Susan McGalla Successful Business Women And Role Model For Many Aspiring Women

In the past women in the corporate world were very scarce due to challenges such as inequality, unequal pay and a lack of diversity in boardrooms. This has thankfully changed in the last few years as we se more and more women climbing to the top of the corporate ladder in their professions and roles within companies. Thanks to the help of both government and non-governmental organizations who have assisted in addressing these challenges that women face in the workplace on Facebook. Women have proven that they possess the necessary skill and fortitude to take on any challenge they might encounter. Women all around the world possess the skills, personality and leadership that are required to perform to the highest degree in leading roles within companies. There are many examples of women who have either climbed the corporate ladder or started multi million dollar companies of their own.

Women such as Susan McGalla are proof that women can achieve anything they set their minds on. She is a role model for many aspiring women around the world. Susan McGalla has proven to others that she is a business women of great stature. Her passion, confidence and versatility have allowed her to work herself to a leading position within her corporate environment. She also aspires to help other women seek out their potential and share her path to success. Susan McGalla has many skills which allow her to excel at her job, networking is one of those skills which is essential when earning trust with others in the corporate world.

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Susan knows what makes a successful business women and what is required to keep her position at the top of the corporate ladder on She is extremely hard working and passionate about what she does and is the very reason for her success. Susan McGalla knows that success only comes with hard work and a passion for success, nothing is given to someone, everything is earned. Susan McGalla carries to leading roles, these include, director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting both of which are based in Pittsburgh. Susan has a background in the clothing and retail sectors which have allowed her the experience to excel in her area of expertise. For more information on Susan McGalla please visit

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