What to do When Someone Threatens Your Business

There are a lot of times you may find yourself in a position where your business is under attack by someone. There are some easy steps you can take in order to not get caught up in the fray.

Don’t Act Stupid

The biggest thing you should remember is not to react in a way that will make you look worse. This means not engaging with the person and making it easier for them to bring up more stuff and hurt you more. According to Searchcleanup.com this is super important to clean up your reputation online.

Assure Your Customers

You should make sure your customers know you are still in business and you are still working like normal. They may worry if they think there is a possibility your company will shut down. You need to let them know this is not what is going to happen. If they feel good about what you are doing, then they will keep coming back to you. This is something Searchcleanup.com can help you with.

Don’t Give Up

Another big thing you should do is not stop working just because there is something you are dealing with. If you quit working on your company, then you are going to give the person attacking you what they want. That is why it’s so important to keep going with the business.

There are a lot of ways to keep your business and yourself going when you are under attack from someone. You just need to keep going and don’t engage in a negative way. This way you will be able to keep your business going and you will not have to worry about the person doing anything wrong with your business. It’s important to keep your reputation as clean as possible. There are some companies that can help you with this issue as well.

Bearish George Soros Never Went Away

The head of Soros funds management, George Soros, was born in Budapest, 1930. He graduated from London school of economics where he was living after he had fled communist dominated Hungary in 1947. After earning fame with a bet against the British pound in 1992, he has established himself to become one of the history’s most successful financiers today. The bet won him $1 billion profits owing to his steady rise in fame that year. He is widely followed for his views on investing and economic issues. He has recorded success in financial markets that enable him to have a stand on controversial issues. Owing to his financial capability, he has been able to take part in philanthropic activities. In 1979 he started open society foundations in place of authoritarian forms of government. The organization was started by providing scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and also dissidents to study abroad.

George Soros is also an author of books, articles and essays. He writes about politics, society and economics. His works have appeared in the leading newspapers around the world. One of his books is The Tragedy of the European Union which was published in 2014. In the past years, Soros has done less on investing for himself but concentrated more philanthropy and public policy. Though out of spending realm, he closely monitors his firm’s investments. He occasionally inserts himself in the businesses operation if it has suffered loss.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

Early this year Soros began spending more time in the office and directing trades. He has since returned to the office to seize opportunities to make a profit cause of the impending economic troubles. Scott Bessent, his top investor has also recently left the firm, and Mr. Soros is partly filling the void he has created. Bessent left the company to start his hedge fund. The philanthropist is worried about the outlook of economic and concerned that market shifts are at hand. According to people closer to the matter, He has recently directed a series of significant bearish investments. Soros fund management manages $ 30 billion for the Soros family and himself. The management fund has sold stocks and bought gold; it has also bought shares of gold miners in anticipation of weakness in the markets. Gold has been viewed as a haven during a difficult time of trading.

Mr. Soros, being an excellent trading influence is skeptical about the Chinese economy. China has been facing internal conflict with its political leadership. Mr. Soros says this will complicate china’s ability to deal financial issues. Mr. Soros also says while other Asian countries are accumulating foreign currency, China has been depleting its foreign exchange reserves, and they continue to suffer from capital flight. Soros moves are reflecting a disconsolate viewpoint in trading.

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JustFab the Fashion Revolution

JustFab has made its entrance into the world of fashion at exactly the right time. Fashion magazines have been defining what is fashionable since before the 1930’s in the American culture. These fashion magazines supported the retail world of fashion at a time before television when readers relied on images inside the pages of monthly fashion mags like Vogue, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan, for inspiration and advice.

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JustFab – Facebook

Today there is no one single way for fashion trends to follow. There are myriad fashion directions and ideas about fashion and style come and go at the speed of internet connections.

JustFab, founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, has taken the internet and combined it with instant merchandising that lets fashion savvy women make decisions at the click of a button. We have moved away from a brick and mortar consumer society and now can rely on JustFab for clothes and Amazon and Wal-Mart for everything else. We will take advantage of cost and energy savings when our vehicles spend more time in the garage and our struggling U.S. Postal service, made useless by Email, can redirect its efforts to safely ship our Internet generated purchases to our doors in days not weeks.

JustFab offers a combination of quality with an excellent sense of style. That style was once the responsibility of the buyers at major retail chains. Now JustFab can show in live action their presentations of style for everyone to admire and purchase.

JustFab has made our world less expensive, saves our time and effort, and offers us more choices and, even, removes the fear of having to return unwanted items to the store and face the ire of sales people and managers.

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George Soros on the Ukrainian Crisis and the Way Forward

In the 80s and 70s, the American business mogul and philanthropist, George Soros was involved in the peaceful transition of a number former Soviet republics from authoritarian communism to capitalist democracy. It is therefore not surprising to find that Soros found himself in the midst of yet another but more recent crisis involving yet another former Soviet country.

Most people who watch international news probably have a hint of the crisis that has faced Ukraine since early 2014. In January, that year Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, was the venue to civil protests that culminated in the ousting of the Russian-backed Yanukovych government. George Soros has stated time and again that this event marked the turning point in the political life of the Ukraine. Soros has remarked that the yearning for democracy shown by ordinary citizens in actively opposing a corrupt government, is the surest sign that Ukraine is worthy of inclusion in the European Union.

However, Ukraine is not yet a member of the union since negotiations for its entry were initiated. In 2009 Russian played major a role in the negotiations because Ukraine still had considerable economic ties with its former Soviet master. Russian had managed to outmaneuver the European Commission in the formulation of the Association Agreement. The articles in the agreement defined how Ukraine was to interact countries already full members of the EU. Thus, Ukraine was still under the political and financial whim of its former master.

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Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

The continued perpetration of corrupt and underhand dealings within government is what lead to the protests in the Maidan. The fear that their government would compromise the inclusion of Ukraine in the EU was unbearable to its citizens. Unfortunately, the collapse of the Russian-backed government led to the emergence of Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Since then the country has been under constant civil strife instigated and perpetuated by the Putin-led Russian government. Soros, in his articles, has repeatedly expressed his distaste at the schemes that Russia has used to precipitate violence in Ukraine.

To compel Russia to desist from interfering with the political stability in Ukraine, the US and EU imposed economic sanctions on the former Soviet giant. These sanctions have also had the effect of dragging Ukraine into a payment crisis which then led to public debt and an eventual banking crisis. This was not a surprise to someone like Soros, who was aware that Russia had been and still was the largest trading partner to Ukraine.

George Soros has been advocating for the European Union to change its policy towards Ukraine. Soros argues that an initial financial assistance of $15 billion will allow Ukraine to achieve enough stability to allow for the success of current political reforms. The financial mogul insists that the EU is even capable of bankrolling a prolonged economic assistance program totaling to $50 billion.

The billionaire philanthropist believes that assisting Ukraine to become financially and politically stable can only lead to a stronger Europe. To him, the financial assistance to Ukraine is an important retaliation measure against Russia, an ally who has turned into a rival.

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