Dr. Jennifer Walden Goes Home

Names one of the best 24 cosmetic surgeons is the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a successful woman who is headed straight for the stars. Dr. Jennifer Walden is widely respected as a leader cosmetic surgery and has had extensive training with some of New York City’s most established and prominent cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Walden is paving the way for female physicians and surgeons alike, by being the first woman to hold a spot on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Walden appears to be your all around sweet American girl. She has appeared on several television programs worldwide speaking about her work, and her love for patients. Patients all over gravitate to Dr. Walden because of her unblemished reputation and her warm and welcoming demeanor.


Aside from her expertise in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. Walden is a devoted and loving mother of two. In fact, after years of success on her own in New York, it was her children that prompted the move back home to Austin, Texas. Growing up, she has quite a bit of exposure to the medical field. Her other was a surgical nurse, and her father was a successful dentist. He love for helping patients came as no surprise to her tight knit family, who supported her in every way possible from afar. Combining her love for helping others, with her love for artistic expression Walden decided that becoming a cosmetic surgeon was a great way to help others make their dreams come true, and provide quality care to patients. She opened her own successful practice in New York in 2004.


After a few years of success, Dr. Walden felt as though something was missing, she was ready to have children. Because there was no man at the time that she had the desire to marry, had opted for in-vitro fertilization, and gave birth to her twin sons in November 2010. She wanted her children to experience the same loving environment she did growing up. She wanted them to always be surrounded by love, and her family was eager to do it. Dr. Walden decided to close her practice and head home. With the help and support of her family, she has been able to open a practice right where she grew up, and now takes pride in serving patients in her home town.



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School Supply Hacks By Wengie

Instead of buying a lot of school supplies for the year, there are several Do It Yourself ideas that Wengie offers as she enjoys making a lot of her own items. When you need to remember certain notes that you take in class, highlight the information with a highlighter that is multi-colored instead of one that is a boring color. All you need to do is make a dot on the edge of one highlighter with one of a different color. This will make everything that you highlight two colors.

Personalize all of your pencils and pens so that no one the same school supplies as you. Grab some Washi tape in the pattern that you like, and pull the tape from the top of the pencil to the bottom. Wrap the pencil so that the wood is completely covered. You can do this with pens as well. This tip works well with round pencils as they are easier to wrap. Get some old ballpoint pens to make dazzling in designs. Put two tablespoons of water in a cup along with one tablespoon of glue. Stir until you see a milky liquid. Dismantle the pen, pour the liquid glue into the pen, and the liquid will stick to the sides of the pen once it’s dry. Add glitter or food coloring depending on what you want the pen to look like when the glue is dried. Another idea for a large pen that has ink of multiple colors is to remove one of the plastic ink tubes and attach a feather to the end so that you’ll have a colorful writing utensil.

George Soros Rising Above Another Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Boiling over Wikileaks

George Soros is no stranger to controversy, though he has done nothing to encourage the controversy that surrounds him from time to time. The problem some people have with Soros is that he is a principled man with strong democratic ideas that conservatives fear. Surely, some of those who have spoken out against this man will not admit to the possibility that they do not like him because he is a democrat with money.

The attacks that George Soros has suffered stems from different venues like Glenn Beck, a questionably respected host on Fox, who just went on Fox to talk about Soros’ history. Those who understand a little about anti-semitic sentiments should be able to extract key points that Beck used against Soros that were ultimately used to smear him as a dangerous democrat in the eyes of conservatives. Beck attempted to make the argument that Soros is a puppet master who uses his money to control the government and overthrow others. These words are not unlike other conspiracies that have been associated with Jewish people for ages.

The truth is that this wealthy democrat had to deal with a George Soros conspiracy throughout his life, which he usually just ignores. The newest George Soros conspiracy has erupted from George Soros emails that were recently exposed through wikileaks. Now, people who read some of those allegedly evil George Soros emails may notice that they simply highlight some of the humanitarian efforts that this wealthy entrepreneur has attempted to provide to certain places, like Israel.

