great for hair include vitamins A, C, D, B12, and biotin. For her first hair hack, Wengie shows her fans a vegetarian-friendly gummy supplement that she highly recommends as well as personally uses for maintaining healthy hair.


Wengie finds inspiration from a website for an easy pull out hairstyle that takes five minutes to do. At first, she explained that she was a bit intimidated to try that style out, but ultimately it ended up being a part of her vlog because it was so simple and looked absolutely amazing. This hair hack style consists of using small elastic bands, and pulling a split ponytail into each band to create a faux braided ponytail. During another funny segment, Wengie keeps losing her bobby pins and looks confused. This leads to her next hack, a magnetic strip to hold your bobby pins in place while you do your hair. Another cool hair hack she shows on her vlog is for a way to keep your large plastic hair clip in place. You simply glue the edges or sides of each tooth of the hair clip and let it dry, this it prevents it from slipping down or off your straight hair.


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Lime Crime Makes a New and Bold Fashion Statement

Fashion has always been a way of self-expression, but people always try to stop others when they cannot do something. It is somewhat disheartening especially when it comes to the beauty industry. Fortunately, some brave people have refused to stand by the fashion rules. Lime Crime’s Doe Deere has been the voice of individuals that do not give in to rules set by the society. Through her famous cosmetic line, she has made an original makeup brand, a bold appearance and considers herself a Unicorn Queen. Doe Deere is also a female entrepreneur who advocates for breaking fashion rules through educating her fans.

Doe Deere has broken the fashion rule which states that many colors should not be put on at the same time. Those who understand Doe’s beauty know that she laughs when she hears this. Her beauty is a form of rainbow color that changes every week with a new lipstick color. She refuses to wear a simple t-shirt and jeans. Instead, she goes for outfits that contain almost all colors of the rainbow. She has inspired many others to break these fashion rules through her products.

One of the main products sold by Lime Crime is the Velvetine, a formula available in lavender gray, Moonstone, and deep dark red. The makeup is a rose-inspired lipstick perfect for October looks or a whole year appeal. Just like other products sold by the company, the Velvetines and Bloodmoon may be worn alone. However, they create a rather famous fashion look when mixed with other brands and variety of 40 Velvetines. Possibilities of mixing the colors are endless. Fans that one to choose between colors will be spoilt for choice.

Doe Deere’s message to her unicorn fan base is to express themselves with their definition of beauty. She advices everyone to create their own style of fashion. One can easily create their personal fashion statement through simple experiments. Her Instagram followers have always shown themselves to be selfless and very creative with their hair looks and makeup. Posts of people adopting the makeup style are always followed with the hashtag #limecrime.

Dr. Clay B. Siegall Contribution to the Treatment

Dr. Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. has trained as a scientist focusing on targeted cancer therapies and is a Ph.D. holder of Genetics from Washington University. Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the founders of the Seattle Genetics company where he serves as the President and CEO. He was appointed as an outside director of the Mirna Therapeutics on 30th January 2013. Mirna is a biotechnology company that focuses on the commercialization and development of microRNA therapeutics. Mirna’s CEO expressed his excitement on Siegall’s appointment saying that his extensive experience and achievements in the establishment of Oncology Company were of great value to the Board and the entire Mina team.

The Seattle Genetics was established in 1998 by Clay Siegall. The company has built various pipeline antibody therapies that handle cancer and the related diseases. In August 2011, the first commercial product for Seattle Genetics the ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) was approved. Seattle Genetics have partnered will some of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in oncology. The company produces products for lung cancer, lymphoma, and myeloma. Today the company is enormously growing through its services to cure cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall has led Seattle Genetics into most activities to raise capital, and the company successfully made over 675 million dollars through private and public financing.

Dr. Clay Siegall has also worked as a Director in the Alder Biopharmaceuticals Board which is also a private biotechnology company. He served in the National Cancer Institute and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Research since 1991 to 1997.

Dr. Clay’s great determination to offer the best cure for cancer was driven by the death of his father who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Dr. Clay saw the limited efficacy and the toxicity of the tools being used then and felt a great urge to create better cancer solution. Dr. Clay holds 15 patents and has authored over 70 publications and. His great determination to ensure a cancer-free world has earned him several awards in that field.

Dental Sleep Masters Seek To Better Treatment and Research of Sleep Apnea

Dental Sleep Masters, founded by Dr. Avi Weisfogel, seeks to advance research and awareness of the sleep disorder sleep apnea.


Sleep apnea is a serious condition that often goes without diagnosis. Up to 90% of sleep apnea sufferers are unaware that they have the condition, which has been linked to more serious conditions, such as: stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.


However, Dr.Avi Weisfogel and his team hope to change how sleep apnea is treated and raise awareness for the disorder. By combining the efforts of primary and secondary care physicians with certified sleep physicians and sleep labs, they hope to create an inclusive, full-picture type of treatment model.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel began his career at his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, which was founded in 1999. He would work there for fifteen years and earn several accolades from the community. It was also during this time that he developed an interest in the world of sleep disorders and how dentists can aid in the treatment of sleep disorder patients.


He would found several companies in the field of dental-related sleep disorders. In 2014, he founded Dental Sleep Masters to further the cause of getting dentists into the sleep care world through the usage of oral appliances to treat sleep disorders.


Recent advancements in treatments for sleep apnea are making it easier to treat the disease. The Food and Drug Administration approved upper respiratory stimulation in 2014, and the THN Sleep Therapy device by ImThera Medical was also recently approved by the FDA.


Because the new treatments are smaller and less noisy than the bulky machines and masks used to treat sleep apnea, it is hoped that patients will seek treatment for their disorder. It is also hoped that Dr. Weisfogel’s model for patient care will help create an inclusive effort that is essential to proper patient care.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel earned a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He also earned a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry.


To find out more about Dr. Weisfogel and Dental Sleep Masters.

The New Model For Affordable Mortgage Coverage

Dallas, Texas will be looked at as a visionary and a revolutionary in the mortgage industry after about five years. Big things are in the works as this affluent city is taking on one of it’s biggest challenges in years.Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity have teamed up to provide many deserving families in certain zip codes of the city, a home of their own. The non-profit mortgage service provider and home builder have put together a plan to ease some of the city’s burdens. They are the brains of the operation as well as the heart and soul. For such an ambitious project to tackle, financial support is needed and one of Dallas’ leading financial institutions will be stepping to the plate.

NexBank, a regional banking center in the Texas Area, is jumping in the ring and partnering with the two non-profit organizations and providing families with limited mortgage access, the funds that are needed for securing a new home. NexBank is more than qualified since the institution has well over $3.5 Billion in total assets to date. Mortgage, investment, and commercial banking is what this institution specializes in and they’ve been doing this for a number of years. Nexbank would be considered the muscle of the operation and backs itself up with over $50 Million in loan support. Since the project will span for about five years, this bank will include coverage for closing costs as well as additional fees.

Three of the best industries coming together and working as one epitomizes the essence of Dallas thanks to Nexbank. Now adults and children will have a much higher quality of life while living in their very own home. This should also be a wake up call for the rest of the nation as this model is a recipe for success.