Securus Technologies Dismisses Misleading Claims by GTL

In June of 2016 Securus Technologies had to publish an article that refuted the damaging information that was released by GTL earlier that year. Global Tel Link is an inmate communications organization that provides secure computerized systems for inmates and their families. GTL claimed that Securus stole their patented technology.


When Securus released its statement to refute those accusations, the company clearly outlined each misleading point made by GTL. Securus wants people to know that they did not steal anyone’s patents to create the communications systems that they are now using within many prison systems.


In the article, Securus states that GTL should have a competition with them to see who can create the best systems. GTL has declined this challenge. Securus leaders claim that GTL is avoiding this situation because they make an inferior product.


Securus knows how long it takes to obtain a patent. This is no short term process. The company has to protect its interests against misleading and damaging claims such as those made by GTL. Securus is not worried about the bad press because their technology is used within a great deal of the prison system.PR Newswire has more information about this incident involving GTL.

Don Ressler Helps Create Mega-Businesses, JustFab and Fabletics!

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has had a series of successful startup companies. His first company was That company was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001. After, he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and formed Alena Media. This company was Intermix’s only profit center.

Intermix was then bought by News Corp in 2005. The successful pair became frustrated as they watched their Alena Media become ignored by the big, new media corporation on Zimbio. They both decided to leave to find new opportunities.

Knowing they were destined for bigger and better things, Ressler and his partner also knew they had to skills to succeed. They decided to create a brand building enterprise. After enlisting the help of their former Alena members, they came up with their next big idea: Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty’s first direct-to-consumer creation was Dermstore. Dermstore was an online skincare and cosmetics market. Two years after that creation was born, Don Ressler launched a weight-loss system, called SENSA. The even brought in the founder of Intermix, Brett Brewer, as its CEO.

In 2010, Don Ressler and his co-founder launched a third company, called JustFab. This company was a subscription ecommerce fashion retailer. In only one year JustFab received $33 million in funding. Also in 2011, Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company as President. A couple months later, the company had reached over 4 million members.

On the wings of JustFab’s success, the founders wanted to expand into other markets. Using the idea that a lot of their customers were parents, Intelligent Beauty purchased a children’s fashion subscription service, FabKids, in 2013.

Later that year, after a massive about of success with both JustFab and FabKids, they launched Fabletics, an athletic wear site. This company was developed alongside Kate Hudson and had some serious leverage on the competition by offering athletic apparel at a fraction of the cost. Intelligent beauty also acquired a rival company, ShoeDazzle, all in the same year.

JustFab has an estimated generation of $500 million just this year! Fabletics will drive about 30 percent of those sales, which isn’t bad considering Fabletics is merely 3 years old.

Thanks in part to Co-CEO Don Ressler, who is known for his ability to spot trends and make them into leading brands, Intelligent Beauty is one its way to becoming one of the top companies in the country!

Choosing An Experienced Business Litigation Lawyer

Are you dealing with business dispute in Brazil? Need a competent litigation lawyer to advise or guide you? If you are in need of powerful representation regarding business maters, you need to choose carefully.


Experience is a big factor that matters in hiring a lawyer for your case. Whenever you are going to hire a lawyer, ask different questions so that you could have an idea about their field of expertise. No one can handle all kinds of cases so don’t go for such false claims by any kind of lawyer. Be a master of yourself and make your own decision.


When you call the lawyer to set up an appointment, ask if he or she charges for the initial consultation. Most lawyers do not charge for the initial consultation. If the lawyer takes your case, he or she will usually do so on a contingent fee basis. This is an agreed upon percentage of any monies obtained through negotiation, settlement, or trial.


If one of your colleagues who is in a similar business has a contact, that’s a great way to go too. If you receive a reference from a non-lawyer, try to get a corroborating one from a lawyer and vice versa.


Before you hire any lawyer, perform a background check to be sure the lawyer has a good reputation in the industry.


When it comes to choosing a reliable lawyer in Brazil, look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – a top Brazilian litigation lawyer.


Mr Ricardo Tosto is recognized as one of the most powerful lawyers in Brazil and has a well established law firm. His track record is proven and impressive.


Ricardo Tosto handles disputes as varied and complex as today’s business world. For example, he represents major financial institutions and multinational companies in matters involving complex issues.


If negotiation does not prove fruitful, Ricardo Tosto will be prepared to take the case to court. Whether it’s litigation or alternative dispute resolution, Mr Ricardo Tosto will pursue any means to attain his client’s desired outcome.

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Markus Rothkranz’s Chocolate Ice Cream: The Vegan Way!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Chocolate is a staple in the diet of many people around the world. We would eat chocolate on a daily basis if we could (Some of us do). As you and I know, chocolate can be unhealthy at times, especially depending on where you get it from. There is a better alternative to going to the store and picking up the biggest bag of chocolate that you can find. I found this awesome YouTube channel created by lifestyle guru and motivational speaker, Markus Rothkranz. He focuses on managing your healthy lifestyle and three of the main ideas that he pays close attention to is health, love, and money. Those three different aspects are concepts that we all need to work on.

In this video, titled “Make Raw Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream in 90 Seconds,” Markus Rothkranz shows his viewers how easy it is to make a delicious treat that is healthy for you at the same time. He takes just a few ingredients in frozen bananas, raw cacao powder, mint, vanilla, and just blends them. Voila! Now you have delicious, homemade, raw chocolate vegan ice cream.