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The RawStory reported on these leaks that exposed emails saying that the aging entrepreneur funded programs that were established to reveal violations against humanity taking place in either Israel or Palestine. Most people would probably not deem these George Soros Wikileaks as dangerous or that he is conspiring against Israel. In fact, these emails just seem to exemplify that this man is attempting to protect any oppressed person in the region. Of course, convincing Neo-Nazis of Soros’ attempts to help people is likely an exercise in futility.

Still, the sad truth is that these George Soros Wikileaks are being used, through the eyes of anti-semitic people, to make this democrat seem like a corrupt individual. It should be noted that the people who are using these emails to tarnish this proud American’s reputation are neo-Nazi leaders or other questionable conservatives. It is likely that Soros will not respond to this new conspiracy sprouting around his name nor should he.

It is sad that a man who survived Hitler’s reign during his teenager years grew up to still face the hate for his Jewish background. George Soros has even had to deal with Beck calling his survival of Nazi Germany proof that he was in cahoots with Nazis at the time. Who knows if there is going to be a time when these types of comments and sentiments finally rot away, but thankfully there are people like George Soros who know how to rise above them.

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Michael Zomber: A Man Who is Passionate About Culture

If there is one thing that is to be admired about Michael Zomber, it is that he is very passionate about culture. Zomber is especially passionate about Japanese culture and the history. He has done a lot of research on the relics of different eras of Japan. He has also collected a lot of items that are from older eras. Among the things he has researched and written about is Samurai Culture and other aspects of Japanese history. His passion for history has earned him the status of being featured on A&E and History Channel as a historian. People can learn a lot about the history of Japan through Zomber.

He is not just a historian, he is also a literary artist. He has published a lot of books, documentaries and even films that are centered around Japanese culture and history. One book that he has written is called Shogun Iemitsu. This is about the lives of two Young Samurai. It depicts one day in their lives that are filled with conspiracy and other forms of shady behaviors. This is one very interesting story that should be read. Michael Zomber has shown that he is very creative and knows how to craft a good story.

Michael Zomber got his start writing screenplays after his wife gave him the encouragement. Prior to writing screenplays, he has graduated from the University of Illnois. He has studied different topics such as English and psychology. Given the degrees he has received in English, he has decided that he can try his hand at screenplays. His screenplays have turned out to be successful. They have been produced and even put on film which are available on his website. Zomber’s passion for culture as well as his creativity has given him the success he has wanted.

Sanjay Shah Funds the Research of Autism

As a successful entrepreneur, Sanjay Shah is a dedicated businessman, investor, philanthropist, and above all, a dedicated husband and father. Sanjay Shah Denmark is both the CEO as well as the founder of Solo Capital, an investment firm that is currently based in London that offers unique and specialized investment opportunities to all customers of this firm. As investment specialist with a background in analysis as well as a background in leadership, Sanjay Shah has been able to lead his company to success. With unique investment advice, Sanjay Shah has encouraged many business owners and individuals to remain loyal to his investment firm and to seek out help from him.

What makes this investment firm unique is the fact that this investment firm caters to the small and the medium businesses. As this investment firm is based in London, this has become the ultimate location for international investment seekers. As of right now, Sanjay Shah looks to the future of investment and now urges the clients of this investment firm to invest in not only technology for the future, but also in renewable energy. With a guaranteed high rate of return and a low risk percentage, it is almost guaranteed to earn a profit with Sanjay Shah and his team of experts. Solo Capital was founded in 2011 and has since then flourished into a well-organized and well-functioning investment firm.

Though Sanjay Shah is a businessman and an investment expert, Mr. Shah is also a dedicated father and husband. In 2011, Mr. Shah’s son was diagnosed with the development disorder of autism which not only affects how his son communicates, but also affects how his son is able to process information. From his large success and his leadership skills, Sanjay Shah decided to create an organization that would further the research of autism. Though this is a common disorder that is diagnosed in one in 68 children, there is not much research that has been done.

The funding for autism now comes from an organization that was founded in 2014 that is called Autism Rocks. This foundation hosts several events throughout the year that showcases some of the world’s most famous celebrities. All of the performers during these events support autism research and encourage donations from the viewers. Celebrities such as Tyga, Michael Buble, Snoop Dogg, as well as Lenny Kravitz and Prince have all made an appearance on stage to support autism research.


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