As he mentioned in the video, countless number of people expect sweets and foods that are labeled vegan to be boring and bland. This video shows the exact opposite. It helps you realize that vegan and raw foods can be exciting and delectable. There are plenty of other foods and snacks that can be made in this manner. It doesn’t even take much of your time when preparing some of these foods which is evident from the video.

If you have been thinking about trying some of these recipes out you should definitely give it a try. Not only will it broaden your taste buds and add more foods to your repertoire, it will absolutely be a healthy alternative to many of the foods that we see every single day.

The truth behind Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw, formerly Sands Brothers International Ltd., Is incorporated in England with its primary business established in New York. James Ahern is the Managing Partner as well as Head of Capital Markets for Laidlaw. However Assumption College, where he has supposedly attended, has no record of him ever graduating and there is no public record of James ever receiving an undergraduate degree. The US District Court for the District of Nevada has granted a temporary restraining order and injunction to Laidlaw & Company as well as James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, preventing them from providing misleading and false proxy. This court order came about because of the lawsuit filed by Relmada due to the less than satisfactory business intereactions between the two companies. The order expires December 2015.

Relmada Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that develops drug products in conjunction with new chemical advancements that focus on the treatment of pain. According to the Court Relmada is likely to be successful in their lawsuit because of Laidlaw’s false solicitation that contained falsified information and many omissions. Relmada and its stockholders need to become unassociated with the company in order to preserve its professional and trustworthiness as a company.

The investment and brokerage firm has received more than 60 customer claims and complaints because of damages incurred from 2007 to 2009. the FINRA found Laidlaw to be lacking when it came to implement policies in compliance with rules and regulations related to anti-money laundering. They also found email retention to be suspicious as well as misleading and incomplete interactions with the public.

Laidlaw has caused substantial losses to Relmada because of their actions. Relmada’s NASDAQ listing had a steep decline, reducing their stock to trade from $1.65 to $4.03. Laidlaw has had a history of violating federal and state laws and regulations.

Diversant’s Leadership is Behind its Meteoric Rise to Success

When it comes to companies’ superiority index in New Jersey, Diversant will always make the cut. Five years ago, it was listed as one of the fasted growing companies owned by individuals from minority groups. In 2016, the company was named in SIA’s list of Largest Staffing Firms in the United States. The list, which recognizes only 134 firms in the whole country, is one of the most coveted in the corporate world. The listing came amidst Divesrant’s incredible performance in the previous fiscal year translating to $120 million in revenue.

These current developments in the firm depict the healthy relationship between the management, clients and employees. It also shows the presence of powerful marketing strategies in the firm. Behind a carefully driven vehicle, there is a well-trained and responsible crew. In this case, the vehicle is Diversant and the crew is the management and employees.

That said, let’s talk about the cause of all these successes in the company so far, which is the team of IT consultants and staffing professionals. The team is led by brilliant individuals who have vast knowledge of every IT staffing market segment. One of them is John Goullet.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a self-made entrepreneur who controls one of the largest firms in the country. He is the Principal of Diversant. In Diversant, he helps develop a large number of successful ventures in IT staffing. With a clear understanding of the intricate market trends, John has proved to be an important asset for the firm.

Before he joined Diversant in 2010, John Goullet worked at Info Technologies as the CEO and founder. At the highest level of leadership of Info Technologies, he was tasked with ensuring the company remained relevant in the competitive IT staffing marketing. Since he played his cards well, the company grew from a small startup to a multi-million venture within a span of four years. The company was also listed among top 500 fastest growing private firms in the United States. His decision to merge Info Technologies is lauded as one of the best in the history of company mergers.

Talk Fusion Receives Award Twice in One Year

The 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year award just went to Talk Fusion for their new Video Chat app. TMC, The Technology Marketing Corporation, handed their second award just this year to Talk Fusion, an astounding phenomenon and surely no coincidence. The company has been innovating for years, and this year was particularly special. The award always goes to a firm who creates a new or greatly improved product, and the video chat option was the perfect one to fit the bill.

With the video chat app, you can talk with anyone else face to face anywhere in the world. It uses WebRTC technology to make the connection faster and better and with less interruption. The CTO says that they have even bigger plans coming up and that the award is nice but not the best to come yet. The app can be found on Google Play or iTunes and downloaded to any smart device of your choice over wifi or data: phone, tablet, or PC. The app works with all kinds of internet signals. For this reason, it is especially popular in places like Indonesia, where chat apps are popular. You can live chat, video conference, and more with Video Chat.

The company doesn’t just make great video technology. Talk Fusion also gives back to the world in a number of ways. They donate to charities that help people, the environment, children, and even animals. This is because they believe in making positive change in the world around them. Their amazing leader Bob Reina is where it all starts, too.

Bob Reina founded the technology in 2007. He already had years of experience in direct sales before that time, but found a unique opportunity to create a product that people could use and purchase right away. He embedded videos into email messages, which AOL was not allowing customers to do at that point. Thanks to his savvy with getting his IT friend to build the prototype, Reina immediately received positive feedback. Now, the app has grown in to multiple capabilities and you can even download a free 30 day trial.

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